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ITB Berlin News 2019 - Day 3 Edition

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30 REGION MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Middle East MAIN TRAVEL DESTINATIONS BAHRAIN Hall 4.2 / Stand 204 ISRAEL Hall 7.2 / Stand 100 JORDAN Hall 4.1 / Stand 202 LEBANON Hall 2.2 / Stand 203 OMAN Hall 2.2 / Stand 204 QATAR Hall 2.2 / Stand 206 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ABU DHABI Hall 2.2 / Stand 200 AJMAN Hall 2.2 / Stand 201 DUBAI Hall 2.2 / Stand 100 FUJAIRAHV Hall 2.2 / Stand 104 RAS AL-KHAIMAH Hall 2.2 / Stand 103 SHARJAH Hall 2.2 / Stand 102 Africa MAIN TRAVEL DESTINATIONS ALGERIA Hall 21b / Stand 209 BOTSWANA Hall 20 / Stand 131 CÔTE D’IVOIRE Hall 21a / Stand 112 EGYPT Hall 4.2 / Stand 124, 124a ERITREA Hall 21a /Stand 110 GAMBIA Hall 21a / Stand 107 GHANA Hall 21a / Stand 108 ILE DE LA RÉUNION Hall 20 /Stand 123, 130 KENYA Hall 21a / Stand 122 LESOTHO Hall 20 / Stand 106 MADAGASCAR Hall 2 / Stand 103 MALAWI Hall 20 / Stand 101 MALI Hall 21a / Stand 109 MAURITIUS Hall 2 / Stand 128 MAYOTTE Hall 2 / Stand 105 MOROCCO Hall 21b / Stand 213 MOZAMBIQUE Hall 20 / Stand 108 NAMIBIA Hall 20/ Stand 115, 135 RWANDA Hall 21a / Stand 120 SAINT HELENA Hall 22 / Stand 212 SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE Hall 20 / Stand 127 SEYCHELLES Hall 20 / Stand 129 SIERRA LEONE Hall 21a / Stand 117 SOUTH AFRICA Hall 20 / Stand 138 SUDAN Hall 21b / Stand 205 TANZANIA Hall 21a / Stand 128 TOGO Hall 21 / Stand 111 UGANDA Hall 21 / Stand 121 ZAMBIA Hall 20 / Stand 136 ZIMBABWE Hall 2 / Stand 133 Above average tourism growth for Africa and Middle East Egypt the star of the show with prospects strong for 2020; North African hotspots Tunisia and Morocco also bouncing back strongly With international tourist arrivals up by 10% and 7% respectively, the Middle East and Africa led growth in the world last year according to UNWTO data. This trend is due to continue in 2019 as many countries have introduced measures to simplify entry formalities. Although they represent just 4.8% and 4.5% respectively of all international tourist arrivals in the world, Africa and the Middle East were definitely among winners for world travellers in 2018. Last year, Africa attracted a total of 67.1 million international travellers, up by 7.3%, while the Middle East recorded 63.6 million international tourist arrivals - up by 10.3%. Africa experienced a strong bounce back in arrivals to countries along the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia continues to grow at double-digit rates, a situation due to the lifting of travel bans or restrictions by most countries (particularly from Europe) towards the destination. Tunisia international arrivals grew by 23.2% in 2017 and progressed again by an estimated 17.7% last year. Tunisia consequently recorded a total of 8.3 million international travellers, finally overtaking its previous record of 2010. Morocco also performed very well, attracting over 12 million travellers for the first time in history - a growth of over 8%. Results for sub-Saharan countries are too incomplete to draw conclusions. However, South Africa experienced a slowdown in growth to 1.7%. UNWTO puts the blame partially on the strong Rand. However, growth was recorded for Reunion Island, Cabo Verde and Kenya. Middle East arrivals were also on an upward trend, influenced by excellent performances from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In 2017, international tourist arrivals to Egypt were up by 55% and last year this number grew again by 41.5% to over 11 million arrivals. UNWTO declared that tourism to Egypt was the top performer in the world. The country hopes that cultural tourism will jump with the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020. Another star in the Middle East in terms of international tourist arrivals was Saudi Arabia - up by 30.3% last year. Strong growth should continue as the country now offers e-visas for tourists wishing to visit sport or cultural events. In the Gulf, Qatar experienced a modest decline, still under the influence of the travel ban for tourists from neighbouring countries while arrivals to UAE remained flat, as Dubai is turning into a maturing destination 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 INTERNATIONAL TOURIST ARRIVALS, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST 8.2 7 Africa 14.7 10 North Africa Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) © 5.1 17/16 6 Subsaharan Africa 4.1 (% change) 18*/17 January - December 10 Middle East * Provisional data ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019

MIDDLE EAST REGION 31 Sanjive Khosla Deputy Chief Visitor Experience Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai Ras Al Khaimah hits one million visitor mark in 2018 The emirate recently launched its new three-year strategy Dubai prepares for 2020 spectacular Work is progressing well ahead of World Expo 2020 Haitham Mattar CEO, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority Sanjive Khosla is Deputy Chief Visitor Experience Officer for Expo 2020 Dubai. We started by asking him how plans are coming along for World Expo 2020. More than 190 countries have confirmed their participation at Expo 2020 Dubai. The site is fast taking shape, more than 56 million work hours have been completed and construction is on track for all Expo-built structures to be complete a year before the gates open. How are tour operators gearing up? Can you talk about some of the packages being organised? Expo 2020 Dubai will be a valuable business opportunity for tour operators to offer a oncein-a-lifetime visitor experience. During the six months of the event, Expo 2020 will be the destination to visit within Dubai and tour operators will be able to purchase and bundle Expo into packages. What are some of the most astounding highlights planned for the Expo? With 60 events a day, for 173 consecutive days, there will be something for every taste. Can you tell us more about Siemens’ involvement with the event? Siemens is Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Premier Partner for Intelligent Infrastructure and Operations and is playing an integral role in operating the most connected and digitised World Expo. Siemens will provide ground-breaking solutions to digitally monitor and manage WITH 60 EVENTS A DAY, FOR 173 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, THERE WILL BE SOMETHING FOR EVERY TASTE the functions of Expo buildings through a cloud-based energy analytics platform. What is your message to the world’s travel agents and tour operators at ITB Berlin 2019? Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration for all, with a transformative impact on humanity, the planet, and the UAE as a nation. It will be a global destination where everyone can learn, innovate, create progress, and have fun by sharing ideas and working together Hall 2.2 / Stand 100a Haitham Mattar is Chief Executive Officer of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. We asked him how tourism is progressing in Ras Al Khaimah and how figures compare to his destination strategy goals. 2018 was another remarkable year for the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in terms of achievements and milestones accomplished, primarily exceeding our target of one million visitors. Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority launched its first threeyear destination strategy in 2016 outlining the vision and mission for tourism in the emirate, with the goal of attracting one million visitors to Ras Al Khaimah by 2018. The emirate exceeded these targets in 2018, with a reported 1,072,066 visitors from domestic and key international markets. How are your source markets evolving? The 10% growth in visitors compared to 2017 was led by the UAE domestic market generating 38% of overall visitors. Germany continued to be the leading international source market with 83,605 visitors to Ras Al Khaimah in 2018, followed by Russia and the UK. What are you primarily promoting this year at ITB Berlin? With the current robust visitor demand, solid regional and international partnerships in place and iconic product launches over the past few years, Ras Al Khaimah is on a mission to further assert its position as the fastest growing tourism destination in the region, while promoting our emirate’s breadth of offerings to regional and international target markets. At ITB Berlin we are showcasing a virtual reality experience of Jebel Jais Flight, the world’s longest zipline, which has welcomed over 25,000 flyers since opening 12 months ago. RAS AL KHAIMAH IS ON A MISSION TO FURTHER ASSERT ITS POSITION How important is the show for the emirate as a platform to reach out to the world of tourism? As the world’s leading travel trade show, ITB Berlin is an ideal platform to showcase and communicate our unique tourism product, highlights and plans to the German trade, media and public as well as to the many international visitors from around the world Hall 2.2 / Stand 103 ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019

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