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Prolight+Sound & Musikmesse Frankfurt • Kulturstadträtin Veronica Kaup-Hasler im Gespräch • Stage|Set|Scenery Berlin • NAB Las Vegas • Festival du Film Francophone • Michael Viger • „Vorhang auf für Cyrano“ [„Edmond“] • Ludovic Bernard • „Der Klavierspieler vom Gare du Nord“ (Au bout des doigts) • Immersive und Next Generation Audio • „No Lies“, die preisgekrönte Kurz-Dokumentation von Carlo Hofmann, aac und Dietrich Heller, aac • „Game of Thrones“ • Elyas M´Barek • Amadeus Austrian Music Awards • Sounds of Children’s Rights • Natalie Halla • Student 3D Audio Production Competition • Lulu Schmidt • Silk Road • Ars Electronica Festival 2019 • ... MEDIA BIZ Termine: MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer 2019: MEDIA BIZ Newsletter: MEDIA BIZ Abo: Print: Euro 37 Österreich / Euro 48 Europa (EU) Print + Digital: Euro 44 Österreich / Euro 53 Europa (EU) Digital: Euro 37 (jeweils inkl. MWSt. und Versandkosten) Die nächste Ausgabe von MEDIA BIZ erscheint am 7. Juni mit weiteren Nachberichten von der Prolight + Sound und Musikmesse in Frankfurt und der NAB in Las Vegas, einer Vorschau auf die Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin, aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Kameratechnik, Archivierung, Virtual und Augmented Reality, Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungstechnik, Datensicherung und -speicherung, Aus- und Einblicken vor und hinter die Kulissen beeindruckender Events, auf Produktionen und Projekte Made in Austria, dazu Testberichte, Interviews und mehr ... Redaktionsschluss: 17. Mai 2019

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in a news nutshell zurück zum Inhalt Nowhere The new documentary film by Natalie Halla celebrated it´s official world premiere in October 2018 at the International Film Festival of Valladolid and a sold out Austrian premiere at the CROSSING EURO- PE Film Festival in Linz this April. When fleeing from the oppression of the communist regime and from the war with the Red Khmer, eight years old Ngoc manages to survive alone a three weeks boat odyssey. Thanks to the humanity of an Austrian family, which already had four small children of their own, Ngoc gets totally integrated into the Austrian society and becomes a renown TCM doctor. Forty years later he decides to give medical aid to arriving boat refugees on Lesbos Island. This becomes an unexpected turning point in his life. He realises that his own destiny gets repeated in the faith of this new generation of refugees and old wounds burst open. In an intent to find peace again, he starts with his family a difficult search for his own past. For his son Kai, this journey back into his father´s © Natalie Halla past makes him discover his own roots. “I never thought making this movie, until I started to feel that the society which surrounds me was drifting more and more towards the xenophobic corner, which threatens and saddens me very much. While the populistic media and politicians spread negative news about everyone who is considered “a stranger”, especially about refugees, I felt the growing need to tell a positive story, a story that really happened: the story of my Vietnamese brothers and particularly of my brother Ngoc. I feel an urgent need to tell with this story that if you give somebody a real chance, he might give back to society much more than he ever received, such as it happened with my brothers,” Natalie Halla explains. Natalie Halla was born in Linz in 1975. She studied law and translation and learned the tools for documentary film making as an autodidact. Since 2010 she has been the producer, script writer and director of several award winning feature-length documentaries, mainly focussing on humanitarian and social issues. Halla makes her films available for online streaming and download at www., e.g. “Life in Four Elements” (2017), Children of the Forest (2015, doc), The Heir Of Liszt (Best Feature Documentary Film Award at the 5th virtual film festival Moviescreenpro), Separated (2012) and Gaelle (2011). Sounds of Children’s Rights International Composition Contest On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, young composers and musicians born after July 15, 2001 are invited by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Department for Families and Youth, in cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts - mdw and UNICEF Austria to take part in this international contest. The submitted works should have been created especially for the competition and can be submitted in the age groups 10 to 14 years or 15 to 18 years. Only one complete (not partially finished) composition may be submitted per participant. The submitted works must not have been publicly performed and/or in any way broadcast or published online. There are two categories to choose from: Concert line-up with up to five instruments (playing time between 3 and 7 minutes) or band with a maximum of five musicians. The work must either portray the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a whole or a single theme of one‘s own choice or several themes of children‘s rights by musical means. Deadline for submission: July 15, 2019. The selected compositions and band pieces will be performed on November 15, 2019 in the Vienna Konzerthaus by a youth ensemble with the participation of the respective finalists or by the selected bands themselves within the framework of a public prize-winners‘ concert. Supersphere Audiophile Series Supersphere, a leading immersive entertainment production company based in Los Angeles and New York, announced end of April the launch of its new Audiophile Series for live event broadcasts. Available on Oculus Venues, the series marks the first time that live VR/360° broadcasts will offer end-to-end natively mixed ambisonic audio for primary delivery, enhancing the level of event experiences. “Since our work with Paul McCartney and Geoff Emerick years ago, we have always valued the power of live experiences. Now with end-to-end live streaming of ambisonic audio, we are raising the bar for what fans can expect from an immersive live stream,” shared Lucas Wilson, Founder and Executive Producer at Supersphere The Audiophile Series kicked off in New Orleans in May with three shows: The Revivalists (at the Fillmore on May 2), Preservation Hall’s 14th annual Midnight Preserves show (May 3), and Galactic (at Tipitina’s on May 4). Supersphere has been partnering with leading Nashville-based studio TNDV, which has © Supersphere produced major live events from The Final Four to the CMA Awards, and Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Mills Logan, to capture the New Orleans shows. MEDIA BIZ

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