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Essen, leben und genießen auf Gran Canaria - DAS GENUSSMAGAZIN

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1 2 5 6 >>Magst Du Schafskäse?>Hey, ich liebe Schafskäse!>Bietet ihr diesen Salat auch bei Euch im Maritim Playa an?>Nein, wir haben bei uns im Hotel Restaurant schon ein tolles Angebot, aber das hier hab ich mir eben gerade erst ausgedacht.>Na dann warte mal ab, was Du zu meinem selbst eingelegten Käse sagst.>Alex, wo liegt Dein Geheimnis?>Ach das ist gar nicht schwer. Ich liebe es, selber einzulegen. Auch Öle, Essige und aromatisierte Salze mach ich selber.

3 4 7 8 While watching how Alex is processing the oranges, I am astonished to realise the difference between me as an ambitious amateur chef and professional Alex. The bitter parts of the fruit are found in the white cell layer of the rind - when we peel them as we are used to these remain on the fruit, just as undesirable as when they are stuck in between orange fillets. The top and bottom of the orange are cut off and then filleted on a cutting board. Now, Alex trims the shell from top to bottom, including the white skin. He then removes the individual fillets between the skins. Wonderfully juicy orange fillets, just like I love them. Next, parsley is roughly chopped - followed by thinner chopped marjoram, lavender, garlic, a shallot and a small habanero. Even an apple is cut into small slices. All together is now added to a bowl with the oranges, which are waiting to be mixed with some lime juice. Hmm ... may that not too much citrus and too sour? Hang on - balance it with a spoon of acacia honey. Various nuts are now coarsely hacked and oh yes ... I’m beginning to realise I’ll be served a damn tasty thing right soon. Do you also offer this salad in Maritim Playa? No, we have a great offer in our hotel restaurant, but I have just improvised this dish now. Indeed, ... improvisation is an art. Finally, I can taste it... AMAZING. Fresh, spicy, sweet, sour ... so simple and yet incredibly delicious. Well, then let’s wait and see what you think about my own pickled cheese. The disposable glass has been in my sight the whole time. I discover feta cheese, garlic, colourful peppers and habaneros. Well - I love feta cheese and know many varieties but what Alex fishes out of the glass and which lands in my mouth is so soft, creamy and spicy - probably the best feta I have ever tasted. I have to replicate this. “Alex, what is your secret?” Oh, that’s not hard at all. I love to pickle myself. I also make oils, vinegars and flavoured salts.” „Pickled goat’s cheese – definitely a topic for the next Muy Bien issue. Meanwhile, Alex has halved an orange, removed the meat with a spoon and placed the orange peel on a deep plate. The rind, literally, is now filled with salad, a couple of feta cheese cubes and some extra nuts. Alex takes a strip of lime folds it into a bow and with a lavender twig decorates the salad. Beautiful. We taste it and ... let me tell you – this dish turns every meat fanatic into a vegetarian. Indeed, it is pretty fun to have your own personal chef :-) MUY BIEN Seite 25

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