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The Sierra Rutile Review 2 2014

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Newsletter written and produced for our client - mining company - Sierra Rutile Ltd

The Sierra Rutile Review 2

The Sierra Rutile REVIEW DECEMBER 2014 BOOSTING COMMUNITY EBOLA DEFENCES WITH HOUSE-TO-HOUSE TEMPERATURE SCREENING Working with Paramount Chiefs and community leaders, Sierra Rutile has initiated a house-to-house temperature screening programme in their local mining communities as an early detection system for Ebola. Thirty-six people have been employed and trained by Sierra Rutile, and provided with non-contact temperature thermometers to carry out the screening, which will cover an estimated 11,000 people in the nearby Moriba Town, Mogbwemo, Kpetema and Matagelema communities. The screening teams also conduct a daily monitoring of visitors entering these communities. These moves are an extension of the precautionary measures that Sierra Rutile has introduced at its operations to reduce the risks posed to its employees, contractors and visitors. Working for a better Sierra Leone The Sierra Rutile REVIEW DECEMBER 2014 Ansumani Jabati, the Head of Sierra Rutile’s Environment, Health and Safety Department said: “We have introduced a series of screening measures intended to safeguard our employees, our contractors, suppliers and the people in our local communities. Temperature screening is one of several strategies we have put in place to prevent the spread of Ebola in our communities. In addition, we are helping local communities identify and screen visitors to their villages; we distribute chlorine; and we regularly provide information on Ebola, hygiene and other preventative measures, the symptoms to look out for and actions to take if Ebola is suspected.” Sierra Rutile’s initiatives are intended to complement the awareness raising, education and other measures instituted by Paramount Chiefs and community leaders. Augusta George, women’s leader for Lower Banta Chiefdom said: “I am thankful to Sierra Rutile for introducing the house-to-house screening in our communities. Their efforts support our own work to keep our communities free from Ebola.” The Town Chief of Mogbwemo, Sheku Momoh, said: “The temperature screening is a very useful measure that has the support of the community. It was something we had considered, but did not have the resources to do ourselves. It is a very useful addition to our own screening and awareness raising measures to help identify sick people in our communities.” Sierra Rutile is also collaborating with police and military on establishing new checkpoints and strengthening existing measures to screen people entering Sierra Rutile’s operational zone. A total of eight checkpoints have been mounted at all entry points leading into Sierra Rutile’s operational areas. These are equipped with non-contact temperature screening thermometers and chlorine buckets. This effort is being complemented by a community awareness raising campaign on the symptoms of Ebola and preventative measures. Sierra Leone is going through a difficult period, struggling to contain an outbreak of the Ebola Virus in our country. The disease is unprecedented in Sierra Leone and in the other West African countries where it has taken hold; but the determination, resources and knowledge to defeat it are increasing. Sierra Leone’s business community has been steadily making its own contribution to the Ebola response – both individually and through the Ebola Private Sector Mobilisation Group, an initiative which focuses on how the private sector can help the battle against Ebola and how it can ensure a healthy post-Ebola economy. We all recognise that we have a part to play. Sierra Rutile has donated over two billion Leones to combat Ebola in Sierra Leone; we have provided trucks to help the World Food Programme distribute food to isolated communities; worked with local communities to spread accurate information; invested in keeping our employees and their families safe; and our staff have donated over 40 million Leones from their salaries to the local Ebola Relief effort. We remain vigilant in monitoring the Ebola situation closely and ensuring that our workforce and the local communities have the necessary support to identify any Ebola cases early. At the heart of this is our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and the mining communities as well as our commitment to meeting our responsibilities to other stakeholders. We know that there is going to be a massive impact on Sierra Leone’s economy. It is very important for the private sector to go through and come out the other side. Sierra Rutile is an organisation which has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to pull together and rally its resources in tough times. Our corporate culture of excellence and high performance allied with a world-class asset and a proven business strategy of long-term value creation through low-capex growth projects and efficiency improvements have delivered H1 2014 results which show an 8% increase in rutile production, a 34% increase in rutile sales volumes and revenue of US.1 million in-line with H1 2013 of US.4 million despite lower market pricing. We move forward with a reinvigorated management team which will support our corporate growth and ensure that we are using the wealth of skills and experience within the organisation to best serve the next phase of Sierra Rutile’s development. This sees Desmond Williams, a mineral processing engineer with a 29 year career in mining as our new General Manager. Crises such as our present Ebola epidemic inevitably test our national confidence. Nevertheless, Sierra Leone’s recent history is still one of optimism and post-conflict success and Sierra Rutile looks forward with confidence. John Bonoh Sisay CEO, Sierra Rutile Ltd Temperature screening MAINTAINING A POSITIVE PERFORMANCE DESPITE THE YEAR’S CHALLENGES THE INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL RECEIVES CHLORINE FROM SIERRA RUTILE TO HELP EBOLA RESPONSE Sierra Rutile has donated two 45kg barrels of chlorine to members of the Inter-Religious Council to support the Ebola response in their area of operations. Keith Prentice, Project Manager at Sierra Rutile presented the chlorine to Christian and Muslim religious leaders in a brief ceremony held at the Community Affairs Department. He praised the Inter-Religious Council for uniting faiths in the fight against Ebola in their communities saying: “This is a fight that can only be won with the collective involvement of everyone in society.” The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone has a reputation for being a highly effective advocacy organisation. Speaking on its behalf was the Reverend Momodu Sandi of the United Baptist Church, Moriba Town branch. He thanked Sierra Rutile for providing the chlorine and said: “This is a clear demonstration of the concern that Sierra Rutile has for the wellbeing of the mining communities. The gratitude I express here today is on behalf of the inter-religious council and all the people of the mining communities.” Sierra Rutile Limited 2nd Floor, Access Bank Building 30 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown, Sierra Leone Tel: +232 76 801 416 Email: Newsletter produced by Elixir Marketing & Media Sierra Rutile’s interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2014 show that the company has maintained a positive performance despite the year’s challenges. The highlights include an 8% increase in rutile production to 56,060 tonnes (H1 2013: 51,985 tonnes) and a 34% increase in rutile sales volumes to 71,565 tonnes (H1 2013: 53,446 tonnes). Despite lower market pricing, revenue of US.1 million was in-line with H1 2013 of US.4 million. The company managed to further reduce unit operating costs, achieving an: • 18% reduction in direct operating cash costs to US1/tonne (H1 2013: US6/tonne) below full-year guidance of US0/tonne, despite a lower weighting of H1 production • 24% reduction in total operating cash costs3 to US9/ tonne (H1 2013: US9/tonne; no previous guidance provided) • 26% reduction in all-in cash costs4 to US7/tonne (H1 2013: US6/tonne) slightly above full-year guidance of US5/tonne Sierra Rutile made a repayment of US.1 million of the loan to the Government of Sierra Leone and invested US.9 million ugrading the mineral separation plant, with commissioning already underway. Commenting on the first half performance, CEO John Sisay said: “We are pleased with our performance in the first half of 2014. Despite the lower weighting of first half production, the continued focus on unit cash costs has resulted in a strong cost performance from the operations. The company has seen good demand for its products, and sales volumes for the period were at record levels, albeit at subdued prices, providing us with confidence for the rest of the year. While there continues to be no reported or suspected cases of Ebola at Sierra Rutile’s operations, we remain vigilant in monitoring the situation closely and ensuring that our employees and the local communities have the necessary support to identify any Ebola cases early.”

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