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The Sierra Rutile Review 3 2013

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Newsletter written and produced for our client - mining company - Sierra Rutile Ltd.

The Sierra Rutile Review 3

DECEMBER 2013 DECEMBER 2013 SIERRA RUTILE LEADS THE WAY WITH WORKPLACE HIV/AIDS PROGRAMME REVIEW Sierra Rutile’s internationally recognised HIV/AIDS workplace programme has the potential to set standards for public/private partnership in the delivery of healthcare, according to the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat (NAS) in Sierra Leone, who recently conducted a study of the programme’s impact on rates of HIV/AIDS among SRL’s staff and contractors. Sierra Rutile is the first mining company in Sierra Leone to develop a workplace programme on HIV/AIDS and, with the GOSL’s Agenda for Prosperity emphasising the need for workplace policies giving people living with HIV the right to work and receive treatment, the findings of the research are relevant to the whole business community. Results show that the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among SRL staff and its contractors has stabilised at 2.4% since 2007, indicating that the programme is proving effective against the spread of the disease. Abdul Rahman Sessay, Deputy Director of NAS, says: “The stabilisation of Sierra Rutile’s prevalence rate at 2.4% is a big achievement. The company has invested its own resources beyond the confines of its workplace to target the community. This has helped in stabilising the disease. The effect of additional interventions, such as workers’ education and the provision of HIV/AIDS treatment and services, not only to its workforce but to the community, will mean that infection rates will continue to drop.” Sierra Rutile’s clinic is the main source of information on HIV/AIDS for 69% of respondents. Underscoring the clinic’s importance are results which show that almost three quarters (74%) of the respondents are aware that confidential HIV testing is available from the SRL clinic, and 84% trust the SRL clinic for its strict adherence to confidentiality. The clinic is also a major source of condoms; 58% say it is easy to access condoms at the workplace and 81% of the condoms used were obtained from the workplace, with the clinic accounting for 69% and the office 12%. Commenting on the survey results Ansumana Jabati, Sierra Rutile’s Environment, Health and Safety Manager, said: “This survey shows how Sierra Rutile’s co-ordinated response to HIV/AIDS in the workplace is having a positive effect. It is encouraging to note that there is increasingly widespread awareness and understanding of HIV and AIDS among our staff and contractors. The Government’s goals are to achieve zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths; the business community has to join Government to invest in the HIV/AIDS response today, in order to avoid paying the price tomorrow.” ... AND JOINS IN THE FIGHT WITH MOBILE HIV TESTING WELCOME As 2013 draws to a close, we can reflect with some satisfaction that we have made real progress toward our vision of Sierra Rutile as an organisation that makes a sustainable and positive contribution to all our stakeholders. In June this year, the launch of our innovative Localisation Plan mapped the journey we would take towards developing a highly-skilled workforce of Sierra Leone nationals. We are now in the final stages of identifying the high potential Sierra Leonean employees who will be the focus of the accelerated career development path that will lead to key technical, supervisory and management roles within the company. HIV/AIDS Secretariat in Sierra Leone and the United Mineworkers Union, that programme has become a landmark in the area of private/public partnership healthcare. In the area of community development a Livelihood Restoration Project, targeted at women in the mining villages around our operations, offers a route towards an improved standard of living by providing training in economic activities as well as support in setting up savings and micro-credit groups. There have undoubtedly been challenges posed by this year’s softer market for mineral sands but by focusing on managing our cost base and increasing production through low-capex growth, allied with the unwavering commitment of Sierra Rutile’s outstanding team, we have ensured that the company moves into 2014 with confidence. Six years ago we introduced an internationally recognised workplace HIV/AIDS programme. Today, thanks to the support of the National John Sisay CEO Sierra Rutile SRL mobile HIV testing team at work Lactating mothers at one of the mobile testing facilities in Gbangbama town. 75% OF SRL’S Q1 2014 PRODUCTION ALREADY CONTRACTED Sierra Rutile joined the world in commemorating World AIDS Day 2013, by undertaking a week long mobile HIV testing programme for people living in the mining communities. From the 26th November to 2nd December, the SRL clinic's mobile HIV testing programme tested over 1,500 people in three mining chiefdoms: Lower Banta, Upper Banta and Imperri. As one of the groups in the country most vulnerable to HIV, priority was given to testing pregnant women and lactating mothers. Free condoms were distributed to people during the testing and this was complemented by advice on their use and information on their role in preventing HIV. SRL clinic’s HIV/AIDS counsellor, Sahr Ngayinga said all those who tested positive have been referred to the SRL clinic for free antiretroviral treatment. Emphasising the importance of voluntary HIV testing, he said: “This move is to complement the effort of the Government in ensuring that the country meets the global target of zero new HIV infection and AIDS related deaths by 2015.” Sierra Rutile Limited 2nd Floor, Access Bank Building 30 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown, Sierra Leone Tel: +232 76 801 416 Email: A sales contract agreed last month between Sierra Rutile and a major pigment producer for 50,000 tonnes of rutile, means that that over 75% of the company’s first quarter production for 2014 is already allocated. The announcement of the sales contract followed Sierra Rutile’s successful appearance at the seventh annual TZMI Congress, which underscored the great strides made by the organisation over the past two years. These include increasing overall process recovery by over 30%, the January completion of the Lanti Dry Mining operation on budget and ahead of schedule, and increasing the rutile productio rate by 91%. The company continued its strong operational performance during the third quarter of 2013, with another record quarter of rutile production, up 20% on the previous record set during the same period in 2012. Sierra Rutile’s CEO John Sisay said: “We are very pleased to announce a sales contract of this significance. Despite the current market softness, rutile sales through 2013 will show significant growth over 2012 sales as the company continues to see strong demand for its premium rutile product. Whilst we have slightly reduced our production target for 2013 due to market conditions, I am pleased with the company’s operating performance as we near the end of the year which positions the company well for continued production growth in 2014.”

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