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Rotator Cuff

Kinetic Health Resolving Rotator Cuff Injuries June 8th, 2017 - Anatomy - Kinetic Chain Relationships - Therapy - Exercise Dr. Brian Abelson DC. 403-241-3772 Copyright 2017 Kinetic Health All Rights Reserved

Kinetic Health - Conditions

Sciatica Sucks
Lateral Ankle Sprains - Kinetic Health
Resolving Hamstring Injuries - Kinetic Health

Nerve Flossing

Flossing the Spinal Accessory Nerve
Flossing the Musculocutaneous Nerve
Flossing the Suprascapular Nerve
Flossing the Axillary Nerve
Flossing the Median Nerve
Flossing the Ulnar Nerve
Flossing the Radial Nerve
Flossing the Spinal Cord and Sciatic Nerve
Flossing the Femoral Nerve
Flossing the Obturator Nerve
Flossing the Saphenous Nerve
Flossing the Tibial Nerve
Flossing the Peroneal:Fibular Nerve

Kinetic Health Strengthening Exercises

Isometric Neck Exercises
4 Cardinal Planes & Circles
Y's - Shoulder & Upper Back Strengthening
T's - Shoulder & Upper Back Strengthening
L's Shoulder & Upper Back Strengthening
Dumbell Bench Press
Dumbell Shoulder Press
Rows (Great Upper Back Exercises)
Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Rear Lateral Raise
Shoulder Raises - Deltoids and Upper Back
Pushups - Beginner to Advanced
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions
Wrist Curls
Isometric Finger Touch Exercise
The Wall Plank
Squat Prep Exercise
The Bird Dog - 4-Point Kneeling
The Front Plank
The Side Plank - Core Exercise
The Swiss-Ball Rollout
Figure 8's wh Medicine Ball
The Russian Twist Exercise (4 Variations)
Mountain Climbers (2 versions)
High Plank Spider Crawl
Swiss-Ball Jackknife - Great Core Exercise
8 Great Exercises - Hip Osteoarthritis
6 Great Exercises - Knee Osteoarthritis
Build a Better Butt
Clam Exercises with a Theraband (5 Exercises)
Hip Activation with a Theraband
Thera Band - 3 Way Leg Raises
Pelvic Raises - Beginner to Advanced
Hip Hikes - Great Gluteus Medius Exercise
Hip Raises - 5 Different Versions
Theraband Side Step with Goblet Squat
One Leg Split Squat - Bulgarian Split Squat
Barbell Lunge
Theraband - The Adductors
Deadlifts (Barbell and Dumbbells)
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls
The Goblet Squat
Knee Injuries - Acute Stage
Peterson Step Up Exercise (Knee Stability)
The Swiss Ball Squat
Barbell Squat - Quadriceps and Calves
Barbell Split Squats - Quadriceps and Calves
One Leg Split Squat - Bulgarian Split Squat
Eccentric Calf Raises
Isometric Ankle Exercises
Foot Strengthening Routine
The Salsa Towel Crunch
The Pen and Penny
Scissor Lunge
Box Jump - With Squat
Speed Squat
Single Leg Step Up With Weights
Single Leg Step Up (Sprinter's Step Up)
One Leg Split Squat - Bulgarian Split Squat
Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebells - One Arm Swing
Kettlebells - The Turkish Get Up
Kettlebells - Medial Deltoid Swing
Kettlebells - Figure 8 Swing with Squat
Kettlebells - Side Plank Deltoid Raise
Kettlebells - Compound Exercise
Kettlebells - Chest Exercise
Kettlebells - Biceps Exercise
Kettlebell - Reverse Lunge Figure 8

Stretching, Mobility, and Myofascial Release

PNF Stretching - The Neck
PNF - Levator Scapulae
Myofascial Release - Suboccipitals
Myofascial Release - of the Neck
Myofascial Release - Supraspinatus and Upper Trapezius
GB20 - Acupuncture Point
GB21 - Acupuncture Point
Chest Stretches - 4 Excellent Ways!
Myofascial Release - Pectoral Muscles
Myofascial Release - Pectoralis Minor
Myofascial Release of the Posterior Shoulder
Shoulder Stretches - External and Internal Rotation
Myofascial Release - Subscapularis
Myofascial Release of the Subclavius
Myofascial Release - Rhomboids
Myofascial Release of the Deltoids
Myofascial Release of the Biceps
Myofascial Release - Triceps
Pin and Stretch - Golfer's and Tennis Elbow
Myofascial Release - Forearms
Myofascial Release - of the Hand
Finger Joint Rotation
Finger Wave Exercise
Bharatnatyam - Finger Dexterity
Building Hand Dexterity
Cat Camel Stretch
Myofascial Release - Back Muscles
Myofascial Release - With Two Tennis Balls (Thoracic and Lumbar)
Stretching - Superficial Back Line
Stretching the Superficial Front Line
Sams Daily Five Stretches
Stretching the Hip Flexors - Psoas, Iliacus, and Quadriceps
Releasing the Pelvic Floor
Releasing the Diaphragm
Breathing Exericses Speed Healing
8 Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis
5 Daily Hip Mobilization Exercises
Sams Daily Five Stretches
Releasing the Deep Six External HIp Rotators
Stretching - Your Glutes
Myofascial Release - Gluteals
Myofascial Release - Piriformis
Iliotibial Band Release Using a Ball
Myofascial Release - IT Band
Myofascial Release - Quadriceps
Pin and Stretch for the Hamstrings
Foam Roller - The Hamstrings
Adductors - Myofascial Release with a Ball
6 Great Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis
Sams Daily Five Stretches
Stretching - Calf Muscles
Myofascial Release - Calf Muscles
Myofascial Release of the Shins
Stretching - Tibialis Anterior
Stretching - The Peroneals
Ankle Exercises - Acute Injury
Increasing Dorsi Flexion
Foundational - Foot Stretching Routine
Myofascial Release of the Feet
Increasing Big Toe Mobility

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