Garu Estepona Summer Edition 43 - 2019

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Estepona real estate

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PAG 02 a 09 ADS 43.qxp_Layout 1 27/5/19 1:25 Página 4 BEACH CLUBS THE VIP REVOLUTION AND THE SUN AND SAND CONCEPT Besaya Beach

PAG 02 a 09 ADS 43.qxp_Layout 1 27/5/19 1:25 Página 5 Ocean Club La cabane Estrella del Mar Almost two decades ago a summer experience began which, far from being a passing fad, is becoming increasing more popular. A new perception of summer leisure comprised under the umbrella of ‘club’ and with the sea as the seducing backdrop. Since their beginnings, beach clubs have revolutionised the sun and sand concept, for the better I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t enjoy a day of leisure on the beach beneath the sum in one of the many beach clubs distributed along the coast. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. How can anyone resist the amazing sunsets, sessions with international DJ’s, live music, champagne parties, luxurious family size layout beds, gourmet gastronomy experiences... I think not. And the proof is there to be seen. Every year there are more and better clubs on the beach front offering their clients all the conveniences and services they could need to make them feel like real ‘kings of the castle’. When you arrive at a beach club, the world stops. Nothing and nobody can disturb the peace and enjoyment of anyone who lives their free time as their moment of complete disconnection with the madding crowd. These places offer an idyllic setting, an atmosphere designed so that the client can find everything he or she might want without giving up the sun and the beach: parties, Michelin standard cooking, relaxing massages to the sound of the waves, chillout music at sunset, and a la carte fun. What more could you ask for! Year after year, the beach clubs on what is known as the Costa del Golf consolidate their position as the favourite places for visitors and locals to enjoy the summer in a sophisticated environment offering an exclusive service. It is luxury with style for an elegant clientele. Endless luxuriance to suit everyone’s tastes. There are so many and so varied that you can choose whether you want to go with the family and children, or whether you want to spend a romantic time or party til dawn. It’s your choice how and where to enjoy yourself. On our beaches you can find some of the most pioneering and legendary beach clubs on the Costa del Sol which you shouldn’t miss visiting: Besaya Beach, Ocean Club, La cabane, Estrella del Mar, Villa Padierna Club de Mar, Bora Bora, Amare Beach, Trocadero Arena, Bono Beach, El Ancla... Beach Club Villa Padierna Bora Bora Amare Beach Trocadero Arena Bono Beach Ancla BEACH CLUBS 05

Garu Estepona Real Estate · Calle Real, 110 Estepona (Málaga) · Tel. 952790790 · Fax. 952805497
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