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ITB Berlin News Preview Edition

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43 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS Where to goin berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin shares his passion for the German capital with ITB Berlin News... The Definitive Site For All Things Berlin Burkhard Kieker CEO of visitBerlin Born in 1960 near Cologne, Burkhard Kieker previously occupied the role of Vice President Marketing & Communications and Spokesman for Berlin Airports from 1997-2008. Before that he worked at Deutsche Welle as duty editor and Assistant to the Board of Lufthansa German Airlines, Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Spokesman for Lufthansa. After graduating in editors training for Print and TV at Deutsche Journalistenschule, Munich, Kieker studied history, politics and journalism before joining Die Zeit in 1986. Hall 12 Stand 101 Our website – – is the official tourist information website for the German capital. ITB Berlin visitors can find the most important information for their stay in Berlin at a glance, including events, current issues and personal advice. Our press pages and B2B portals have the latest facts and figures on tourism development and current images of Berlin. Berlin has a number of Michelin “starred” restaurants. What is different about food in this city? Berlin has become the city with the highest number of starred restaurants in Germany. The Michelin star kitchens are a part of the city’s life. They’re in both showcase houses and wellhidden in back courtyards. This contrast makes Berlin particularly appealing to gourmet fans from around the world. Dining is a cultural event in Berlin. When people come for a tradeshow - Whether it be ITB Berlin or another big event - they generally want to “discover” the city. What makes Berlin special in this respect? I’m often asked for tips for a visit to Berlin. What I always recommend is to take a couple of hours in a street café and watch the people of the city as they go about their lives. What you’ll often see is tomorrow’s trend today. The Berlin lifestyle is one of our main attractions. Then there is the constant change that characterizes the city today. Nothing here is fixed or rigid. We’re still designing, planning and creating our city. And that’s exactly what makes it so appealing. Berlin is the last European metropolis in the making. “Berlin is popular with tourists – and the feeling’s mutual.” A poll done just a few months ago shows that Berlin residents “love” tourists. Could you tell us more about this survey - and what its main findings were? We’ve seen a doubling in the number of visitors to Berlin in the past ten years. That is, of course, a development that pleases us, but we also wanted to know how the Berliners see it and so we set up the survey. The result: 91 per cent of the Berliners surveyed are proud that people are coming to their city from all over the world. Nine out of ten respondents feel that the increased tourism is neither restricting nor disturbing life in the city. Berlin is popular with tourists – and the feeling is mutual. ITB BERLIN NEWS • Wednesday 27 th February 2013

ITB Berlin News