Der moderne Weltenbummler ist immer auf Achse. Und sein Gepäck bereits randvoll mit besonderen Unikaten und einzigartigen Erlebnissen. Kein Problem! La Loupe findet auch in digitaler Version Liebhaber: Sämtliche Ausgaben des Magazins sind im Kiosk verfügbar und lassen sich ganz einfach online durchstöbern. Gleich ausprobieren und inspirieren lassen!

The modern globetrotter is always on the road. And their luggage is packed with unique items and extraordinary experiences. No Problem! La Loupe also attracts fans of its digital version: All editions of the magazine are available in the kiosk and it's super easy to flip through them online. Give it a shot and be inspired right away!

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Qualität im Detail! Quality down to the smallest detail! Der erste Blick auf das Zillertal bietet viel Natur mit Bergen, Pisten, Wanderwegen - Sport und zahlreiche Angebote für Groß und Klein. Doch die Besonderheit der Region offenbart sich beim zweiten Blick – eine Vielfalt an wunderbaren Details, wo jeder seinen Lieblingsplatz findet, sein Highlight, sein Geheimnis. Im besten Sinne ist das Zillertal fast so etwas wie ein sogenanntes Bettelarmband, das die schönsten und wertvollsten Erinnerungen & Erlebnisse vereint. Egal, was Sie suchen, in dieser Ausgabe dürften Sie fündig werden. Und wenn Sie keine Lust auf Blättern haben, können Sie sich auch durchklicken. Ab sofort und auch mobil auf, mit allen Orten und Ausgaben. In diesem Sinne viel Spaß beim Blättern, Klicken und Entdecken! The first glimpse of the Zillertal shows lots of nature with mountains, slopes, hiking trails – sports and numerous offers for young and old. But what's really special about the region only becomes apparent at second glance – a variety of great details where everyone is bound to find their favourite spot, their highlight, their secret. You could even say the Zillertal is something like a charm bracelet that collects the most beautiful & precious memories. No matter what it is you are looking for, this edition should have it. And in case you do not feel like leafing through it, you can click through it, too. Starting now and also for mobile devices on, with all the the places and editions. With this in mind we wish you lots of fun browsing, clicking and discovering!

Markus Kröll’S

Markus Kröll’S Wordrap: Luck: the fact that I get to live in Zillertal Ambition: something I need Life’s dream: already fulfilled, in a certain sense Favourite dish: noodle soup with bits of sausage Couch potatoes: wouldn’t want to be one, don’t like them “Sometimes, when there’s a time where I train less, I notice how I become noticeably unbalanced.” M.K. ⁄ Well, when it comes to the term “art” I have my own, maybe a bit old-fashioned opinion. I’m a big fan of Egger-Lienz, Walde, da Vinci and Michelangelo, for me they are real artists! I’d rather hear about myself: “You’re a good painter.” Because what I do is high-quality handicraft, Lüftlmalerei (wall paintings), traditional farmer painting, Fass-painting, gold plating and restoration works, illusionistic painting, architecture and marbling works, wood imitations but also paintings, figurines and all kinds of commissioned work. Being flexible is appeal and challenge at the same time. For creative work one needs a lot more time, time I’ll hopefully have one day. What I’d like to do most would be to paint outside in the nature, up on the mountain … L.L. ⁄ Do you sometimes think of the time when you’ll stop taking part in competitions? M.K. ⁄I’m sure there’ll come a moment when I won’t be physically able to practise the sport on such a high level anymore. I’ve already cut back a lot and I do more promotions, presentations, product tests for magazines, consulting etc. Fortunately I’ve made a name for myself in the scene so that I get to choose each year which competition I’d like to take part in and which ones I turn down. And that’s going to stay this way for the next 5 to 6 years because I need the athletic challenge. Sometimes, when there’s a time where I train less, I notice how I become noticeably unbalanced. L.L. ⁄ Many of our readers are hobby runners. What routes can they look forward to in Zillertal? M.K. ⁄ First of all I’d like to thank all the hobby runners because they are who made my “career” possible in the first place! Meanwhile the Zillertal offers many varied routes and running parks – so simply go and get a map at the tourism association and pick the route that’s perfect for you. It starts with relaxed nordic-walking tracks and goes all the way to the challenging Harakiri-Hill with a gradient of 78% - so there’s definitely something for everyone! 70 L.L. ⁄ Your favourite spot in Zillertal? M.K. ⁄ The Grünberg