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"A Kensington People's Paper" Issue 6 of 66. Produced and published April/May 1990.

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Digital Archiving Completed by the Ethnography Lab, A University of Toronto Anthropology Initiative and Produced in Collaboration with David Perlman/Wholenote Media Inc between July-December 2015. ------------------------------------------------------------~~ !.. Community & Arts Kensington Men's 1990 Cook-Off by Nelson Melo Learning With You ., ~ ,.. I "' ~ I i i II•~ ~ The 1st Annual. Men's Kensington 1990 Cook-off at the LAST TEMPTATION was a smashing success. Sponsored by the Kensington Ladies Auxiliary - founded by Nora Claire Muirhead and Lorraine Darling - its main goal is to promote community spirit and participation. Kensington Ladies' Auxiliary in conjunction with William (owner of the LAST TEMPTATION) provided the place, judges and the prizes. The first category consisted of soups, salads and hors d 'oevres. 1st prize went to a juicy combination of Alaskan King Crab marinated in Portuguese hot pepper sauce. This particular dish was gobbled up before anything else. (The chef in question was ·later disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour, so first place has gone to the tomato salad provided by Louie Albino, followed by the Gypsy Goulash which was prepared by Vladimir.) The second category was made up of entree dishes. The shrimp and clam rice dish came in first place. It seems Louie Albino's creation was a popular choice amongst the participants and the judges agreed. Honourable mention should go to Buzz Burza's DRUM Chicken with its Jalepeno peppers and green banana mix. The traditional Japanese Sushi dinner came in a close third place. The desert category was a toss-up between the 1st prize apple crisp (Roger Evans) and 2nd prize Strawberry Parfait (Louie Albino). The baked apple came in 3rd, this creation by Ellis Clark. The presentation category was bac;ed on arrangement, colour and style, and 1st place went to Louie Albino's Tomato Salad for Category A. Robert Foster grabbed I st prize in the entree category with a splendid arrangement of Sushi, tea and soy sauce. Louie Albino grabbed the first prize in the dessert category with a lovely Strawberry Parfait The whole gathering was a pleasant and easygoing way of spending a Sunday might in the Market. The judges seemed to favour the creations of Louie Albino in all the categories. The award for 1st prize is a bottle Albino in all the categories. The award for 1st prize is a bottle bronze medallion designed by Lorraine Darling. The second prize consisted of three bottles of . champagne, one for each winner. The third award was a grab-bag prize with a beautiful flower arrangement by Mai of the LAST TEMPTATION. . On top of this them usic of Billy Buttery provided a traditional folk set with arrangement" of bongos and accoustic guitar sets. Judging by the good tum-pit anothe food supplied there is no doubt that this event should continue. Nora Claire and Lorraine should be given honourable mention for their idea, sweat and appetite without which we couldn't have had a good evening. Toddler Times 1 ~-- By Masha Buell SandersonLibrary:7pm(starting DATES (~('' and caregivers. Wilkie 393-7653. WATCH · MONDAYS: THURSDAYS: ,!, , March21)Lullabye&Goodnight --- 1 A digest of a.ctivities fc:r babies eveni~g storyt~me, ages 3-5, for TO ~- . \ and young chlldren,thetr parents more mformauon contact Karen ~ "~ Cecil Community Centre, lOam- Kensington Community School, " 12 noon • Parent-child Drop In 9:30am-3:30pm • Parenting and Toy Library. Centre. Drop in! Cecil Community Centre, 6:30- Scadding Court Community 8:30pm • Toy Library, part of Centre, 10:30-11 :30am • Pre­ Community Drop-In Night (in- School Gym; 2:45-3:15pm • Pareluding ping-pong, billiards, and ent and Tot Swim a free movie!) TUESDAYS: Kensington Community School, 9:30am-12:30pm • Parenting Centre. Drop in! Scadding Court Community Centre: 10:30-11:30am • Pre-School Gym; 2:30-3:30pm • Pre-School Music Group University Settlement House 10:30-11:30am • Arts and Crafts: 2:00-2:45pm • Tumbling (4-5 year old children) WEDNESDAYS: Kensington Community School, 9:30am-3:30pm • Parenting. Centre, Drop in! Cecil Community Centre, 10:00- 11:30am • Toy Library Beverly School, 2:30-3:30pm • pre-school swim (in co-operation with University Settlement House) FRIDAYS: University Settlement House, 10:00-ll:OOam • Movement and Music Boys and Girls House (Toronto Public Library),10:30-11:30 am •Pre-School Story Hour Sanderson Library, 10:30am • Tales for Twos storylime, starting March 23 (ages: 18-36 months). SATURDAYS: Scadding Court Community Centre, 11 :OOam-12:00 • Parent and Tot Swim SUNDAYS: Scadding Court Community Centre, 1 :45-2:30pm • Parent and Tot Swim MONDAY TO FRIDAY: Scadding Court Community Centre, Short-term emergency childcare at a nominal charge. To reserve call Linda Lutes at Scadding Court 363-5392. Attention Kensington area Schools, groups, societies artists Going Pubhc? Advertise shows, performances; readings, works in the Drum Free listinas for not for Drofit aro.uDs 14 Saturdays at 12:00 noon: Sanderson Library, puzzles and games for boys and girls. Bring a friend! Sundays: at The Greeks (see map p.78) Caitlin Jenkins - live folk music Monday and Tuesday: at the Greeks - Open Stage, host musicians Jack and Derek (who play "good old tunes" 7 days a week) (9pm-lam) Thursday and Friday: at The Greeks - live music -various bands April 29 - May 5: Education Week (see the ad. opposite) . Thursday May 3: at The Greeks, Bryan .Way - country music Friday May 4: at The Greeks - "Debby" (country singer) Saturday May 5: Home and Business Computer Show 303 Augusta Avenue, 11am-8pm Saturday May 5: Cecil Community Centre - Relaxation and Stress Management workshop. Presented in Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian 2:30pm. Free. Info: 595-1103. Saturday May 5: Cecil Community Centre - Pre-Caribana fund-raising dance. 8pm - lam Tickets.00info595-0994 Here is a picture of what! saw. This is the oil truck, this is the fire truck, and this is oil spilled all over the ground. The Oil Flood by Sophia Perlman I was at school and our furnaces need oil cause our furnaces are oil furnaces. One day I was at school the oil didn't go into the furnaces. The oil spilled all over the sidewalk. One of the fireman came in to say not to bring the children out but the teachers thought that the children should have a breath of fresh air so we went out anyway. But the children had to walk in a big sandwich and we each had to have a partner. And we had to follow our teacher because we didn't want to step in any of the polluted oil. The firemen brought in fans to blow the stink out of the school. We went to the park across the road. We had to hold our partner's hand. We were in the park for in between a.long time and a short time. It was fun and we watched the firemen work while we played. I had a nice swing. To get all the oil off you see they took the stuff that looked like sand and they put it on the oil and then they swept it up and it cleaned the oil. It got all over the sidewalk and even in the school's parking lot. It was a really big oil flood. Firemen did the work. Pumper trucks came to bring all the quippment to clean up. I was feeling really happy when I was playing in the school yard and I saw them go. I yelled "Good-Bye Firemen" and I could see one of them waving back to me. Drum will acknowledge all submissions to Learning with you. And will publish some of them too. Please include your name and addresws , and tell us what school and year you are in. Sunday May 6-Monday May 7: Metro Convention Centre - Conference-"Literacy is a Right" presented by the Toronto Board ofEducation. Info: 591-8034 (Jeff Sprang) or 591-8035 (Duncan Scherberger). Monday May 7: Cecil Community Centre - free movie - "Shadow of a Doubt" (Hitchcock) 7pm Wednesday May 9: Cecil Community Centre - free Chinese movie 7:30 pm · Saturday May 12: Queen's Park at noon. Day of Action. against the Tory Abortion Bill. Info: 969-8463 Sunday May 13: Cecil Community Centre - Chinese Passport to Health Day 1lam - 4pm. Free Health-Fair for the Chinese community. Info: 598-2403 Monday May 14: Cityplan '91 Public Meeting. City Hall, Council Chamber. 7:30pm Monday May 14: Cecil Community Centre- free movie ­ "Back to the Future" 7 pm. Also a ping-pong toumement, starting at 7pm. Wednesday May 16-Saturday May 19: "Cling Free at Last" Zero Budget Productions at Cecil Community Centre 7:30 pm. Tickets - pay what you can. Call 598-2403. A comedy about poverty and claSs struggle set in a Kensington laundramat. Sunday May 13: Mother's Day Thursday May 17: Sanderson Library, Chinese film 6:30 pm -"Evening News" (free) Monday May 2 1: public holiday Monday May 2 1: Cecil Community Centre- free movie­ "The Peanut Butter Solution" 7 pm Saturday May 26, 2:00pm free feature film, "Johnny Guitar" Sunday May 27: Cecil Community Centre- 1st Annual User Group Flea Market. llam-4pm. Clothes, books, crafts, toys, gadgets, refreshments etc. Thursday May 31: Cecil Community Centre-SID A/AIDS Workshop for community workers and others who work with the Latin American community. 9am -5pm. Info: Silvia 340-2552 Saturday June 9: City-Metro Auction - A Bargain Hunter's Dream. Inspection of items begins Sam. Bidding from 9:30am. Metro Transporation Service Yard, 64 Murra y Road, Downsview. Info Brian Barker Auctions 520-1224. SUPPORT THE INNU Attend ACT for Disarmament's 8th Annual Spring Protest for Peace Jnnu Speakers from Labrador Saturday 19 May Queen's Park, 12 Noon For details contact ACT at: 225a Brunswick Avenue, Toronto MSS 2M6 (416) 960-2228. Thank you for signing our "100,000 Signatures" petition. Phone for copies--we mail.

Digital Archiving Completed by the Ethnography Lab, A University of Toronto Anthropology Initiative and Produced in Collaboration with David Perlman/Wholenote Media Inc between July-December 2015. Kensington is star of the shoW (but at Queen and Ossington) -- Community & Arts by Milan Cheylov Kensington on Ossington? Anyone who wandered down to the new Theatre Centre home at 1034 Queen Street West last month enjoyed a real treat. Kensington Carnival Arts Society, our own neighbourhood theatre company, produced "Kensington Sons etLumieres (Living Memories)", a multi-media stage extravaganza based on the historical development of Kensington Market. "Kensington Sons et Lumieres" was a lot easier to see thantosay.It'sawonderful, warm and enchanting show, loaded with energy and humour. Scripted by Michael Glassbourg and directed by Ida Carnevali, it traces the Market's growth, from the first Jewish settlers in the mid-19th century, through the Portuguese influx of the 1950's, to the Chinese and West Indian immigration wave of the past twenty years. The play provided a valuable history lesson for those unfamiliar with Kensington, and offered special treats for those of us lucky enough to live in the Market. The production even managed to focus some attention on the prob- !ems this community is currently facing - crack-cocaine, the yuppie invasion, etc. All of this was presented in an inventive and intelligent fashion, spurred on by the fresh, fun sounds of John Millard and the Polka Dogs, a quirky combination of tuba, trombone, banjo and accordion. Some of us wondered how the show would make the transition from outdoor to indoor -(it's been part of the summer Kensington Karnival two of the past three years). We were not disappointed.The hugely gifted Howard Jerome who played the rag and bone man was the show's narrator/tour guide. The rest of thecompany,awellcastandeclectic mixture of experienced and inexperienced actors, told the story with great enthusiasm and verve. Thesetandlightingdesign L-------....,....------------,------------------__J by Eric Fraser served the production beautifully. All told, "Kensington Sons et Lumiere" was a terrific and rewarding theatregoing experience. But for those whose year is not complete without some of the offbeat outdoor theatre for which Kensington Carnival Arts Euripedes' storyofthebitterlove ­ Society has become known, all is of Jason and Medea. ~ not lost. There are at least two played on the beach last summer environmentalproductionssched-' - in Ashbridges Bay (eastern uledthisyear.Nextcomes~, beaches), to critical acclaim. It Carnival's adaptation of will play there for two weeks again this July. Then, August 15, "Ho Mao and Julietta" (a Kensington Romeo and Juliet), will cap off a spring touring schools in the Greater Toronto area with a grand performance in the streets of Kensington, during Karnival). SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP hosted by St Stephen's Anglican Church and Lutheran Campus Ministry 5pm St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields South side of College Street betweenSpadinaandBathurst)EachweekmembersoftheToronto Arts Community will enrich the worship. May 6: Peter Lutek - saxaphone and flute; May 13: Phil Nimmons- clarinet (Jazz and Classical); May 20: Glen Dias Denz- a capella voice and recorders; May 27: Phyllis Whyte and Claude Watson Arts Program - modem dance Summer Man Doesn't have a name, his only claim to fame are his teachniques that pique the patrons ... the Old Man of Kensington comes around bumming beer and 20 cents so he can get home, little blue sun hat r====================J. stand out as he panhandles WANTED I an~ ~asses out in the park • C II _ wa1tmg for the dark Volunteers· for DRUM a : so he can do it delivery 599-DRUM an _ overagam CLING FREE AI LAST a new play •y Lawrence Bruner a one-act comedy about poverty, revolution and static cling, set in a Kensington laundramat Wednesday May 16-Saturday May 19, 7:30pm Sunday matinee, May 20 2:30 pm Cecil Community Centre, 58 Cecil Street Tickets: pay what you can. phone, Cecil Centre, 598-2403 and ask for Madeline, or the DRUM 977-0192. TORONTO BOARD OF EDUCATION EDUCATION WEEK APRIL 29 - MAY 5 1990 hundreds of e vents at dozens o f locations Parent Involvement Work Group CALL 591-8259 • TORONTO PUBLIC SCHOOLS Mal:etM~ Tuesday May 8th 1990,7 pm An open invitation to anyone interested in community involvement in education to present their views on parent & community involvement in education If you wish to make a presentation please confirm by May 7th. phone 591-8038 Nancy Woods Kensington Diploma Program in Community Work George Brown College offers a Diploma Program in Community Work to persons with a strong commitment to Community Development, Human Rights, a,nd Social Justice. The Program emphasizes Community Development; learning to work with community groups as an organizer, a popular educator, an advocate, program planner, and as a fund-raiser. The program is offered full-time (two years) and it includes supervised field-work. Applications are being accepted now for September 1990. To arrange an interview, please call 867-2185 presented by Zero Budget Productions and Cecil Community Centre The Cornera Community Program for Homeless People "Wake Up!" At the Corner Drop-In •Free Coffee and Sandwiches • Soup at Noon_ •Telephone • Referrals and Counselling (Addictionsand Housing) • Movies on Mondays and Fridays at 9am • Reading and Writing Group on Tuesdays and Thursdays • Song Swap Group on Tues­ . days at Noon Open Mondays 7.30 am to 12 noon Tuesday to Friday 7.30 am to 2 'pm , 203AugustaAvenueinKensington Market 977 7733 15 i I


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