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– Animal Adventure Apps: .Our apps build early reading and motor skills while fostering a love for the environment in young children. Youngsters learn key concepts about ecology and animals through play and imaginative stories.

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– Special Occasion Apps. Our beautifully designed apps provide insight into the history and traditions of a variety of special occasions and holidays. Perfect for learning more about everything from modern weddings to Halloween and for adding fun activities to parties, our special occasion apps are fun for older kids and adults.

-Inspire stickers for iMessage. These are stickers with a difference. Mix and match your backgrounds, images, animations with special inspirational messages to inspire yourself and others. Together we can make a difference.

(b) Books: Our books build early reading and motor skills while fostering a love for the environment in young children. Youngsters learn key concepts about ecology and animals through play and imaginative stories.

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7 months ago

Wheres the Dolphin?

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Plunge deep into the deep blue sea and embark on an adventure. Where's the Dolphin Book is a magical story to teach children how to care for dolphins and the oceans of the world. Together we can make a difference! What’s that strange noise? James and Joy hear someone calling them while they are staying at a lighthouse by the ocean. Will the children have the courage to investigate? Where's the Dolphin? is an action-packed adventure story that will keep children entertained. Download the supporting free resources from our site to learn more. They'll learn vital lessons about ecology, marine life and underwater environments. The resources introduce key educational concepts with data and facts. There are also images to colour in and awesome backgrounds to use on the phone or iPad. Because children will learn without even realising it, the book and free resources foster an interest in science and environment that can last a lifetime. Come on an adventure to find the dolphin. What will you discover when you dive into the deep blue sea? Created by a teacher and children's book author and app developer, this resource will inspire children to discover more about dolphins.

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