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Sierra Rutile staff newsletter 5

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Sierra Rutile staff newsletter

YVES ILUNGA ON BEING SRL’S CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER JULY 2013 SIERRA RUTILE INTERNAL NEWS JULY 2013 REMAINING AN EMPLOYER OF CHOICE Yves Ilunga joined Sierra Rutile as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in January 2013, bringing with him a strong track record of financially enhancing mining operations and driving performance upgrades through the implementation of process improvement. Before joining Sierra Rutile, he was Vice President – Transformation, with AngloGold Ashanti, where he was responsible for enhancing the financial performance of the company’s multiple operations in Ghana. Other positions Yves has held include Financial Director of AngloGold Ashanti’s Sadiola Gold Mine in Mali; as well as various financial management roles across Africa for both AngloGold Ashanti and De Beers. With six months at Sierra Rutile under his belt, “Sierra Rutile Internal News” caught up with Yves to find out a bit more about the CFO and his role. 1. How would you describe your job in one or two sentences? My role at Sierra Rutile is to maximize the value of the organisation for our shareholders through the implementation of sound financial controls and plans. 2. What took you into a career in the mining industry? My family has always been in the mining industry. My grandfather was a copper miner in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; he spent his whole career underground. I grew up in a country that has a long mining history and it seemed like the best choice after university. 3. What attracted you to the job as Sierra Rutile's CFO? It was the opportunity to contribute to the growth of a company with fantastic assets. 4. What have been the highlights of the past six months with Sierra Rutile? There are a few - the Lanti Dry Mining project, achieving nameplate capacity, reaching record production levels in June, and reconstructing financial discipline. 5. What have been the main challenges of your job with Sierra Rutile? The key challenge really has been managing costs in a weak market within the context of the global economic slow-down. 6. Sierra Rutile applies International Financial Reporting Standards to its financial reporting, what are the benefits and challenges of this process? The main challenge with this process is to ensure we go beyond International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and that the annual report comprehensively reflects our ambitions as a sustainable enterprise by global standards. The benefit is it allows us to provide information to the market by standardizing the way financial reports are presented. There is comparability on the reports at both national and international levels that is useful for the stakeholders. 7. What is the best thing about living in Sierra Leone? The people – for me there is not much of a cultural clash. I feel welcome and at home in Sierra Leone. MESSAGE FROM ANDY TAYLOR, HEAD OF OPERATIONS A recent survey conducted amongst working adults in the UK, found that they value a good working environment above anything else when it comes to choosing which employers they want to work for. Pay, training and development and a balance between work and home life were also very important. Of course, a similar survey in Sierra Leone would not necessarily yield exactly those results. This is a different country, with a different culture, workforce and economy. Nevertheless most surveys on the subject demonstrate a fair amount of unanimity, providing employers far and wide with an insight into the needs, wishes and expectations of present and potential employees. For us at Sierra Rutile the value in knowing what motivates our current workforce to work with us, as well as what would attract Sierra Leone’s brightest and best, cannot be overstated. We have long been the employer of choice for the country’s most talented individuals – as evidenced by our past and present roll call, and retaining that position remains a key strategic objective. Employer of choice is a term coined to describe the companies considered to be the most attractive to work for. It became a goal for businesses across diverse industries partly as a response to tight labour market conditions, when employers were competing fiercely for talent in a context of low unemployment and skills shortages. However even in more uncertain economic times, there are clear benefits to being an employer of choice - improved retention, employee loyalty, and recruitment efforts that successfully attract highly skilled applicants. Sierra Rutile’s efforts in this area are focused on creating a culture of learning and development, a fast-track career route for those with the most potential and a working environment which values everyone and their contribution. In pursuit of these goals, we have introduced a localisation strategy which will, over the next two years, identify the company’s most talented Sierra Leonean employees and begin the process of fast-tracking them into jobs as supervisors, managers and top technicians within our organisation. We are also committed to meeting the training and development needs of all our employees, both to support their career progression and to ensure the company continues to thrive. The high value we place on our employees can also be seen in our ongoing investment in their health and safety; and those amongst us who have performed at one of our karaoke nights, competed in our Independence Day sports day or attended January’s two day celebration to officially commission the Lanti Dry Mining, can testify to our efforts to create a balance between work and leisure. Responsible corporate behaviour is a strand of the debate often forgotten in the discussion about what makes an employer of choice. We know that our CSR work is important to our staff, not just because research in this area indicates that employees would rather work for a good employer that contributes to the welfare of society than for a poor employer that cares only about itself; but also because we witness on SAFETY SCORE BOARD AS AT 31st July 2013 a daily basis the personal contribution that many of our employees make in this area. FREE DAYS 254 TARGET 300 PREVIOUS LOSS TIME INJURY (LTI) RECORD 205 FATAL INCIDENT FREE DAYS 1834

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