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ITB Berlin News 2020 #3

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I SPOTLIGHT ON GERMAN REGION I BAVARIA ITAUBER VALLEY: WHERECULTURE AND CULINARYDELIGHTS MEETThe Tauber Valley region isnamed after the river by thesame name and has a lot to offerincluding biking and hiking paths,several wine-growing areas, localculinary delights and medievalhistory and culture.On foot, by bike or by train, thereare many options. The holidaylandscape offers 2,200km ofbiking trails. The “LieblichesTaubertal – Der Klassiker”,from Rothenburg ob der Tauberto Wertheim on the River Main,is described as being one of themost beautiful German cycletrails.For the less energetic, e-bikes areavailable for hire at 12 locationsand re- charging is possible atmore than 80 stationsBarbaraRadomskiCEO, Bayern TourismusMarketing GmbHLakes and riversat heart of Bavaria’sofferingLakes and rivers are integral featuresof the Bavarian countryside. Theyoffer the perfect conditions for variousleisure activities during the summerholidays, including swimming, sailingand canoeing or hiking and bikingalong their banks. And yet when itcomes to main holiday destinations,Bavaria is still only in third place inthe German-speaking region. Wewant to counter this with our newcommunication theme Holiday on theWater and at the same time pick up onthe main interests of German holidaymakers. With a wide-ranging campaignwe will set the theme of water at theheart of our marketing of Bavaria asa travel destination and position thestate as the perfect destination formain holidays of five days or more.Here it is important to present indetail the unique nature of the holidayexperience - namely the combinationof authentic traditions and festivals,breathtaking scenery and regionalcuisine that is unique in Germany witha holiday on or by the water.According to travel analysis, wehave been the number one holidaydestination for German tourists forseveral years. We want to reinforcethis position and generate additionaldemand among domestic and foreignvisitorsNEW MUNICH ATTRACTIONALLOWS VIRTUAL TIMETRAVELA new attraction called TimeRide has opened in theheart of Munich city centre, promising to providetourists with an immersive flight above Bavaria, andthrough the rich history of its capital city,Employing the latest VirtualReality (VR) technology and arichly researched and designedanimated world, TimeRide takesits visitors on a unique timetravel ride through over 7,000years of history passing historicallandmarks from the first settlersto the visionary projects of KingLudwig II. In a peacock wagon – afictional aircraft invented by theeccentric 19th century monarch- visitors wearing VR headsetsbecome time travellers, meetingEmperor Barbarossa as he callsfor the crusade, experiencingthe first ever train journey in©TimeRideGermany or witnessing the veryfirst Oktoberfest.More than 21,500 buildings,2.5 million trees and 80,000people create a detailed virtualworld into which the visitor iscompletely immersed. As wellas VR, sensory experiencessuch as wind and motion help tocreate an immersive simulationof a ride through time, while thewhole journey is accompaniedby an original score, recorded bya 60-piece orchestra. The tour isdesigned for visitors of all agesand takes about 45 minutesKing Ludwig II's peacock wagon isone's vehicle for time-travelling38 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 19 TH MARCH

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