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Think Big: Towers

Think Big: Towers Further development of the Greenville Rope play houses and tree houses has created new opportunities in the design of playgrounds and the utilization of space, while blending in with the natural surroundings. The Towers provide the answer to three key playground requirements. First, their height ensures that maximum play volume can be created in a smaller play space, as is shown in the Greenville Style series, with tall towers constructed in diverse designs. Second, the Towers can be combined in endless configurations through the use of exciting connecting elements. And third, significant height differentials can also be compensated for because of the flexible nature of the bridges and tunnels. 10 m 5 m Tower1 Tower2 Tower3 Tower7 10 m 5 m 58 Berliner Greenville Towers Berliner Greenville Towers 59 Tower5 Tower6 Tower4 Tower9


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