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Essen, leben und genießen auf Gran Canaria - DAS GENUSSMAGAZIN

Ein Bayer auf Gran

Ein Bayer auf Gran Canaria 1 2 5 6 Vergessen Sie Ottfried Fischer auf Rügen. Hier kommt der Bayer auf Gran Canaria. Als Bajuware liebt Alex natürlich Schweinebraten, Kartoffel-Knödel und Senf. Und wenn Sie mich fragen…HIMMLISCH! >>Michael - ich koch uns heute mal diesen Klassiker auf Spanisch.>Das ist ein schönes Stück Secreto Iberico, welches ich vor 2 Tagen in die Marinade gelegt habe.>Ok, Alex, erzähl mir und unseren Lesern, wie Du die gemacht hast.>Und Alex...wo bleiben die Knödel oder Kartoffeln zum Schweinebraten?>Sachte Michael, die Spanier mögen Patatas Bravas und in etwa dieser Art machen wir jetzt auch die Kartoffeln.>lass die Pfanne ruhig richtig heiß werden, bevor Du das Fleisch anbrätst

3 4 7 8 A Bavarian on Gran Canaria Forget Ottfried Fischer on Rügen. Here is the Bavarian on Gran Canaria. As a true Bavarian Alex loaves a pork roast, potato dumplings and mustard. And if you ask me... HEAVENLY! „Michael – today, I’ll prepare this classic but in a Spanish way.“ Eagerly, I check the inside of a bowl containing a decent piece of meat bathing in a marinade. „That’s a nice piece of Secreto Iberico, which has been marinated for two days.“ The Secreto is a special cut out of the back of a pig. In Germany it has become very popular and it’s a must for most meat specialists. The strong but fine fat marble is the secret behind the tenderness of this „secret fillet“. You want to know more about the Secreto? Check out our September MUY BIEN issue. However, let’s get back to our Bavarian-Canarian pork, whose delicious smell has reached me. We each take a spoon – oh yes – delightful. „OK, Alex, tell my readers and me how you have made this marinade.“ Take an onion, a couple of garlic cloves, lemon peel, parsley, marjoram and/or some thyme, salt and pepper. Alex donates some of his Madargascan wild pepper to this sauce. A rare spice, hand-picked at a height of up to 20 metres which justifies its price. Naturally, regular black pepper will do just as fine, but please use the fresh one out of a pepper grinder. Now, mix all together with a good splash of oliver oil and process into a marinade with a hand mixer or food processor. Next, place a fresh piece of secreto in a bowl and cover it with your marinade and let it rest for 48-72 hours in the fridge. Well, that’s already done now. What else belongs with our hearty pork roast? Correct – MUSTARD. As we still need a sauce anyway, it will be a coarse MUY BIEN Seite 27 mustard sauce. Alex chops up an onion and three cloves of garlic and sautés them until translucent. Then, he deglazes the pan with half a bottle of white wine and let’s it simmer for 5 minutes. Next, a quick beurre manié is prepared, basically a buttered flour. Certainly, could you use cornflour out of the packet, but Alex does not want to let down his chef’s honour. From now on, the sauce cannot boil again. Don’t forget the most important part – add 250g of coarse Dijon mustard. You prefer sweet mustard? Just add honey to taste. „So Alex... where are the dumpling or potatoes to go with the roasted pork?“ „Relax Michael, the Spanish prefer patatas bravas, and we our potatoes will go along those lines.“ Halve your unpeeled potatoes then cut them into 0,5 cm thick slices and fry them off in an oiled pan at medium temperature. Add salt, pepper and paprika powder to round off your pan fried potatoes. As your potatoes are crisping, start frying your secreto too in a pan. „Allow the pan to get really hot before you place the meat onto it.¨ Alex explains. Then, turn down the temperature and generously add your marinade and let it simmer for another 10 minutes. Unfortunately, you can only see the final result on the table but not taste it but trust me: Seldomly has Bavaria been so Spanish. an Guadn, lass da ’s schmegga! & buen apetito. Stuffed and with all kinds of new impressions and richly gifted I start the voyage home – a bag full of avocados and a large glass of the pickled cheese about which we will definitely report again. Thank you Alex.

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