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Luce by fisionarte

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Luce wird von Hand gewebt ohne jedes Werkzeug. Die Technik erinnert an traditionelle Strickkunst, wie sie z.B. die Wikinger genutzt haben oder noch heute teilweise in Südamerika genutzt wird.

Each Lucelamp is

Each Lucelamp is uniqueand handmade.Luce is made by its creator, without any other helper,an act of freedom in which the heart, the mind and the handscome together simultaneously in continuous dialogue withthe yarn that sometimes suggests letting it go and sometimesconsolidating it to achieve the desired shape.12

Weaving takes place directly in the air,without using any tools.It is concave and convex, taut and compressed,statically balanced and self-supporting.If placed on a horizontal plane, it hangs looseand loses its dimension, but if suspended,it returns to its shape due to gravity and memory,the inseparable blend of structure and decoration.You can create luminous double-lobed,triple-lobed, and multi-layer sculptures,for example, with a heart, a mindand a body, also on request.13