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ITB Berlin News 2020 - #4

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I SPOTLIGHT ON GERMAN REGION I SAXONY IWolfgangGaertnerHead of InternationalMarketing,TMGS TourismusMarketing GesellschaftSachsen mbHSaxony keen to furtherdevelop presence at allITB showsWhere arts and culture have the wow effect:Saxony is Germany’s number one culturaldestinationDRESDEN: DREAMDESTINATION FOR CULTUREDresden is well known for itsbaroque skyline but also forits extraordinary museumlandscape.Dresden’s Royal Residenceis home to some of Europe’smost amazing art collections.Treasures from Saxony’s royalhouse are on display, includingjewels, regalia, renaissancearmour, Ottoman collectionsand court costumes. SinceSeptember, Stately Apartmentsshow also historical furniture.The Zwinger is known for itscollection of chinaware but alsoits Old Masters’ paintings. A newattraction is Dresden fortress,an interactive edutainmentprogram taking visitors back toRenaissance times.Dresden Museum of Military HistoryBut Dresden has also unusualmuseums. The Museum ofMilitary History, located 15minutes away from the centre,is also an amazing discovery notonly for its external architecturebut also for its uniquecollections. It tells all about theinfluence of military in dailylife, from music to technologyor costumes and of courseits influence on the course ofGerman history without hidingits dark sides. The top floor isdedicated to destruction withpoignant rests of ruins and aview over town. And to finish,how about visiting Semper Operwith its incredible architecture?Royal State apartments, Dresden CastleOver the coming years, Saxony plans to actively promoteits assets at all Global ITB shows. Wolfgang Gaertner, Headof International Marketing, TMGS Tourismus MarketingGesellschaft Sachsen mbH, explains why it is increasinglyimportant to promote to long-haul feeder markets.In 2018, Asia, for example, generatedalmost 220,000 overnight stays. Morethan half of these overnights weregenerated by our two largest inboundmarket sources from Asia, China andJapan. Our positioning in the heart ofEurope, halfway between Berlin andPrague, can of coursebe considered as anasset but it can alsobe a weakness. Thisis why we need tocommunicate more.Why do you think thatbeing in the centre ofEurope is an asset andweakness together?Our geographicalposition is an assetas Saxony is easilyaccessible fromanywhere. However,to be located betweenOURGEOGRAPHICALPOSITIONIS AN ASSETAS SAXONYIS EASILYACCESSIBLEFROMANYWHERE.two popular destinations such asBerlin and Prague turn Saxony intoan “add-on” destination for foreignerswho often stay a day or two. We need,for example, to convince Indian touroperators that Saxony is worth a fewdays.What are the bestassets of Saxony as adestination for non-European tourists?Our landscapesand our culture areour biggest assets.However, we needmore creativity tomake our culturalhighlights moreentertaining and morelike “storytelling”… inparticular for AsianmillennialsNEW: MICE IN VOLKSWAGENTRANSPARENT FACTORY INDRESDENA transparent structure madeof glass and wood: this isVolkswagen’s most advancedfactory, where e-Golf vehicles areproduced. Open to visitors, thefactory is a trip to the future withrobots bringing material andassembling some of the cars’elements.The Transparent FactoryThe Transparent Factory isthen a perfect place for aMICE event. Guided tours, arestaurant but also meetingspaces are available for groups.The Visitors Forum can even beprivatised for a special eventsuch as presentations and evenconcerts…38 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH

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