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ITB Berlin News 2021 - Day 3 Edition

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I NEWS I © Mar Cerdeira

I NEWS I © Mar Cerdeira / Unsplash Hot air ballooning in Turkey AIRLINE BOSSES PREDICT AIR TRAVEL COMEBACK Both the President of Emirates and CEO of Air France-KLM foresee a sharp bounce-back of passenger demand, most probably by the third quarter of the year or latest by early 2022. Turkey forecasts strong tourism rebound Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency spokesperson, Erkan Yağcı, says his country is planning to “outperform the rest of the world” when it comes to a post-Covid tourism rebound. In an ITB Berlin NOW press conference, Mr Yağcı said Turkey has been one of the most disciplined and successful countries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Safe Tourism Certification Program launched in June was one of the first examples of its kind globally and came to be accepted rapidly by the tourism industry”, said Yağcı. “Tourists are able to have a healthy vacation in Turkey with peace of mind thanks to the effective measures we take under The Safe Tourism Certification Programme.” With 300 sunny days per year and a sun, sand and sea concept, a new ad campaign has been launched in over 50 countries. Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has set a goal for 2021 of at least 32 million visitors and almost €20bn in revenue. “We believe Turkey will outperform the rest of the world in tourism regrowth after the Covid crisis,” said Yağcı, adding: “Product diversity will be one of the main pillars of promotion of the next five years” VISIT BRAND CAR D They may fight each other for market share, but for once, they both agree. The President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark and the CEO of Air France-KLM, Ben Smith, see passengers returning by year end or in early 2022. Although both believe that numbers seen prior to the Covid crisis would not be possible before 2023. "It hangs a lot on the global roll-out of vaccine programmes. Although some countries face difficulties in its implementation, I am quite bullish about the future," said Tim Clark from Emirates. The airline predicts that the pace of recovery will vary according to countries and market segments. Clark sees a stronger rebound of the leisure market than the corporate market. For Ben Smith, 2021 will be characterised by a number of uncertainties although they are a few positive hot spots: "Beyond 2021, a lot of demand from consumers willing to travel will need to be answered. For Smith, the first segment to return to the skies will be VFR travellers, followed by leisure and then corporate travellers. "The latter will need probably three to four years to be back to 2019 levels," Smith stressed Screen shot of ITB Berlin NOW Press Conference Sir Tim Clark President Emirates Airlines Ben Smith CEO - Air France - KLM 6 ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 11 TH MARCH 2021

I NEWS I SABA Hospitality and Knowcross bring efficient contactless technology to Shangri-La Singapore A not-to-be-missed session for destination marketeers Iva Kutle Škrlec, Global Destination Marketing Partner, Google, will be speaking today at the session "DMO Masterclass by Google: The Ever- Changing Travel Landscape and Keeping up with the New Traveller”. We asked her how the needs of travellers are changing. Tourism is experiencing a fundamental shift: People don't know when and where they can travel and tourism businesses are dealing with huge uncertainty. People are searching online to understand the latest travel guidance, safety precautions and discover destinations with fewer crowds. Some traditionally popular travel categories have lost much of their appeal, while some others have risen to glory. More than ever, travellers are looking for clarity, reassurance and value. The tourism industry relies on historical data to predict future demand, but in the current highlyvolatile environment, this is no longer adequate. Google's tools and platforms provide valuable close to real-time insights on consumer behaviour and important trends helping the industry tailor their response based on the most recent and relevant Iva Kutle Škrlec Global Destination Marketing Partner, Google changes. We have always partnered with stakeholders in the industry, including DMOs and industry bodies, and now even more closely, on shaping their digital strategies and guiding them in how to use Google’s platforms to achieve their business and communication objectives. What should DMOs be doing to adapt? Agility and precision are key. The wellestablished planning and travel cycle has been heavily disrupted and there’s still a lot of instability, so DMOs need to drop their usual way of researching, planning and communicating. Data insights are key for travel businesses to adapt. For example, as people increasingly search for local and outdoor tourism, businesses can react to these changing needs by doing marketing campaigns that highlight nature destinations, and they can prepare for an uptick in last-minute booking SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions and Knowcross have integrated their technologies into hotel operations at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. The integration allows Shangri-La Singapore guests to make requests through the SABA Hospitality interactive guest services platform. Hotel service, amenity, maintenance, food and beverage no longer require intervention from house staff or the guest service centre. The connection with the relevant hotel department can even take place regardless of the guest’s presence on the property. “Hotels of all sizes receive large volumes of requests on a daily basis. Integrating SABA’s solution with the Knowcross dispatch system not only automates this process and significantly reduces the workload on frontline staff, but it allows the guest’s needs to be fulfilled in a timelier manner", says Alexander Wessels, SABA Hospitality’s Executive Director of Accounts & Partnerships “Offering contactless solutions that elevate the guest experience is vital in today’s environment. Our collaboration with Knowcross provides a humanised end-to-end virtual guest service solution at a time when reducing costs and finding greater efficiency is paramount," he adds. Tane Picken, General Manager at Shangri-La Singapore, will join the panel discussion “ITB Best Case: Contactless tools and their impact on reliance in a Post-Covid World” on Friday, March 12 at ITB Berlin NOW to share more insights VISIT BR AND CARD Today, Thursday, 11 March 2021 18:00 ITB SESSION DMO Masterclass by Google: The Ever-Changing Travel Landscape and Keeping up with the New Traveller ITB Berlin NOW Convention Stage 1 ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 11 TH MARCH 2021 7

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