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NEWS Only 10% of the

NEWS Only 10% of the usual honey production on Gran Canaria is feared. Not only the tourism figures for Gran Canaria don’t look so nice right now. The 320 beekeepers with their 10,500 hives are also suffering from the drought this year. The honey production decreased by 90%. This is due to the heavy rain in the north and too little rain in the south. In order to keep the bees alive, they must be fed fructose syrup by the beekeepers. This downward trend has already been observed for three years. The original Canarian honey is still available for around 16 euros per kilogram. That will certainly change soon. Not only the beekeepers....The bodegas and wine growers of Gran Canaria also suffer this year from a bad harvest in autumn. 251.000Kg grapes compared to the previous year with 533.000 Kg. Pests, fungi and too few flowers in spring are the reasons. Lidl abandons plastic bags for fruit and vegetables in the Canary Islands. No shopping plastic bags at LIDL. This motto has been valid for some time now for the 7 branches on the Canary Islands. Now the next milestone is set and the plastic waste also disappears from the fruit and vegetable sector. But now 100% bio-compostable and biodegradable bags are coming and these have disappeared after 12 months at the latest, without affecting the ecosystem. Conventional plastic bags need 500 years for this. Sheep’s cheese from Lanzarote got award. Cheese from the Canary Islands regularly win international competitions. One of them is currently a sheep’s cheese from the Finca de Uga, which was awarded the “Super Oro” in Milan for the second time in a row. The maturation period is between 5 - 12 months and it consists of 100% sheep’s milk. It is offered under the name “Queso curado Bodega Oveja madurado”. Unfortunately the Finca sits on Lanzarote and whether we will come also on Gran Canaria into the benefit, we don`t know yet. But also 17 medals went to Gran Canaria - 3 times gold, 8 times silver and 6 times bronze. The World Cheese Award is already in its 32nd year and this year 3804 products from 42 countries took part. Hard Rock Café comes back to Gran Canaria. 2005 - 2010 we already had IT - a branch of the probably most famous café in the world. Starbucks? Who wears Star Bucks T-Shirts? Nobody - correct. We’re talking about the Hard Rock Café, which opened at the Yumbo Center with a big show and Ariel Red. What was no longer successful after a few years is now to be revived. At the Anexo 2, where the Shorty and Papis Grill used to have their home, they are currently renovating the place to present a party location of the finest quality to the visitors on 1000m² this year. There will be a big report soon on our online portal. Import ban on mango, pineapple, banana and avocado. In future, all mango, pineapple, bananas and avocados will be 100% regional produce of the Canary Islands. At the request of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Ministry of Agriculture has amended the new phytosanitary rules for the import of certain vegetables accordingly. This is to stop the threat of imported pests and diseases to biodiversity in the Canary Islands, said Alicia Vanoostende (PSOE), Minister of Agriculture. Red wine from Gran Canaria among the best 20 in the world. During the anonymous test meals of the MUY BIEN, many restaurants already fail because of the bad wine that is served to us. They wouldn’t even need it because fantastic wines are produced on the Canary Islands. We love e.g. wine from Tenerife. But also Gran Canaria offers great wines. And if you think that this is certainly an expensive wine, then you are on the wrong track. The New York Times has just voted the “FRONTON DE ORO” from La Lechuza (municipality of San Mateo) one of the 20 best wines in the world. Only requirement: no wine of the selection was allowed to cost more than 20 US dollars. The wine is grown under the climatic conditions of the Vega de San Mateo at an altitude of 1,200 meters. The winery can be visited from Monday to Saturday in La Lechuza. Also the MUY BIEN will visit here soon. Seite 6 Shopping centre “Mogan Mall” will be the largest in the south of Gran Canaria. The shopping and entertainment centre “Mogan Mall” in Puerto Rico supported by Fund Grube Group, Canfoto Company and Group No. 1 opens this year, with more than 70 shops on two floors and an area of approximately 21,000 square metres. 750 parking spaces, 15,000 visitors expected daily, 1000 workplaces, open 365 days a year. These are impressive figures and show once again that Puerto Rico and Mogan are simply ahead in the tourist south. Bravo! Everything BIO! A completely biodegradable adhesive label has now been introduced by the Canary Islands Banana Growers Association. Only recently, the cardboard boxes and other packaging materials were converted to organic material. Yes - also the Canary Islands are slowly thinking about the environment. We say: MUY BIEN Ricky Sanders takes over Café Insider. Many know and love him. The MUY BIEN editorial staff is also a fan of him. We are talking about Elvis - pardon, Rick, Ricky Sanders. The other day we met him at dinner and had to watch the really big man being served a really small portion. He didn’t get enough, but at least he could tell us that he will take over the Café Insider together with his partner Petra in January. Even if he now wants to shorten his time a little - luckily he is still singing for us. MUY BIEN

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