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Hide and enjoy

Hide and enjoy Sociability: Rope Play Houses and More The space net as a play component is the perfect base for a structure on a playground to climb in. Climbing in a threedimensional net is a challenge and stimulates 3D thinking and the psychomotor skills of children. Three-dimensional nets in an outer frame also offer numerous combination capabilities and thus outerframe structures are used to build a huge combination from the start or keep adding to it step by step. The Greenville structures even become better by adding the bamboo panels to give them the resemblance of a classic play house in nature, while still being more valuable with a threedimensional net for climbing and the space for recess like a playhouse. PentaBoo M 91.200.022 (m) 10,5 x 10,0 x 6,2 (‘-‘‘) 34-4 x 32-8 x 20-4 EN 1176 (m) 13,0 x 13,5 ASTM/CSA(m) 13,7 x 14,2 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 44-9 x 46-5 EN 1176 (m) 0,92 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 6-0 5 5 m With this Boo play house up in the air, who wouldn’t want to climb to the top? To accommodate the bamboo covered lookout, the Pentagode’s (p.161) tensioning system has been modified and guy ropes added. Berlin, Germany Bam Boo DoubleBoo TripleBoo QuadroBoo Pentagode Central Mast Structures 158 5 m Expansion Possibilities It goes without saying that all our central masts make ideal stand-alone play structures – but if space permits, why not expand? With almost any combination possible, simply get in touch to discuss the possibilities. You can let your imagination run wild or receive our advice on how each of our product structures can be combined. How about a low rope landscape crowned by a central mast play structure? Or a Pentagode topped by one of our bamboo-panelled Greenville play houses? The following pages illustrate a number of exciting possibilities. Peak Splash PentaBoo + = 66 Berliner Greenville Rope Play Houses Berliner Greenville Rope Play Houses 67


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