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ITB Berlin News 2020 #3

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I RESPONSIBLE TOURISM IADVERTORIALCosta Ricacapitalises onecotourismreputationLufthansa's new Boeing 777-9 aircraft will contribute to greater energy savings for the airlineNew technologiesto reduce carbonemissions in airtravelMaría AmaliaRevelo RaventósMinister for Tourism, Costa RicaOver the next ten years, the Lufthansa Group is set toreceive a new fuel-efficient aircraft every two weeks onaverage, with carbon emissions reduced by up to 25%compared to previous models.The group’s modern, efficient, andstandardised fleet covers variousmarket segments, as continuousinvestments are made infundamental fleet modernisation.Sustainability is a key factor in thisstrategy.Using aircraft of the most recentgeneration is, says Lufthansa, thebest short-term lever for reducingaviation emissions. Increasinglyfuel-efficient aircraft and a largenumber of fuel efficiency programshave already allowed the LufthansaGroup to significantly reduce thespecific consumption of its fleet by30% over the past 25 years.On several occasions, theLufthansa Group has been a“launch customer”, being the firstto introduce new aircraft that arequieter and more fuel-efficient,such as the Airbus A320neo forLufthansa in 2016 or the C Seriesaircraft for SWISS. In the long-haulsegment, the Lufthansa Group hasalso been emphasising climateand environmental responsibilityfor years by commissioningnew aircraft. The Airbus A350-900, which Lufthansa has so faroperated exclusively from Munich,is one of the most modern andenvironmentally friendly long-hauljets.Lufthansa will be one of the firstairlines in the world to welcome afurther fleet addition in 2021: theBoeing 777-9. The Lufthansa Grouphas ordered a total of 20 of thesehigh-efficiency long-haul aircraft.The two newly developed GE9Xengines and the extremely long andnarrowly curved wings, which arelargely made of carbon fibre, arethe main factors in increasing fuelefficiency. The Boeing 777-9 alsoprovides a much wider cabin thanits predecessors. For the first time,it will feature the new BusinessClass, with direct aisle access forevery passengerAcknowledged as pioneers in ecotourism, the CostaRica Ministry of Tourism is keen to capitalise on thisreputation with further growth in the industry, as MaríaAmalia Revelo Raventós, Minister for Tourism, CostaRica, explained to ITB Berlin News.The latest figures from InstitutoCostarricense de Turismo (ICT)show that in 2019 tourism grew4.1% not least because more andmore travellers are demandingsustainable travel to countries witha high nature experience value. Akey growth zone in Costa Rica isGuanacaste: with a total area of9,529 sq km and more than 700kmof Pacific coastline from the borderwith Nicaragua to the mouth of theRio Bongo, this region is home to asignificant portion of Costa Rica'snatural and cultural heritage.What types of tourism arebooming at the moment?Today’s affluent consumers areglobal, digital and discerning.Instead of "universal andconsistent" hotels, guests are nowseeking "unique and personal"experiences. Costa Rica is knownfor its abundant nature and wildlifeand has developed its reputationas a year-round quality destinationfor authentic travel experiences– biodiverse, safe, and full ofpotential for adventure.The environmental campaignlaunched by your President lastyear is very ambitious. Can youtell us more about it?Costa Rica has set itself thegoal of being carbon neutral by2050 and by 2016 was alreadygenerating 99% of its electricityfrom renewable energies. Thecountry wants to play theinvestment card of the world andhighlight our enormous potentialas a multi-destination - especiallyin sustainable tourism, where weare already well-known, but also inmeeting and wellness tourism14 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH

I RESPONSIBLE TOURISM IGames people playSustainable ways to explore France's Nouvelle-Aquitaine:New app helps boost tourism to the regionThe French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine has developed a veryspecial kind of “treasure hunt” called "Terra Aventura", whichhas rapidly won the hearts of many tourists. Michel Durrieu,General Director, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Tourism Boardtells to ITB Berlin News how this experience turned into a truesuccess for the entire region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.Terra Aventura is a tourism-relatedtreasure hunt game which is the largestin the world in terms of participants.In 2019, we passed the two-millionplayers' mark. The game stretches allover the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territory.THE PURPOSE OFTERRA AVENTURAIS TO ATTRACTTOURISTSTO VARIOUSTERRITORIES WHERETHEY WOULD NOTHAVE VISITEDWITHOUT THISTREASURE HUNTThe app is free and can be downloadedon mobile phones. Originally, thegame was created to develop tourismoff the beaten track, particularly topromote upcountry destinations,away from traditional coast and urbandestinations. It is a great way to be intouch with our nature and of courselocal populations in small communities.Can you tell us about the way TerraAventura is organised? How manycircuits are available?There are now over 400 itineraries,which last on average between oneand two hours. In each itinerary,participants need to find answers tothree to four questions. It is actually avery fun way to learn about the visitedarea with, at the end, participantscollecting a real treasure. On average,our players will do up to five itineraries.Is the hunt open to foreign visitors? Ifso, how, and who can play?Terra Aventura is also available forforeign travellers. The app has beentranslated in four languages besideFrench. We now have versions inEnglish, German, Spanish and Dutch.Families represent the largest numberof participants, approximately 72%.28% are playing with friends orindividually. In this category, we find alot of passionate geocaching players.Who was involved in developing theapp, and how does it work?We are owners of the app. We developedthe itinerary in all territories, suchas Basque Land, Bordeaux, Poitiersand the Futuroscope theme park, LaRochelle and of course, Limoges, thecradle of the game. We are glad to seetourists to enjoy the diversity of ourregion and attract people to areaswhere they would not have visitedwithout this treasure hunt. This was themain objective behind the launching ofTerra AventuraMichel DurrieuGeneral Director,Nouvelle-Aquitaine RegionalTourism BoardBRIEFS2 MIn 2017, Terra Aventura had 280,000players. With more than 750,000 players in2018 and two million in 2019, the numbercould overpass the three-million mark in2020 according to Michel Durrieu.98% SATISFACTION98 % of the participants declared to be satisfied of their experienceplaying Terra Aventura in 2019.91%RETURNRATE91% of players indicate they willcome back to discover more ofNouvelle-Aquitaine territories.68% of participants say to havetaken into account Terra Aventurafor the choice of the destinationand 34% told that the game wastheir principal factor of decision.ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH 2020 • 15

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