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San Diego, USA Brisbane,

San Diego, USA Brisbane, Australien Combi.362 90.293.362 (m) 4,3 x 8,1 x 3,2 (‘-‘‘) 13-11 x 26-4 x 10-4 EN 1176 (m) 6,8 x 11,5 ASTM/CSA (m) 7,9 x 11,8 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 25-11 x 38-5 Individual embedding of the Play Equipment into the existing Environment possible. Combi.207 90.293.207 (m) 11,5 x 12,3 x 5,2 (‘-‘‘) 37-7 x 69-10 x 16-11 EN 1176 (m) 14,5 x 24,8 ASTM/CSA (m) 15,1 x 25,6 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 49-7 x 83-9 Thanks to the modular System, local Height Differences can be integrated into the Playground Landscape by Bridges, Tunnels or Nets. EN 1176 (m) 0,99 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 3-3 EN 1176 (m) 2,99 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 9-11 5 5 A ramp from the boundary wall offers direct climbing access to this Greenville Combi, composed of two Trii1s and net tunnels. This ensures the play equipment blends perfectly into its surroundings, offering small children in particular ample room for independent play. As well as this, rope ladders, an access net and a slide offer enticing challenges for the little ones. A new highlight for families in Brisbane is Roma Street Park’s adventure playground. Berliner Seilfabrik supplied the play equipment, which perfectly complements the park’s natural topography, stretching across its crater-like valley on varying levels. At its centre stands a combination of three tree houses from the Trii range. Erected at different heights, these are interconnected via bridges and a net tunnel, which enables them to be accessed one after another, in seamless succession. This poses quite a challenge, providing excitement for older children using the playground too. The valley can be accessed via a slide, a climbing net or a climbing rope. The CombiNation is rounded off with a jungle bridge and a nest-swing called Bowl Swing. 50 Berliner Greenville Trii Berliner Greenville Trii 51


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