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MEDIA BIZ JUNI (Sommer) 2018

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MEDIA BIZ Juni / Sommer: Eurovision Song Contest – ein Blick hinter die Kulissen • NAB Las Vegas • Prolight + Sound und Musikmesse Frankfurt • Dampfradio • Vidaflex • World Media Festival • Indoor-Drohnen • Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage • Musikszene • ... Die nächste Ausgabe von MEDIA BIZ erscheint am 31. August 2018 mit einer Vorschau auf die IBC in Amsterdam und auf die cinec in München, aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Kameratechnik, Virtual und Augmented Reality, Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungstechnik, Storytelling, Datensicherung und -speicherung, Aus- und Einblicken vor und hinter die Kulissen beeindruckender Events, auf Produktionen und Projekte Made in Austria, dazu Testberichte, Interviews und mehr ... Redaktionsschluss: 13. August 2018 Save the date: Photo+Adventure + Film+Video Wien 2018: 24. + 25. November, Messe Wien, Halle B + Messe Congress - eine Kooperation zwischen Photo+Adventure und MEDIA BIZ: Branchentreff für Film+Video 2018 in Wien Ausstellerinformationen anfordern: MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer: MEDIA BIZ Newsletter: MEDIA BIZ JAHRESABONNEMENT (acht Ausgaben pro Jahr): Print: Euro 37 Österreich / Euro 48 Europa (EU) Print + Digital (ab Herbst 2018): Euro 44 Österreich / Euro 53 Europa (EU) Digital (ab Herbst 2018): Euro 37 (inkl. MWSt. und Versandkosten) Datenschutz:

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in a news nutshell zurück zum Inhalt INES#talent & INES#conference The artist exchange programme INES#talent sends emerging musicians around Europe to play at influential showcase festivals. It is part of the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES), which is enabling more cross-border exchange for artists and music industry professionals. INES is the European network of Showcase Festivals under the leadership of gigmit, the platform for artist discovery and booking. It is co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union. Many music careers have been launched at these showcase festivals, all of which combine public performances with music business conferences and trade shows. INES# started in 2018 covering eight festivals across Europe. Now INES is expanding by adding four new festivals (Linecheck, Budapest Showcase Hub, c/o pop und Nouvelle Prague) to its network. As a result, artists applying for INES#talent will get more chances to be booked. INES#talent is a pool of bands and solo performers who are selected by the festivals as the best new talent from their respective countries. There are around 100 performance slots available exclusively to artists in the INES#talent pool, for which 100 artists will be nominated by the participating festivals. INES#talent artist application From June 1 until July 31, bands will be able to submit their applications at to be nominated as an INES#talent for 2019. Most importantly, the selected artists will perform in front of music industry professionals in other countries, due to the special businessfocused nature of showcase festivals. This increases their chance of being booked for future festivals and tours across European borders. This year’s INES#talent pool is already enjoying the benefits of the programme. In 2018, 104 artists have been nominated for INES#talent by INES partner festivals. So far, 60 #talent bookings were confirmed for the 2018 festival season. Among the top talents are Molly (Austria), who have already played at three of four festivals, as well as 13 bands such as The Magnettes (Sweden), Futurski (Slovenia) and Mother’s Cake (Austria) with two bookings each. To apply, artists must originate from one of the 12 countries where INES festivals take place. These are: Austria (Waves Vienna), Among the top talents: Molly ( Czech Republic (Nouvelle Prague), Germany (c/o pop), Hungary (Budapest Showcase Hub), Italy (Linecheck), Luxembourg (Sonic Visions), Poland (Enea Spring Break), Portugal (Westway LAB), Slovenia (MENT Ljubljana), Spain (Monkey Week), Sweden (Live at Heart), and United Kingdom (Liverpool Sound City) INES#conference video platform The Platform will host more than 120 recordings from conference sessions all over Europe to educate music professionals in Europe beyond the borders of showcase festivals conferences. Music business conferences are usually limited to a certain professional audience. That is why the eight INES partner showcase festival conferences and project leader gigmit started INES#conference. Over the next two years, more than 120 videos from at least eight conferences will be added and sorted. Established music professionals, as well as artists or starters in the music industry, will be able to use this source for free and benefit from the knowledge, insights and outcomes that are created at the panels, workshops and keynotes all over Europe. “In today’s ever-changing digital music landscape, it’s more important than ever for professionals to stay informed about emerging trends. New platforms launch and fold, revenue streams dry up and new money fountains explode, international networks become more and more important”, says INES project coordinator Magdalena Zschunke. “That’s why we started this initiative and hope to grow it into Europe’s central source of decentralised music business knowledge. The #conferences of MENT Ljubljana in Slovenia are already available online. More videos will join constantly over the next weeks and months. INES #conference dates 2018: Live at Heart September 2 - 8 Waves Vienna September 27 - 20 Sonic Visions November 16 - 17 Monkey Week November 22 - 24 © Niko Havranek Waves Vienna September 27 – 29, 2018 Clubs, off-locations and the public space in Vienna will merge into the site of the city’s club- and showcase festival. Student 3D Audio Production Competition The 30th Tonmeistertagung calls for students‘ works to be submitted to Europe‘s Second 3D Audio Production Competition. The call is issued for the following categories: (1) contemporary / computer music, (2) audio drama / documentary / soundscapes (3) music recording / studio production. The required format to deliver is a 5th order Ambisonic track as multi-channel file in .WAV or .CAF that comply with the AmbiX format (SN3D, full 3D, ACN channel ordering). Submission deadline will be end of June 2018. MEDIA BIZ

Der MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer mit rund 2000 topaktuellen Eintragungen ist ein hilfreicher Wegweiser durch die österreichische AV-, Bühnen- und Medienszene. Einzelbezugspreis: 23 Euro (Ö)/ 29 Euro (EU) oder inklusive MEDIA BIZ Jahresabonnement um 37 Euro (Ö)/48 Euro (EU). Bestellen Sie einfach telefonisch +43 (0) 1 403 35 83 oder per Mail oder über

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