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"Small rope nets allow

"Small rope nets allow young children to gain their first experience of climbing in three dimensions." O'Tannenbaum 2.5 217 Great Fun for Small Children Boo 73 Early motor and psychomotor development is important for later life. With this in mind, it’s important to nurture and challenge children from the earliest age. Berliner Seilfabrik has launched a new line of play equipment suitable for the age group of two to five. These small playhouses, called Spooky Rookies, have been customised for their needs. A multitude of products from Berliner’s other product groups also offer nursery children a lot of fun as well as many opportunities to develop. It’s important to create a safe and comprehensive range of play possibilities for this age group, through which they can improve their social and motor skills. Classic playground activities such as using the swing or slide are just as popular as Bowl Swing 237 Sand Workshop 210 opportunities to acquire everyday skills such as buying and selling, climbing stairs and cooking. When it comes to a playground’s functionality, it soon becomes clear from watching small children at play that the simplest play equipment is all they need to start trying things out, developing basic skills in the process. It should be possible for them to reach the top of a slide unaided before they slide down it. And if climbing, they would benefit from being able to choose from varying levels of climbing difficulty. Nets, ladders, slopes as well as steps give them a variety of choices. Closer observation shows that ascent or descent can in itself be their goal. Bridges with rubber membranes or narrow mesh netting are very popular, teaching them balance as well as helping them reach the next step of their development - whether it’s standing, running, hopping or riding a bicycle. Having mastered one step of their development, children are keen to move straight on to the next challenge, further testing their balancing skills in the process. It’s exciting for young children learning to walk to run up and down ramps, master narrow walkways, or walk on uneven floors. Small rope nets allow young children to gain their first experience of climbing in three dimensions. This also meets another of their needs: children aim high! They enjoy having a good view, not to mention imagining they are masters of all they survey. Up here it feels as wonderful as being in daddy’s arms. And it’s a place where they finally get to feel taller than their elder brother or sister. Swingo 238 106 Berliner Spooky Rookies Berliner Spooky Rookies 107


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