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Studie: M&A Treiber für die digitale Transformation

Eine klare Digitalisierungsstrategie ist entscheidend für die erfolgreiche digitale Transformation des Geschäftsmodells von Unternehmen. Um ihre digitalen Fähigkeiten zu erweitern, setzen die deutschen Unternehmen auf den Zukauf von Know-how.

Methodology The survey

Methodology The survey Noerr, in partnership with Mergermarket and The Technical University of Munich, surveyed 150 senior executives from Germany-based companies. All these companies had made at least one acquisition which included a digital element (for example, a digital business model or ownership of digital technologies) in the period 2013-2017. Target companies involved with a wide variety of digital technologies qualified for inclusion examples of which include: automation, cybersecurity, e-commerce, machine learning, mobile technologies, software, sensors and quantum computing. Job titles surveyed included Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Head of M&A, Head of Corporate Development or the equivalent. Respondent companies Prior to their transactions, 65% of respondent companies had 5,000 employees or fewer, while among those with more than 5,000 employees some 26% had 5,001-50,000 while 9% had more than 50,000 employees. Their activities comprised: mainly B2B - 58%; mainly B2C - 22%; both - 20%. Some 63% of the companies were unlisted while 37% were listed. Dataset The German acquirer companies which we surveyed were drawn from a dataset of M&A transactions with a digitalisation element. In all such deals, digitalisation formed part of the rationale for the deal. All deals in the dataset had a Germany-based target or bidder and all deals were announced during the period 2013-2017. This dataset and comparisons to overall M&A with a German target or bidder company forms the basis of the analysis in Chapter 3. 34