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Sierra Rutile Ltd staff newsletter 8

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Sierra Rutile Ltd staff newsletter

THREE STAFF RECEIVE INAUGURAL SIERRA RUTILE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD DECEMBER 2013 SIERRA RUTILE INTERNAL NEWS DECEMBER 2013 In recognition of their valuable contribution to the company, three members of Sierra Rutile’s staff received inaugural employee of the year awards at the last communications meeting of 2013, setting the standard for the awards. The awards were presented by the CEO John Sisay, who commended all three staff on their hard work and achievements, saying: “In this our transformational journey there will be no room for the suppression of talents.” MANAGEMENT STAFF OF THE YEAR 2013 Joseph Karimu, Management Accountant, Cost Analysis Joseph holds the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification and has over seven years of experience. Before joining SRL, he worked with Standard Chartered Bank in The Gambia. Joseph joined SRL’s finance team in May 2013, as Management Accountant in charge of cost analysis. In spite of the challenges surrounding such a critical function, Joseph has been proactive and efficient; and his work performance has been described as outstanding. CEO John Sisay congratulates Joseph Karimu for winning the Management Staff of the Year Award SENIOR STAFF OF THE YEAR 2013 CEO John Sisay presenting the award to Hadji Massaquoi, Senior Staff Employee of the year 2013 GENERAL STAFF OF THE YEAR 2013 On accepting the award, Joseph said “I feel that my work has been recognised and this has added more fire in me to keep up the standard of my work.” Hadji M.S Massaquoi, EHS Advisor, Rehabilitation and Horticulture Hadji Massaquoi joined Sierra Rutile in October 2012. He has a BSc in Forestry and Horticulture in addition to a Certificate in Natural Resource Management from Njala University. Hadji’s career at Sierra Rutile got off to a flying start and last June, eight months after he’d joined SRL, he won the Employee of the Month award. His role is integral to SRL’s commitment to rehabilitate mined out areas. He provides technical training on land rehabilitation for locals within the mining communities and introduced trainees to the ‘Drip Irrigation System’, which has the advantage of saving water, whilst being more efficient. Hadji has also introduced up to five species of economic plants to the SRL land rehabilitation programme. Commenting on the award, Hadji says: “This is an achievement not only for me but for the whole of EHS Department and I want management to continue with such event. It serves as motivation” Peter Kamara, Barge Loading Foreman, Shipping Unit, Nitti A NEW YEAR, NEW CHALLENGES MESSAGE FROM ANDY TAYLOR, HEAD OF OPERATIONS Our last Communications Meeting of 2013 was a landmark for Sierra Rutile. We were privileged to host and hear from our CEO, John Sisay, and for those who were not at the meeting, a transcript of his address can be found on page three of this newsletter. It was also a landmark meeting in other ways. I was able to congratulate every one of you on having reached 382 days – in excess of a full calendar year - with no lost time injury rates. We have now also achieved a full production year without an LTI which is a significant achievement for any mining operation. These are extraordinary milestones unequalled by any other mining company in Sierra Leone and achieved by only a very few mining companies worldwide. It reflects the commitment made by our employees to put safety first, as well as the EHS department’s continuing effort to improve standards in the workplace. CEO John Sisay presenting the award package for General Staff of the year to Peter Kamara A veteran of Sierra Rutile, Peter Kamara has been with the company for over 30 years; he joined in 1982. As Barge Loading Foreman, he plays a key role in ensuring that the rutile produced by SRL, is loaded and shipped to its final destination. Peter is the longest serving member of staff in the Shipping section and has, over the years, developed a wide range of experience in barge loading and shipment. His wealth of knowledge and passion for the job makes him a valuable asset in the SRL Shipping section. Expressing his delight, he says: “Throughout my 31 years of service in SRL I have never been happy like this before. I feel great and I appreciate management for giving me this award, even though I am due to retire, I hope others will take my place.” SRL BOOSTS MORIBA TOWN POLICE STATION WITH A VEHICLE To help the police improve on their security operations, Sierra Rutile Limited has presented a vehicle to the Police Divisional Headquarter in Moriba town. The Hilux with registration number ADJ 708, was presented by SRL’sOperation’s Manager, Desmond Williams. He commended the Moriba town police for providing security for the company and the mining communities. He said the company is aware of the fact that the Police Division is challenged in the area of mobility and has decided to give them the vehicle as a demonstration of SRL’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in the area. Hitting a mark like this raises the bar for us, and the rest of the mining industry and that is a good thing. It shows that we can meet our production targets without compromising our workforce values of health and safety. Zero harm to our employees and the environment is, without question, Sierra Rutile’s primary goal. This means that we look beyond lost time injury rates and safety at work, to supply programmes and resources to secure the health of our employees and limit environmental damage. Our safety figures for 2013 speak for themselves. We have improved our health and safety in all areas, bar one. While we allow ourselves a moment of self-congratulation for such an outstanding result, we also need to make a commitment to ensuring that 2014 sees us improve our record in all areas, including property damage. Amongst the end-of-year and New Year celebrations, there was a moment of sadness and poignancy as we bade farewell to 20 members of staff, who had reached or passed retirement age and were retiring from service. Some of these individuals had been with Sierra Rutile for over 40 years; their contribution to the company has been an invaluable component of its success, and while it is hard to see them go, they leave behind them a new generation of employees, whose skills and abilities will drive the company forward. The winners of the Employee of the Year Awards, which were launched formally at our end-of-year Communications Meeting, really demonstrated the exceptional range of knowledge, talent, determination and dedication that we are privileged to be able to call upon here at Sierra Rutile. The Employee of the Year Awards are a reflection of our commitment to ensuring that excellence and achievement become an integral part of our performance-based culture, and as we move through 2014, we can look forward to being able to recognise and reward the efforts of many more of you. FREE DAYS 406 SAFETY SCORE BOARD AS AT 31st December 2013 TARGET 500 PREVIOUS LOSS TIME INJURY (LTI) RECORD 205 FATAL INCIDENT FREE DAYS 1985

Rutile Mining December Sisay Communications Hadji Retirees Awards Improve Rutssa


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Rutile Mining December Sisay Communications Hadji Retirees Awards Improve Rutssa