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MEDIA BIZ Sommer 2019 #241

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Milica Thessink • Prolight+Sound & Musikmesse • Legitary • Stage|Set|Scenery • Lucas Englander • NAB Las Vegas • Werkmeisterkurs Veranstaltungstechnik • TB Valant • „Ray & Liz“ • Luc Bessons Produktionsfirma unter Gläubigerschutz • Konflikte in der Filmbranche • Gruppendynamikseminare und deren Relevanz für Akteure der Filmbranche • HF-Infrastruktur beim ESC • video&filmtage • cuttlefish erweckt „Mister Link“ zum Leben • AudioPro goes Education • IFA Berlin • Lighting for ESC 2019 • ... Die nächste Ausgabe von MEDIA BIZ erscheint am 30. August mit einer Vorschau auf die IBC in Amsterdam, Nachberichten von der Stage|Set|Scenery und der IFA in Berlin, aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Kameratechnik, Archivierung, Virtual und Augmented Reality, Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungstechnik, Datensicherung und -speicherung, Aus- und Einblicken vor und hinter die Kulissen beeindruckender Events, auf Produktionen und Projekte Made in Austria, dazu Testberichte, Interviews und mehr ... Redaktionsschluss: 12. August 2019 MEDIA BIZ Newsletter: MEDIA BIZ Abo: Print: Euro 37 Österreich / Euro 48 Europa (EU) Print + Digital: Euro 44 Österreich / Euro 53 Europa (EU) Digital: Euro 37 (jeweils inkl. MWSt. und Versandkosten) MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer 2019: MEDIA BIZ Termine:

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in a news nutshell zurück zum Inhalt World Summit Award (WSA) If your digital solution serves a real purpose, then apply now for WSA - the international award promoting real impact through ICT worldwide. The World Summit Award (WSA) looks for digital applications that have a strong impact on society in one of the eight WSA categories. Deadline: July 31, 2019. Additionally WSA Young Innovators is a special recognition for young social entrepreneurs under 26 years of age, using ICTs to take action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Together with the WSA winners of each year, they are honored as outstanding digital innovation with social impact. WSA’s sister award, the European Youth Award will serve as the official pre-qualification for Europe and the MENA region. EYA FESTIVAL: The (open to the public) festival comprises a three-day conference and a gala ceremony. The winner‘s event will take place in Graz from November 27 to 30, 2019. WSA GLOBAL CONGRESS: The 3-days-event will take place in spring 2020 at the Vienna City Hall. © AES AES Vienna 2020 May 25 – 28, Austria Center Vienna The Audio Engineering Society has announced that the 148th Audio Engineering Society International Pro Audio Convention will be held in 2020, the International Year of Sound, at the Austria Center Vienna. Convention co-chairs are Piotr Majdak (Senior Researcher in Acoustics at the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Acoustics Research Institute) and Nadja Wallaszkovits (Chief Audio Engineer for the Phonogrammarchiv sound archives of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and 2019 AES President), who will oversee the convention’s Technical Program, Exhibition and Society functions, in conjunction with an assembled team of industry professionals, students and event partners and sponsors. For end users, researchers, educators and students, AES Vienna will be the place to commemorate the International Year of Sound and explore “A World of Audio” with audio professionals and peers from around the globe. Spanning the breadth of audio research and the application of audio technology, convention program topics will include Studio Recording, Live Sound, Networked Audio, Broadcast & Streaming, Music Production, Post-Production, Game Audio, Spatial Sound, Audio for AR/VR/XR, Product Development and more. Nadja Wallaszkovits’s 25-plus-year involvement with the Audio Engineering Society has included serving as vice chair of AES President Nadja Wallaszkovits the Austrian section and on the Technical Committee on Archiving Restoration and Digital Libraries, as well as working in Standards on the SC-07 Subcommittee on Metadata for Audio. She served as Convention Co-Chair and received AES Board of Governors Awards for her work on both the 142nd (Berlin) and 144th (Milan) AES International Conventions. For the past year, Wallaszkovits recently took over the management of a Public Private Partnership collaboration between the Phonogrammarchiv and NOA Gmbh that is dedicated to the restoration of acetate media. Wallaszkovits also holds the position of vice chair of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Sound Archives (IASA) and is a member of the Training and Education Committee of IASA.,, Mirror Head compatible with BARCO UDX 3 With the Mirror Head MH29 Vienna based Dynamic Projection Institute is now also supporting the BARCO UDX 3-chip DLP laser phosphor large venue projector series. A new Mirror Head Rental Edition concept has been developed and realized. The Mirror Head MH29 and its base plate allow four different mounting positions for the Mirror. The Mirror Head, a digitally operated high-tech mirror, is used as an add-on feature for projectors. It can be set to move either rapidly or slowly to project pictures, videos and texts onto any imaginable surface. Projections can be moved around from one surface to another or remain statically projected onto one specific surface. Through its high level of performance, the entire system guarantees highly accurate positioning. The Mirror Head is extendable to almost any projector. The MDC-X Media Server is a combination of hard- and software developed by Dynamic Projection Institute to perfectly control and play media content, the Mirror Head and other output devices. The new concept, the newest Mirror Head compatible with the BARCO UDX 3-chip DLP laser phosphor large venue projector Series, has been demonstrated for the first time at the Barco booth at Info- Comm Orlando in June. The MH29 is a 100 per cent stack frame compatible with a quick, easy and secure mounting done in less than a minute. The MDC Software offers functions such as: media manipulation, geometric corrections, seamless transformations, image alignment with soft-edge, dynamic panorama features, show presets and DMX / Art-NetTM DMX512 control. All these functions can be used at the same time and in real time for a wide range of creative development and production applications. In addition to the MDC Software, the MDC-X Media Server offers built-in functionality such as media server launcher, time scheduled shows, show automation, remote control, the MDC-Touch, as well as interfaces for OSC, DMX / Art- NetTM DMX512, RS232 in-out and other standard signal compatibilities. © Dynamic Projection Institute MEDIA BIZ

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