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125 Years Strong – An IUOE History

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Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the International Union of Operating Engineers


LABOR OMNIA VINCIT WORK CONQUERS ALL Together, I.U.O.E. Will Remain Strong for Another 125 Years Dear Brothers & Sisters: It is with great pride that the officers and General Executive Board of the International Union of Operating Engineers congratulate our membership on achieving 125 years of solidarity and growth throughout every state and province in North America. As general president of the I.U.O.E., it is truly an honor and privilege to serve the membership and celebrate this milestone with all of you. I am very proud of our rich heritage, which for many of us includes multiple generations of I.U.O.E. members. I would like to thank our forefathers, including my own grandfather, for helping to build the foundations on which this great organization stands today. Without the pride and determination passed down from our founders and previous generations, we would not have the opportunities that we have today and which we will pass along to the next generation of operating engineers. Reaching our 125-year anniversary was no small feat. Many unions have come and gone over that time, and we have faced our share of challenges since our humble beginnings in Chicago in 1896. But from the very start, strong leaders, committed staff and proud members have persevered and helped our union succeed and grow, no matter the difficulties. Our current membership continues to build upon the success of our past. Each and every one of us is called to represent the future of this union at the training site, on the job and in the union hall. The I.U.O.E. will continue to prosper for another 125 years only if we move forward with the same strength and common purpose. Every day across the United States and Canada, we can see evidence of our labor. We build and maintain some of the most iconic structures in the world. We work hard to build and maintain positive relationships with our contractor and owner partners. Many charitable causes have benefited from the generosity of our membership. Along the way, co-workers have become family, union brothers and sisters who will forever be part of each of our lives. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us honor those who came before us and those who work beside us by recommitting ourselves to leave our union even stronger for future generations. That is our greatest tradition. I want to thank everyone who has helped make this anniversary year a success. Thank you for your hard work, your pride and your fellowship. In solidarity, James T. Callahan, General President International Union of Operating Engineers This book was proudly produced by Primary outside sources cited: (1) The Operating Engineers: The Economic History of a Trade Union, Garth L. Magnum, Harvard University Press, 1964 (2) Union Resilience in Troubled Times: The Story of the Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO, 1960-1993, Garth L. Magnum, M.E. Sharpe, 1994 Head Historian: Calvin Jefferson Research Assistant & Proofreader: Ann Wilkins Jefferson Art Direction: Andy Taucher Layout & Design: Steven Demanett I.U.O.E. Local No. 825, New Jersey, member Brother Richard Kaminski replaces the torch on the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island with an exact replica of the original torch in 1985 during the statue’s restoration project, which took place from 1982 to 1986. (Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photograph by Bernard Gotfryd. Reproduction number e.g., LC-USZ62-123456.) Copyright © 2021 International Union of Operating Engineers. All rights reserved.

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