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MEDIA BIZ Oktober 2018 #234

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Photo+Adventure + Film+Video Wien • Urheberrecht • Jost Vacano • Vegetable Orchestra • IBC • bitmovin • Dolby Atmos live im Kino • Gruß vom Krampus • Color Grading • Tonmeistertagung • Livemixing-Workshop • VR Days • Women film women •... Die nächste Ausgabe von MEDIA BIZ erscheint am 9. November 2018 mit einer weiteren Vorschau auf die Photo+Adventure + Film+Video in Wien, einem Ausblick auf die Tonmeistertagung in Köln, weiteren Nachberichten von der IBC in Amsterdam und der cinec in München, aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Kameratechnik, Virtual und Augmented Reality, Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungstechnik, Storytelling, Datensicherung und -speicherung, Aus- und Einblicken vor und hinter die Kulissen beeindruckender Events, auf Produktionen und Projekte Made in Austria, dazu Testberichte, Interviews und mehr ... Redaktionsschluss: 24. Oktober 2018 MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer: MEDIA BIZ Newsletter: MEDIA BIZ Abo: Print oder digital: 37 Euro (A) / 48 Euro (EU) Print + Digital: 44 Euro (A) / Euro 53 Euro (EU) Branchentreff für Film+Video 2018 in Wien - Save the date - Photo+Adventure + Film+Video: 24. + 25. November, Messe Wien, Halle B + Messe Congress - eine Kooperation zwischen Photo+Adventure und MEDIA BIZ

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in a news nutshell zurück zum Inhalt VR Days Europe 2018 24 - 26 October, Amsterdam Europe’s leading conference and exhibition celebrating virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) business innovation and creativity aims at providing attendees with key takeaways on the topical theme: ‘What role does XR technology currently play, and what can be expected of mixed reality solutions in the future?’ The DeLaMar Theatre will play host to the Vision & Impact Conference on 24 October, which will welcome industry thought leaders to present delegates with new ideas, technologies and solutions, building on experience across arts, healthcare, storytelling and corporate backgrounds. At the Kromhouthal, more than 100 exhibitors will present VR, AR and XR technologies across two days, with a programme of events running in tandem to the exhibition. The Church of VR celebrates the most creative VR content, with over 30 artists’ work presented, and the XR Creators’ Lab enables teams to work on projects during the event. A trio of market-specific summits will feature talks, panel discussions and roundtables focussing on enterprise, healthcare and media, and arts and entertainment. VR Days Europe is produced in collaboration with Integrated Systems Events. All-access tickets are available for €299 ex VAT. Manaslu – Mountain of the Spirit Since 1996 Hans Kammerlander holds the record for the fastest ascent on the north route to the summit of Mount Everest in 16 hours and 40 minutes, followed by the first ski decent from the highest mountain in the world. Kammerlander, who experienced his most painful moment in 1991 at the Manaslu in Nepal, where he tragically lost two of his best friends, returns to his tragic destiny mountain after 26 years. Stephan Keck, extreme mountaineer and adventurer, who was present at the avalanche disaster in 2012 when twelve people died, accompanied his © Daniel Wiedernig / Planet Watch friend to the Manaslu. The movie tries to reflect the image of a man who has dedicated his life to the mountains, suffered great losses, experienced tragedies and great triumphs. The film also tells for example the story about the South Tyrolean „light catcher“ Kurt Moser, who used an old technique, which was at the origin of photography, to capture pictures on silver-plated glass plates. Each image is a unique copy of humans or landscapes. Theatrical release: December 14, 2018. Trailer © S. Gietl / Planet Watch © Daniela Praher Filmproduktion Women film women – a weapon of empowerment October 29 and 30, 2 to 6 pm, ACFNY This workshop will examine film as one of the most powerful tools of female self-determination. This hands-on two-day workshop is geared primarily towards those closely involved in the film industry, especially experienced and aspiring filmmakers, and to those interested in documentation such as journalism students. The Austrian documentary filmmaker Alexandra Schneider will present documentaries directed by women that focus on women and suppressed minorities – a focal point of her work –, all the while paying close attention to sensitive topics that merit consideration when using documentaries as a voice for those whose cries remain unheard. In doing so, she will draw on her experiences filming four women in Egypt, where she was assisted by an exclusively female crew. Schneider will also address how to avoid further stigmatization and stereotyping, as Alexandra Schneider well as how to cope with a filmmaker’s responsibility towards the film’s protagonists after finishing shooting. Moreover, workshop participants will investigate whether one can speak of a genuinely „female“ language of film by scanning a wide range of approaches in cinema, as evidenced by both Austrian and US documentaries made by female filmmakers. Alexandra Schneider was born in the late seventies in Switzerland and grew up in southern Germany, the United States, Denmark, and eventually in Austria. She completed a master’s degree in Comparative Social Studies in Maastricht, Netherlands, later working as a social worker and gender mainstreaming expert in Vienna for five years. In 2006 Schneider started studying film at the State Academia of Film in Vienna under the esteemed filmmakers and professors Michael Haneke and Peter Patzak. Since 2008 Schneider has been filming and working in the film business worldwide. She is the director of award-winning documentaries such as Young, Female, Egyptian or Tante Baum as well as editor of various awarded documentaries such as Fahrtwind, Der Zornige Buddha, Project Superwoman or Unser Kampf. Film screening & panel discussion October 29, 07:30 PM The documentary Private Revolutions - Young, Female, Egyptian by Alexandra Schneider gives insight into the lives of four Egyptian women in their struggle for a better society. Regardless of their various social backgrounds, they are sovereign, eloquent and determined. Street activist Sharbat was kicked out with her kids by her own husband because of her political engagement. Fatema is an active Muslim Sister and mother of three boys. Amani struggles on a daily basis to keep her own radio station and a publishing company running to fight for more women rights. And May, a member of the Nubian minority, starts a development project in the south of Egypt, a region known for its conservativism. The film screening will be followed by a Q&A with Alexandra Schneider where she will discuss what we can learn from protagonists for whom an autocratic regime and the danger of being silenced present a daily threat. How do those committed to a more democratic and just society persevere in light of current developments in Egypt? In addition, Schneider will share thoughts on her experience working with a wholly female crew in an Arab country, and, on a more general note, being a female documentary filmmaker. Venue: ACFNY MEDIA BIZ

MIT DER GLOBALEN AV INDUSTRIE VERBUNDEN BLEIBEN JETZT ANMELDEN Die Heimat der AV und Systemintegration Knüpfen Sie alle wichtigen Kontakte auf der ISE 2019 Integrated Systems Europe ist der Ort, an dem Märkte und Menschen zusammen kommen, um über die Trends der AV-Branche zu diskutieren, Kontakte zu knüpfen und Geschäfte zu machen.

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