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ITB Berlin News 2018 - Review Edition

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Senior Partner, McKinsey

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company “Overcrowding is easier to prevent than to recover from and the real lesson from our work is that good management is vital for all tourism destinations.” Read page 18 Contract Manager DACH, Voyage Privé “ITB Berlin is the number one meeting point, connecting the world of travel for a few days in one single place.” Read page 21 In this review edition, as well as recapping some of the highlights when it came to key events at ITB Berlin 2018, we also take you for a visual tour of the show, its most “stand-out stands”, and the faces of some of the participants in the “greatest travel show on earth”. If you were there, it’s sure to bring back a few memories, and smiles, and if you couldn’t make it, you’ll get just a little taste of the show that was. From page 29. Minister of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey “Tourism is a soft power that helps to bring people together and we truly believe that travel will continue to grow.” Read page 26 With a 5% increase in business volume at ITB Berlin 2018 compared to last year, and excellent business being forecast for the coming months, the international travel industry is well on course for a record year, as ITB Berlin closes its gates for 2018. But the challenges remain, as underlined by Messe Berlin CEO Dr Christian Göke: “The extremely positive economic trend in the travel industry should not blind us to the fact that the industry faces great challenges around the world. The digital transformation of an entire industry continues to move forward apace and affects every company and provider, regardless. On the other hand, issues such as the need for greater security on one’s travels, the increasingly important and controversial phenomenon of overtourism, and the globally changing face of travel brought about by companies such as Airbnb are decisively influencing the social discourse on the future of tourism.” Finishing the week on a cultural high, the grand finale in the Palais am Funkturm on Sunday 11 March saw the dance and music of this year’s official partner region, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, convention partner Zambia, Estonia, and next year’s Official Partner Country, Malaysia – See also our exclusive interview with Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, Deputy General Director (Promotion) – Tourism Malaysia – page 24 Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, Deputy General Director (Promotion) – Tourism Malaysia President & Managing Director, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management “it has to be economically profitable, socially responsible, and it’s ecologically sustainable.” Read page 28 NEWS 3 NEWS Alex Dichter TRADE TALK EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Christian Strupait TUESDAY 20 th MARCH 2018 REVIEW EDITION Mevlut Cavusoglu Marc Aeberhard EDITORIAL Optimism High - Challenges Omnipresent ITB Berlin 2018 ends on a very high note, but with feet still firmly on the ground SPECIAL FEATURE A TOUR OF THE SHOW THAT WAS © Messe Berlin GmbH REVIEW EDITION Tuesday 20 th March 2018 Richard Barnes Editor-in-Chief, ITB Berlin News Tourism Malaysia: Going the Extra Mile in Communication CONTENTS News.............................................. page 4 Trade Talk.................................... page 21 Exclusive 24 AROUND THE WORLD Asia 29 Oceania........................................ page 35 Americas / Middle East 36 Africa ........................................... page 38 Europe 39 Stand Out Stands 41 WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN..... page 45 Well, the countdown has begun to the 2019 edition of ITB Berlin, whose Official Partner Country will be Malaysia. In speaking with senior officials of Malaysia’s tourism authority last year, as contracts were finalised between the DMO and ITB Berlin, it became apparent that a key factor that can make a difference in terms of impact from being Official Partner Country is that of communication with the over 5,000 media representatives and 450 bloggers present at the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. For this reason, Tourism Malaysia commissioned Cleverdis, publishers of ITB Berlin News, to send leading staff to Malaysia on several trips in 2018, to gather media assets in addition to those already available through their website, to give media an unequalled choice of interview material, story ideas, articles and highresolution photos that are all rights-free. The result is a web-hub called TourMAB. com – the Tourism Media Asset Base. The site was officially launched on the last day of ITB Berlin 2018, and will grow throughout the year as we add content month by month, arriving at ITB Berlin 2019 with a very large choice of assets for media. We know well that journalists are often strapped for time when covering a show like this, as their time is limited, and the demands of senior editorial to get interesting stories about destinations “under the spotlight” are very high. Having a plethora of story ideas at hand from which one can “mix’n’match” will thus be a relief to many, and will, we are sure, add to the richness and colour of the stories produced about this incredible country that still has so much to discover for the curious traveller. Tourism Malaysia is, we believe, one of the most dynamic and innovative destination marketing organisations attending ITB Berlin. We can’t wait to see what awaits us at what will doubtless be an extraordinary opening ceremony 2019, along with other activities during the show… all this in the run-up to the all-important Visit Malaysia 2020. ITB BERLIN NEWS is a CLEVERDIS Publication. 65 av. 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