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ITB China News 2018 - Day 2 Edition

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EUROPE REGION 13 Greece: 365-Day Destination With over 10% international tourism growth in 2017, Greece counts on tourism Greece’s tourism policies have helped to extend the travel season, promote different thematic products, open new markets and boost connectivity by air, land and sea. The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that tourism in 2017 helped boost the Greek economy by 6.9% – supporting nearly one million jobs and representing 20% of the country’s GDP. According to Greece’s Minister for Tourism, Elena Kountoura, tourism truly unites people: “It’s all about open borders, freedom and democracy, and the right of everyone to be able to travel. At the same time, the megatrend is for people, when traveling, to seek authentic experiences. In the past, there were a lot of all-inclusive packages, but in the last two years we have been developing, with our regional offices, a lot of thematic products so we can give a broad number of different opportunities and choices to our visitors.” For 2020, Greece aims to have more than 35-million tourists and more than 20% extra capacity, and for tourism to account for 22% of GDP (+2%) STAND No. 610 Riga, Latvia’s “Hidden Pearl” Grows in Popularity Riga hotels and other tourist establishments hosted 1.4 million foreign tourists in 2017, a 11.5% rise over 2016 figures. In 2017, the largest number of the foreign tourists welcomed in Riga hotels and other tourist accommodations were from Russia (12%), Germany (11,5%), Estonia (8%), Lithuania (7%), Finland (7%), the Great Britain (6%), Sweden, Norway, Italy. and the United States. The Head of the Riga Tourism Development Bureau Vita Jermoloviča attributes the successful growth to several factors. Among them is listed the successful advertising and Elena Kountoura Greece’s Minister for Tourism Dr Christian Göke CEO, Messe Berlin cooperation with journalists and bloggers as well as the opening of several new flight destinations not only in the traditional markets as, for example, Finland, Norway, Italy, Russia and Spain, but also in new ones – the United Arab Emirates and Israel STAND No. 200/201 Tourists Outnumber Residents for First Time in Portugal In 2017, 20.6 million guests registered in Portugal (up 8.9%) and for the first time, the number of foreigners exceeded the Portuguese population. Portugal received 12.7 million foreign guests. The sector generated 335 thousand jobs (accounting for 7% of the national economy), an increase of 44 thousand jobs over 2016. This year, Portugal was voted the most welcoming country in the world, according to an Inter Nations study published in the American magazine Forbes, rising nine places in relation to 2016. Tourism Strategy 2027 seeks to position Portugal as one of the most competitive, innovative and sustainable tourism markets in the world, a leader in producing goods and services for tourism on a worldwide scale, a country that values work and that invests in human capital STAND No. 400 15.7% HIKE IN INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FOR MALTA IN 2017 The Malta Tourism Authority has been celebrating results achieved in 2017, in which inbound tourist trips from January to December 2017 reached almost 2.3 million (+15.7%) while total nights spent surpassed 16.5 million nights (+10.3%). Reacting to these positive results, the MTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Bugeja, noted that it is “clear by now that hurdles such as seasonality are being addressed”. He added, “Thanks to joint efforts between the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta is successfully being promoted and visited all year round, which is positive for the industry, the economy, and ultimately the taxpayer. He added that all stakeholders must collaborate in order to ensure the sustainability of such success.” Malta’s success in sustaining such a positive performance in collective accommodation undoubtedly compliments the strong expansion in its air connectivity. Eight new airline routes from seven different countries began operating last year, adding to the already extensive network linking Malta with its source markets and bringing more tourists to the accommodation facilities in Malta and Gozo STAND No. 701 © Finavia ITB CHINA NEWS • Thursday 17 th May 2018