Der moderne Weltenbummler ist immer auf Achse. Und sein Gepäck bereits randvoll mit besonderen Unikaten und einzigartigen Erlebnissen. Kein Problem! La Loupe findet auch in digitaler Version Liebhaber: Sämtliche Ausgaben des Magazins sind im Kiosk verfügbar und lassen sich ganz einfach online durchstöbern. Gleich ausprobieren und inspirieren lassen!

The modern globetrotter is always on the road. And their luggage is packed with unique items and extraordinary experiences. No Problem! La Loupe also attracts fans of its digital version: All editions of the magazine are available in the kiosk and it's super easy to flip through them online. Give it a shot and be inspired right away!

7 years ago

LA LOUPE Zillertal No.1

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LA LOUPE – der neue Gästeführer im Taschenformat für das Zillertal. Am Arlberg und in Garmisch-Partenkirchen bereits Kult, erscheint das stylische Büchlein jetzt auch im Zillertal. LA LOUPE sieht nicht nur gut aus, sondern bietet den Gästen einen spannenden Blick auf alles, was die Region zu bieten hat: Sport & Freizeit, Gastronomie & Nightlife, Shopping & Lifestyle, Persönlichkeiten, Kunst & Kultur und vieles mehr. Neben den Printausgaben, gibt’s LA LOUPE auch online, als mobile Version und in der Kiosk-App für iPhone und iPad. Damit erscheint nicht nur ein schicker, sondern auch ein multimedialer Gästeführer für das Zillertal. Weitere Themen: Interviews mit: Heinz Kinigardner, Leonhard Stock, Heinz Schultz, Matthias Dengg Insidertipps von Leonhard Stock Überblick Zillertal Skikarte Zillertal Harakiri Piste Zillertal Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Nightlife im Zillertal Zillertaler Gletscher Snowbombing

“Of course, skiing is

“Of course, skiing is not a cheap pastime, but the experience is incredibly rewarding.” “The 18-hole championship golf course will set standards similar to those of the skiing area Hochzillertal.” “Zillertal as a destination without a golf course was simply not realistic and putting the project into practice was great!” “People from Zillertal are generally hardworking and business-oriented.” “Work is leisure time too – and I enjoy it!” L.L. ⁄ Your philosophy in all these different businesses is: best quality at affordable prices. Do you think skiing is a hobby one can easily afford nowadays? H.S. ⁄ Of course skiing is not cheap but the experience is incredibly rewarding – there’s nothing better you can do in winter! It is all the more important to make sure that skiing is a high-quality product with a sensible service chain that starts in the valley and goes up to the mountain restaurant. Only then will the guests continue to be willing to spend their money on one or more skiing days. L.L. ⁄ The skiing region Ski-Optimal Hochzillertal is the Schultz-group’s business of origin, if you will. What is it that makes this skiing area so “optimal’? H.S. ⁄ We offer our guests ideal and friendly service – a free car park, for example, to make sure our guests reach their skiing area without traffic jams and waiting. And this year we’ve again invested in the hotel “Kristallhütte’, it now has a spa area, a wine cellar and additional lodges so we have definitely improved the quality. In addition to that two new chair lifts were built this summer, one that goes up to Kristallhütte and another one for beginners and ski schools. L.L. ⁄ In Uderns you’re building the Zillertal’s first golf course on an area of 65 hectares. What can guests expect here? H.S. ⁄ Well the 18-hole championship golf course will set standards similar to those of the skiing area and the guests will be equally enthusiastic. It was our goal to create another milestone in summer and to cooperate with top businesses like Stock Resort and to offer the quality-oriented guest even more and to attract an additional group of guests to the valley. Zillertal as a destination without a golf course was simply not realistic and putting the project into practice was great! We built a great golf course that has an island green and many lakes which makes it difficult to play on. In April 2014 the first 9 holes are going to be opened and from July 1st onwards all 18 holes are going to be ready. The entire area with the driving range is highly interesting and awaits its first visitors! 60 L.L. ⁄ A skiing area for winter, a golf course for summer – what other ideas do you have to draw even more guests to Zillertal all year round? H.S. ⁄ Many! Quite a few things are already in planning but I’m keeping it exciting. However, the plans for expanding the golf course are already

made. We want to reach 27 and 36 holes in order to further strengthen the destination. L.L. ⁄ What’s your view on the Zillertal’s touristic development: where do you see strengths and what could be done better? H.S. ⁄ Zillertal as a brand is a concept but its qualitative orientation could be more precise and based on a sound strategy. The entire Zillertal with its varied structure is unique of course, but a functioning infrastructure and a service chain from the top quality businesses to private b&bs and “holiday at the farm’-places is necessary to create the right mix. Basically people from Zillertal have a hardworking and business-oriented mind set, which is why Zillertal has been developing so well and why the brand is being developed and quality orientation is taking place accordingly. Sport & Freizeit Tradition: very important, all of Zillertal knows and lives it Investments: are exciting and supposed to make a difference Leisure time: precious moments you have to treasure Nature: important for leisure time activities and refreshing one’s thoughts Golfplatz Zillertal in Uderns 61