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The Sierra Rutile Review 1 2014

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Newsletter written and produced for our client - Sierra Rutile Ltd


The Sierra Rutile REVIEW MAY 2014 SIERRA RUTILE - SUPPORTING EDUCATION… As part of its ongoing initiative to support education among the mining communities in its area of operations, Sierra Rutile last month donated 100 bags of cement, worth over Le 4 million, to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), Moriba Town branch, for the construction of a four-classroom primary school in Moriba Town, Lower Banta Chiefdom. Desmond Williams presenting the cement to Madam Amy Amara YWCA, Moriba town branch Speaking on Sierra Rutile’s behalf was Operations Manager, Desmond Williams, who said: “A key focus for Sierra Rutile’s development agenda is supporting education in our area of operations and we view the education of girls as particularly important. It is often said - if we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” Mrs Amy Amara, Vice President of the Moriba Town Branch, received the donation on behalf of the YWCA saying: “As one of the oldest members of the YWCA, I am happy to witness this day and I believe this kind gesture from Sierra Rutile will go a long way towards helping us realise our dreams of having a permanent structure for our school.” Education is a high development priority for Sierra Rutile and last year the company contracted examiners from the West African Examination Council to conduct two two-day training sessions in physics, chemistry, biology, maths and English language, for local secondary school teachers. It also spent almost Le 70 million on two 24,000 BTU Split Unit Air Conditioners, and one 45 KVA generator for FBC’s nuclear physics lab so that Sierra Leone’s future physicists, chemists and mathematicians can get necessary lab experience. In addition the Sierra Rutile Foundation sponsors the Jackson and Devon Anderson Technical and Vocational college, which has provided training in business studies and computing as well as civil, auto-mobile, mechanical and electrical and electronic engineering for over 600 students. The company also supports the Ruby Rose Library and Resource Centre - where adult education, after-school classes and library facilities are available to local communities. ... AND RELOCATED COMMUNITIES Sierra Rutile prioritises the environmental, economic and social rights of relocated communities and with the imminent arrival of the rainy season, assisted the Sierra Rutile Foundation with the donation of roofing material to four such communities so they can weather-proof their homes. The roofing material, which included 200 bundles of zinc, 100 packets of roofing nails, 100 packets of wire nails and a roll of roofing felt, was worth Le66, 499,520 (sixty-six million four hundred and ninety-nine thousand, five hundred and twenty Leones). Rita Savage, Chair of the Bonthe District Council and of the Sierra Rutile Foundation said that the Sierra Rutile Foundation is aware of the issues and needs of the mining communities. “The Sierra Rutile Foundation collaborates closely with the District Councils and other stakeholders in Bonthe and Moyamba to ensure that the development agenda is consultative; and the provision of zinc and other roofing materials to relocated mining villages to prepare their homes for the rainy season was considered a priority by all parties,” she explained. Paramount Chief, Tommy Mualele Jombla of Upper Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District thanked the Sierra Rutile Foundation and Sierra Rutile for remembering the people of Montinga Village despite the fact that it was relocated over 30 years ago. “This is a generous and much appreciated gesture which means that the people of Montinga Village will no longer have sleepless nights because of leaking roofs,” he said. The Sierra Rutile Foundation is funded by Sierra Rutile, and was established in 2009 as a non-profit body to handle sustainable community development in the mining chiefdoms of Imperi and Jong in the Bonthe District; and Upper Banta, Lower Banta, and Bagruwa in the Moyamba District. Presenting the zinc to the Chief of Gandohun Village PC Tommy Mualele Jombla receiving the donated items from Rita Savage

The Sierra Rutile REVIEW MAY 2014 SIERRA RUTILE RELEASES FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2013 Despite challenging market conditions Sierra Rutile’s financial results for the year ending 31 December 2013 saw an encouraging 27% increase in rutile production to 120,349 tonnes which, alongside a 23% reduction in rutile production cash costs, illustrates its ability to generate value for stakeholders through production growth and cost efficiency. The energy and commitment invested in employee health and safety meant that it also recorded a full production year with zero lost time injuries among its workforce of over 1500 staff. Other highlights released in the company’s end of year report include signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Smol Pawa Sierra Leone Ltd. to become a cornerstone purchaser for its Moyamba hydro project which will support future power cost savings. Sierra Rutile’s Agriculture project – African Lion Agriculture (ALA) – also made considerable progress in 2013. To date, it has planted over 203 hectares with oil palm, rubber, cocoa and pineapple. ALA has the objective to plant 5,900 additional hectares over the next three years, with the potential to create a total of 1,600 jobs for people in the surrounding communities. PROMOTING THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE … On 7 March - the eve of International Women’s Day, over 100 of Sierra Rutile’s female employees attended the launch of the Sierra Rutile Women in Action Initiative, intended to promote diversity and gender equality at all levels within the organisation, and encourage more women to consider a career in the mining industry. ... IN THE COMMUNITY … This year’s International Women’s Day (8 March) at Sierra Rutile was marked with an event which brought together its female employees, female security personnel, and schoolgirls and women’s groups from within the mining communities. Explaining the significance of International Women’s Day was Bintu Jabbie-Koroma from Sierra Rutile’s Community Affairs Department, who said that the day is an opportunity for women around the world to make their voices heard on the many issues affecting their development. Rita Savage, the Chair of Bonthe District Council and the first woman to hold the position, described International Women’s Day as an international birthday for all women and told the audience that: “The only way we can change the system in our favour is for more women to enter into politics and other leadership positions.” Paramount Chief Madam Haja Fatmata Meama Kajue VI of Dasse Chiefdom delivered the keynote speech at the ceremony. Her message to the women present was to commit to economic and educational development saying: "Women constitute more than half of our country's population; if they are economically successful then the entire national will be better off." … AND ECONOMICALLY The fishing industry provides jobs for thousands of Sierra Leonean women, but relatively low technology as well as a lack of basic equipment, infrastructure and other facilities, compromises their ability to make a sustainable livelihood. As part of its Livelihood Restoration Programme for women in the mining communities, Sierra Rutile has funded the training of 120 female fishmongers. The women were selected from 20 coastal communities within Lower Banta and Imperi chiefdoms and were trained in skills including fish processing, preparation and safety. One of the trainees, Tewoh Koroma a fishmonger from Gbangbatoke, said: “This training will prevent us from losing money and will help us get more customers to buy our fish, because we now know how to process our fish properly so that we can maintain quality products.” Training fishmongers International Women's Day at Sierra Rutile Celebrating International Women's Day

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