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The Kinetic Chain of Your Headache

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Resolving Tension or Migraine Headaches frequently requires looking at a much larger kinetic chain. In this video we show you our proven methodology for resolving headaches.

The Kinetic Chain of Your

Motion Specific Release The Kinetic Chain of Your Headache MSR Technique Dr. Brian Abelson DC. 403-241-3772 Copyright Kinetic Health All Rights Reserved

Functional Testing

Muscle Testing - The Shoulder
Muscle Testing - The Elbow
Muscle Testing - Hip and Leg Muscles
Checking for Anterior Posture
Evaluating Neck Mobility
Apley Shoulder Test
Testing Your Core Stability
The Deep Squat - Test
The Single Leg Squat Test
Testing the Posterior Chain
Testing the Hip Flexors
FABER Circumduction Pelvic Test
Functional Testing - The hamstring muscles
Testing Calf Strength
Testing Shin Strength
Functional Testing - Dorsi Flexion
Functional Testing - Big Toe Mobility
Functional Testing - The Tibial Nerve
Peroneal Nerve Test
The Wet Foot Test

Kinetic Health - Conditions

Sciatica Sucks
Lateral Ankle Sprains - Kinetic Health
Resolving Hamstring Injuries - Kinetic Health

Motion Specific Release - Technique Examples

The Kinetic Chain of Your Headache
The Shoulders Kinetic Chain
Releasing the Median, Radial & Ulnar Nerves
MSR Technique - Releasing the Dorsal Sling
Releasing the Lateral Side
The Sciatic, Tibial & Peroneal Nerve Release
MSR Technique - The Hamstring Release
The Kinetic Chain of the Knee
The Plantar Fasciitis Kinetic Chain

Anatomy Video's - Motion Specific Release (MSR)

9 Muscles of the Head and Jaw
18 Muscles of the Spine
Anatomy & Palpation - The Iliopsoas complex
Anatomy of the Abdominal Muscles
Spinal Anatomy - The Bones
Superficial Back Line
Superficial Front Line
The Arm Lines - Myofascial
The Lateral Line
Anatomy of the Shoulder - The Muscles
Anatomy of the Shoulder - The Bones
Anatomy of the Elbow - Motion Specific Release
Anatomy of the Hand & Wrist
Anatomy - Arches of the foot
Lateral Ankle & Foot
Medial Ankle and Foot
Foot & Ankle Motion - Motion Specific Release
Anatomy of the Foot - Dorsi & Plantar Aspects (11 Muscles)
Anatomy of the Anterior & Lateral Leg Below the Knee
Anatomy of the Posterior Lower Leg
Anatomy of the Knee
Anatomy and Palpation of the Quadriceps muscles
The 5 Adductor Muscles
The Sartorius Muscle
Anatomy & Palpation of the Hamstring Muscles
Anatomy & Palpation of the Deep Six Muscles
The Gluteal Group
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
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