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ITB Berlin News 2020 - #4

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I REGION I AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN IWarwick ParadiseIsland Bahamasextends rewardprogramme fortravel agentsVibrant colours and musical influence at the heart of Jamaica's new tourist initiativeTo stimulate sales for its property in the Bahamas,Warwick Paradise Island sales team is extendingits “WPIB Travel Agents Incentive Programme".Jamaica'sambitious newslogan attractsattentionIn January, the Jamaica Tourist Board launched a new slogan,representing a change in brand positioning for the Caribbeandestination. As a reference to the island's perceived outsizedglobal influence, "Jamaica - Heartbeat of the World" is nowthe catchphrase and concept for a new phase of marketingfor the destination.Despite its size - just over 10,000sq km with a population of fewerthan 3 million people - Jamaica canlay claim to having a considerablecultural impact that extends farbeyond its shores. “We are excited tolaunch ‘Heartbeat of the World,’ whichreinforces our position as a globalleader among travel destinationsand establishes Jamaica as thesingle destination every travellermust experience,” said DonovanWhite, Director of Tourism, Jamaica,adding, “On the map, Jamaica mayseem like a small dot in the CaribbeanSea. But her influence on the worldculture is the size of a continent. Weare a cultural giant and we continue tohave an indelible impact on the world’sfood, music, sport, and literaturewhile offering larger-than-life bucketlist experiences with extraordinary,talented people."Strengthening the island’s positionas a global culturally relevant brand,"Heartbeat of the World" extendsbeyond tourism and encompassesall elements of Jamaica’s rich andvibrant culture, including music,cuisine, sports, adventure, nature,and wellness. The marketing initiativeincludes new online branding,television commercials and tourismproducts, drawing potential visitorsto the classic attributes includingjerk chicken, reggae music, rum andisland life. The strategy also hopesto capitalise on a number of topicalfactors in 2020 enhancing Jamaica'svisibility on the international stage,including the April release of the latestJames Bond movie "No Time To Die"- which was filmed on the island, alsothe birthplace of the iconic fictionalBritish spyIt will now provide eligibleretail travel professionals withcash bonus up to US perbooking throughout 2020 ontop of regular commissions upto 20%.The luxury four-star WarwickParadise Island resort islocated 30 km away fromNassau International Airportand features 250 rooms, fiverestaurants and two bars, awhite-sand harbour beach,a fitness centre and offersvarious entertainment andactivities.Launched in May 2019, theWPIB Travel Agents IncentiveProgramme was set to expirelast December before itsextension. To participate,travel professionals with avalid registration number mustcomplete the “WPIB Specialist”training with the resort’ssales team to learn about thefeatures of the resort and theincentives. Registration aredone by requesting a form member of the salesdepartment will conduct thetraining and provide to theagent a personalised formto log all bookings with aminimum of three nights.Incentives can be redeemedupon validation of eachbooking or by accumulatingthem within a year time.Travel agents working at touroperators, tour operatorsubsidiaries and affiliatesand any Warwick Hotels andResorts affiliated company arehowever not eligible for theWPIB Travel Agents IncentiveProgramWarwick Paradise Island, Bahamas34 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH

I REGION I OCEANIA ICook IslandsOCEANIAFacts & figures+2.6% in inbound visitor arrivals for Oceania in 2019Australia saw 9.4 millionvisitor arrivals for yearending September 2019, anincrease of 2.7% relative tothe previous year. Provisionaldata from the UNWTO for2019 indicate an increase of2.6% in international touristarrivals to the region ofOceania.After years of strong growth,international arrivals to New Zealandhave indeed been softening. NewZealand’s arrivals are expected toremain relatively flat in the nearfuture, but are expected to pickup again in the coming years. TheMinistry of Business, Innovation andEmployment’s (MBIE) 2019-2025international tourism forecastspredicts visitor volumes are estimatedto grow to 5.1 million in 2025, up from3.9 million in 2018.In the year ending July 2019, totalarrivals growth was up 2.8% andholiday arrivals fell flat at 0%.Tourism New Zealand expected thatholiday arrival growth would remainlow or maybe soften further for theremainder of the 2019 calendar year(still not reported at time of writing),before potentially improving in thesecond half of 2020.TOURISM 2020 –AUSTRALIA SET TOSURPASS TARGET OF€71BNTourism 2020 is a whole-ofgovernmentand industry longtermstrategy to build the resilienceand competitiveness of Australia’stourism industry and grow itseconomic contribution.Tourism 2020 focuses on improvingthe industry’s performance andcompetitiveness by pursuingnew opportunities for growth andaddressing supply-side factors. TheTourism 2020 goal is to achieve morethan AU5bn (€71bn) in overnightspend by 2020 (up from €43.4bn in2009).Australia’s Tourism 2020 projecthas been focusing on improving theindustry’s performance by pursuingopportunities to increase consumerspending and address supply-sidefactors.The strategy has been implementedin three phases; the nation is nearingthe end of the “seeing the results”phase. In 2017/18, Tourism Australiacontinued to champion Tourism2020. They also began planning forthe years beyond 2020, working withAustrade and state and territorygovernments as part of an industryledcommittee.AIR TRANSPORTTO RECEIVE BOOSTFROM NEW AIRPORTConstruction of Western SydneyInternational (Nancy-Bird Walton)Airport is underway and on trackto begin operations in 2026. Theairport is a transformationalinfrastructure projectthat will generateeconomic activity, provideemployment opportunitiescloser to home for people inthe Western Sydney region,and meet Sydney's growingaviation needs.The Australian Governmentis investing up to AU.3bn(€3.3bn) in equity todeliver the airport througha government-ownedcompany, 'Western Sydney Airport'.The airport will be a full-serviceairport operating curfew free,delivering international, domestic andfreight servicesInternationaltourist arrivalsto AustraliaITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH 2020 • 35

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