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4 years ago

La Loupe Kitzbühel No. 2 Summer Edition

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Ein Sommer der tausend Möglichkeiten Kitzbühel in der warmen Jahreszeit – ein Fest für alle Sinne. Die frische Bergluft einatmen, die Füße nach einer Wanderung im kristallklaren Wasser der Kitzbüheler Ache abkühlen, die Zeit wie Olympiasiegerin Lisi Osl beim Mountainbiken vergessen oder Körper und Geist bei Yoga mit Tania Wimmer in Einklang bringen. Einfach gesagt: In der Gamsstadt den Moment genießen! Mitreißen lassen beim vielseitigen Programm des Kitzbüheler Filmfestivals, in Tracht auf dem Jahrmarkt abfeiern, romantische Musik beim „Klassik in den Alpen“-Open Air genießen, exklusiv shoppen bei Iris von Arnim in der malerischen Altstadt, den Abschlag auf einem der vier Golfplätze in herrlicher Bergkulisse perfektionieren, sich bei Bernd Gruber von Interior-Design inspirieren lassen und den Kochlöffel bei Kochkursen im „Winkler´s Neuwirt“ schwingen...das sind nur ein paar wenige Möglichkeiten, um den Sommer in Kitzbühel unvergesslich zu machen. Wir könnten bereits auf dieser Seite all unsere Tipps verraten, aber wir möchten, dass Sie neugierig bleiben. Um Ihnen die Auswahl zu erleichtern, finden Sie auf den nächsten 160 Seiten alles, was Sie zu einem wunderbaren Aufenthalt in der Gamsstadt wissen müssen. Wir freuen uns über Feedback zu unserer neuen La Loupe-Ausgabe und wünschen Ihnen einen schönen Urlaub am Fuße der Streif...

“Sometimes I take my

“Sometimes I take my cooks out into the nature to look for herbs.” “Gastronomy is my hobby and my life and on my free days I may deal with the organisation of the cooking classes. I don’t see that as work because I like doing it.” As soon as things get too complicated people don’t cook them at home. I avoid that too. In people’s own four walls they often have the problem of a missing basis that would be available in a good restaurant, e.g. a sauce. That’s why we often stew something during the class because it produces a sauce that people can take home with them. That way you can really take the restauranttaste with you. The participants often tell me about the difficulties they have in their own kitchens. I don’t know these things because I don’t cook at home, I sometimes make toast, salad or a cold snack. I admire anyone who cooks at home for a number of guests. – You can never underestimate the participants. L.L. What’s the most important “hardware” in the kitchen? C.W. Thermomix is very popular, more in private households than in gastronomy. But in the area of haute cuisine it’s become almost indispensable. We use it too. A cook may use Thermomix for mixing, a housewife more for cooking. Someone I know made a three course menu using the Thermomix and it came out excellent. Maybe I’m a bit oldschool in this area, though. Kitchen equipment is generally quite important and decisive for good outcomes. The right pan, pots of the right sizes, the perfect knife … many small things lead to success! L.L. What effects does the area around Kitzbühel have on you? C.W. I think the region is great and I almost like it better in summer than in winter. Sometimes I take my cooks out into the nature to look for herbs. That’s a great way of getting some variety into people’s daily lives. 142 L.L. Where do the members of your team come from? C.W. It generally is very, very difficult to put together a good team. We are lucky to have chefs from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and South Tyrol. They often have a better education and an understanding of the foods and dishes of the region. When chefs from abroad live in Austria for a while that’s not usually a problem anymore either. At the moment we’re in a bit of a transitional phase here. We can be happy to get people from other countries but right now it still takes a while to make sure their education is

as good as that of regional chefs. In general, there are not enough junior chefs. Which is also due to the fact that the staff has a lot of work and payment is not very good. In this respect things desperately need to change. Plus, the young chefs don’t stay in one place for long. Which is understandable, I kept moving on, too. Kulinarik & Genuss L.L. When you’re not busy working in the kitchen – how do you spend your free time in Kitzbühel? C.W. Luckily we have two closing days during the summer months here so I may actually venture out of doors at times. I have a beautiful apartment and I’m looking forward to relaxing. I obviously try to do some sport, I used to go to the gym for years, not so much in the winter months, of course, there simply isn’t enough time. We’ve only been running the present place for a year so that’s all new for us – what with the attached hotel in particular. The hotel is open seven days a week. Which is why I spend a lot of time there. Once or twice each season I go skiing and I really enjoy it every time I do. Gastronomy is my hobby and my life and on my free days I may deal with the organisation of the cooking classes. I don’t see that as work because I like doing it. So I don’t really miss having hobbies right now. RESTAURANT WINKLER’S IM NEUWIRT Florianigasse 15, 6370 Kitzbühel Tel. +43 5356 / 69 11-58 Opening hours: Wed – Sun 11.30 am – 2 pm and 6 pm – 10 pm Information on cooking classes: 143