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DNA Reporter - February 2017

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Page 12 • DNA Reporter February, March, April 2017 Essentials of Clinical Sleep Health and Education A seven week online course Introduces health care professionals to the specialty of sleep medicine and the essentials of polysomnography and goals of treatment. Covers normal and abnormal sleep, sleep disorders and associated comorbid conditions, clinical evaluation of sleep, testing and treatment options, monitoring therapeutic compliance, educating the patient/family/community, and developing a sleep plan. Prepare for the Certificate in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) exam Course helps you prepare for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) Certificate in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) exam. Visit for details, including eligibility requirements. Course begins April 3, 2017 This program will be offered entirely online. Health care professionals progress at their own pace within the 7-week completion timeframe. Register today! Offered in partnership with 302-831-7600 • DR110015 Application has been made to the Medical Society of Delaware for physicians and nurses to receive Continuing Medical Education credit for successful completion of this program. Yoga scrub pants by MC 2 are so comfortable you’ll need a pair for home and for work. They have the same EZ-FLEX fabric you’ve come to love from the rest of Med Couture’s line, with the added comfort of a knit waistband. Front side pockets, double cargo pockets and an extra accessory pocket mean these pants aren’t just stylish, they’re highly functional. Available now at Looking for a program in Health Promotion? Then look no further! Looking The for University program of Delaware in Health has Promotion? Looking for a program in Health Promotion? what you are looking for! Then look no further! The University of Delaware has what you are looking for! Then look no further! The University of Delaware has what you are looking for! The Department of Behavioral Health & Nutrition offers a The Department Master of Science of Behavioral in Health Promotion. Health Nutrition This program offers prepares The Department of Behavioral Health & Nutrition offers a Master professionals Science to in successfully Health Promotion. design, implement, This program administer, prepares and Master evaluate of Science health in promotion Health Promotion. interventions. This Students program are prepares professionals to successfully design, implement, administer, trained and professionals in the science to successfully and art of helping design, people implement, change administer, their lifestyle and evaluate health promotion interventions. Students are trained evaluate and behaviors health promotion through a interventions. combination of Students efforts that are involve trained in the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle in the cognitive science and and behavioral art of helping modification people change and environmental their lifestyle and behaviors through combination of efforts that involve and and cultural behaviors change. through a combination of efforts that involve cognitive and behavioral modification and environmental and cognitive and behavioral modification and environmental and cultural change. cultural The program change. is designed to meet the needs of both traditional graduate students and working professionals, with graduates The The program having program the is is skills designed designed and knowledge to to meet meet the the to work needs needs with of of both both a wide traditional traditional graduate graduate variety students students of populations and and working working and professionals, professionals, diverse settings. with with Students graduates graduates can having having pursue the the skills skills specific and and areas knowledge knowledge of emphasis to to work work within with with health a wide wide promotion, variety variety including, of of populations populations for example, and and exercise in in diverse diverse science, settings. settings. aging, Students Students community can can pursue pursue health, specific specific nutrition, areas areas social of of emphasis emphasis marketing, within within health health health psychology, promotion, promotion, health including, communications, for example, public exercise health, science, global aging, health, community worksite health, including, for example, exercise science, aging, community health, and nutrition, behavioral social health. health, nutrition, social marketing, marketing, health health psychology, psychology, health health communications, public public health, global health, worksite health, health, and and behavioral health. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: • Assess individual and community need for health Upon Upon education completion completion and promotion; of of the the program, program, students students will will be be able able to: to: • Identify Assess Assess individual health individual behavior and and community principles community and need need theories for for health health as they apply education education to health and and promotion; promotion; • Implement Identify Identify health health behavior behavior promotion principles principles strategies, and and interventions, theories theories as as they and they programs; apply apply to to health health and promotion; promotion; Conduct Implement evaluation health and promotion research strategies, related to health • Implement health promotion strategies, interventions, interventions, and and promotion. programs; programs; and and • Conduct Conduct evaluation evaluation and and research research related related to to health health promotion. For more information about the University of Delaware’s Master of Science in Health Promotion visit For more information about the University of Delaware’s Master of of Science in in Health Promotion visit visit College of Health Sciences . Department of Behavioral Health & Nutrition . 26 North College Avenue . Newark, DE 19716 . P: 302-831-2079 . College College of of Health Health Sciences Sciences . Department of Behavioral Health Health & Nutrition Nutrition . 26 26 North North College College Avenue Avenue .. Newark, Newark, DE DE 19716 19716 .. P: P: 302-831-2079 302-831-2079 . .

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