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Improving transparency,

Improving transparency, data quality and time and cost efficiency, as well as responding to customer inquiries more quickly – those were the goals that prompted Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) to launch CUBE (Central Underwriting Business Experience), a global transformation project, and establish an end-to-end solution for underwriting based on Pega technology in 2014. The globally standardized application now supports the entire underwriting process and plays an important role in improving efficiency and customer service and in generating further growth. The positive experience led AGCS to launch another Pega project. The aim of CLAWS (Claims Workflow System) is to optimize the company’s end-to-end claims process. Patrick Boscher, Financial Crime Technology Coordinator, Allianz SE Financial Crime Systems As regulatory requirements increase in complexity, insurance companies’ compliance risk increases too, rendering intensive and far-reaching due diligence audits indispensable. However, popular financial crime solutions often are not enough to meet the threat. For better protection, companies should therefore invest more resources in effective and efficient financial crime technologies and particularly in regular testing. These systems should be able to link different data sources (such as blacklists), provide intelligent analytics tools and guarantee better data quality. “Only regularly tested and maintained systems help companies to meet regulatory requirements effectively and efficiently.” Walter Rieger, Principal Program Manager, Front Office Program, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Front Office Transformation – AGCS Leverages Pega 7 to Renew Front-Office Applications “Integrating internal business users is very time-consuming, but sophisticated products with a high degree of customer acceptance make it well worthwhile.” Dr. Michael Bartl, CEO, HYVE – the innovation company Internet 5.0: Machine-Human Understanding In the TAWNY innovation project, HYVE is developing an Internet of Things (IoT) service that can interpret human feelings and give machines some “emotional intelligence.” In other words, they “understand” emotions like stress, happiness, fear and attentiveness and respond appropriately. It is all based on physiological data gathered by wearables. Effective computer technologies use machine-based learning algorithms to compare this data with stored attributes of emotional states and classify them as needed. For example, TAWNY enables improvements in the workplace, intelligent cars, personalized insurance quotes and personal health applications that can enhance individuals’ quality of life. Jacques-Etienne Grandjean, Vice President Sales, Enterprise EMEA, HERE Sven Roehl, Executive Vice President, msg global solutions Canada How Location Intelligence Enables Insurance Solutions in a Digitally Connected World HERE is using its cloud-based Open Location Platform to enable intelligent insurance solutions for a digitally interconnected world. The company transforms data from devices, vehicles, infrastructures, maps and other sources into real-time local services. Insurers can utilize the collected information for innovative insurance products and services. For example, data on road behavior or especially accidentprone areas can be harnessed for usage-based auto insurance rates, for service apps to improve road behavior or for roadside assistance services in the event of emergencies. The location intelligence services from HERE supply the msg IoT Analyzer with valuable location information for the Internet of Things so that it can develop behavior-based rate models and better assess trends and risk. “TAWNY links current trends like big data, artificial intelligence, digital products and smart robots for a human-centered Internet of Things.” “By viewing the world from the perspective of the location, we help people and businesses navigate their environment more safely and efficiently.” 20 Presentations – Innovations in the Insurance Industry Presentations – Innovations in the Insurance Industry 21


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