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ITB Berlin News 2020 - #4

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I SPECIAL FEATURE I CULTURAL TOURISM IADVERTORIALNOVI SAD,EUROPEANCAPITAL OFCULTURE 2021Museum of the Southern JewishExperience to open in New Orleansin Q3 2020A new museum, set to open in New Orleans in Q32020, will be the only museum in the country tofocus exclusively on the history and culture of Jewsacross the South.Exhibits at the Museumof the Southern JewishExperience (MSJE) willexplore the ways Jews in theAmerican South influencedand were influenced by theircommunities, covering 13 statesand more than 300 years ofhistory – including Colonial, CivilWar, World War II and the CivilRights Movement.Multimedia exhibits will illustratehow Jewish immigrants andsucceeding generationsadapted to life in the South,forming bonds of deepfriendship and community withtheir non-Jewish neighbours.The Museum will also addressissues of race and anti-Semitism and the many waysthat Southern Jews navigatedthem at different times.New Orleans was chosen asthe museum's home basedon the city's vibrant tourismeconomy, long Jewish historyand historical connection to thebroader southern regionNovi Sad, Serbia's second largestcity will be the European Capital ofCulture in 2021. This is a historicaldecision as it will be the first timethat the title has been awarded to adestination outside the EuropeanUnion.The nomination of Novi Sad will highlight thedestination to the world as Serbia's secondlargest city exhibits its rich assets, payingtestimony to the diversity of Europeanculture in the heart of Serbia.For three centuries already, as long as thecity has existed under the names of Novi Sad,Újvidék, or Neusatz, it has been a showcaseof the diverse and rich cultural heritage ofmany peoples living there. This makes NoviSad today a space of active meeting ofcultures and identities.© Novi SadDom MuseumVienna getsa faceliftIt is time to rediscover the DomMuseum Vienna, an art institutionbelonging to the Archdiocese ofVienna. It perfectly complements avisit to St. Stephen's Cathedral.The newly renovated Dom Museum Wienpresents in a contemporary setting 1,000years of art, from the historical treasuresof the cathedral to avant-garde classicpaintings including expressionist painters andsecessionist artists.One of the first treasures is a painting ofHapsburg ruler Rudolf IV, deemed the oldestportrait of the Western World as it dates fromthe 14 th century. Extraordinary sculptures andaltars, sacred objects adorned with gold andjewels, portraits, manuscripts, books, andmagnificent vestments ranging from the Gothicto the Art Deco period are on display. DomMuseum Wien also offers special exhibitionsexamining the intersection of society, religion,and the arts.Combined tickets and/or tours are availablewith St. Stephen’s Cathedral and can alsoinclude the neighbouring Mozarthaus Vienna© Marlene Frehlich / LuxundLumen.comNovi Sad from the riverThroughout the year, artists and locals willshow the best of Novi Sad. More than 500events and 1,000 artists will present theculture of togetherness through more than400 programmes, proving that Novi Sadlives and revives culture. Exhibitions aboutAndy Warhol and Toulouse-Lautrec and anew monument created by Yoko Ono will besome of the highlights.Decentralised cultural stations all overthe city will help in preserving the culturalheritage and act as intercultural meetingspaces, inviting visitors, citizens and localcommunities to (re)discover the 2021European Capital of Culture. And comeback!26 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH

I SPECIAL FEATURE I TRAVEL TECHNOLOGIES IHow virtual hoststransform themanagement ofholiday rentalsMeeting Package and Nordic Choice Hotels are aiming to making online meeting bookings easierUnveiling a new wayto book direct meetingand hotel rooms onlineSABA Hospitality is highlighting how digital hosts cantransform the management of holiday rental properties onITB Berlin's eTravel Stage today.The holiday rental industry is rapidlyexpanding, representing an estimated€80bn annually. While the extraincome is undoubtedly appealing, thetime and energy it takes to servicean increasingly demanding guestdemographic is becoming problematicfor many private rental operators,no matter how many properties theymanage.Digital guidebooks can provide somerelief, but by themselves, fail to meetthe communication needs of themodern traveller. Despite providingcomprehensive property informationin the form of a physical or digitalguidebook, hosts are often confrontedto guests messages or emails withquestions already answered in theSABA Hospitality's solutionmanual. It is often due to the necessityfor the guest to communicate directlyand actively with his host.The use of chatbots, or virtualhosts, will give guests a means tocommunication that is in alignmentwith their wants and needs, whileproviding private rental operatorsa level of automation that give themmore free time. Virtual hosts canturn into a great platform to serviceguests, provide recommendationsand increase revenueBooking meeting rooms can be a frustrating andtime-consuming process as meeting planners needto enquire with venues through email, phone orRFP correspondence to determine meeting spaceavailability and pricing.The MICE segment is the latestin the hospitality industryto embrace digitalisation.In partnership with NordicChoice hotels, MeetingPackageprovides unique cloud-basedvenue management softwarethat enables hotels and othermeetings & events venues to selltheir meeting rooms and eventspaces more efficiently online.“Even though the hospitalityindustry is in the vanguard ofinnovation when it comes todigitalising sales channels, MICEhas stubbornly remained a largelymanual and offline segment.Nordic Choice Hotels is one ofthe first major European hotelchains to adopt an online salesstrategy for their MICE services,believing that it is time to digitiseMeetings & Events sales and offera better customer experience toclients while decreasing costs,”said Joonas Ahola, CEO ofMeetingPackage.“The arrival of online bookingfor conference and meetingrooms and hotel overnights hasled to the creation of an easierworkload for organisers, plannersand travellers. Our eight hotelsin Stockholm have alreadysubmitted extremely positivefeedback and the plan is tolaunch this service at our hotelsacross all Nordic countries,” saidLisa Farrar, CDO of Nordic ChoiceHotelsITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH 2020 • 27

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