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Luce by fisionarte

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Luce wird von Hand gewebt ohne jedes Werkzeug. Die Technik erinnert an traditionelle Strickkunst, wie sie z.B. die Wikinger genutzt haben oder noch heute teilweise in Südamerika genutzt wird.

Luce: from an ideato its

Luce: from an ideato its creation.Taken from Lucestoriesby Domenico RinaldiThe idea stems from my commitment to enhancingartisan know-how by pursuing new formsof expression that can save such traditionsfrom disappearing. I believe that these skillsare cultural and economic resources of pricelessvalue to be protected, safeguarded and handeddown to future generations.An electric wire has always conducted energy,working concealed, hidden, almost invisibleto fuel a light bulb that shines, and diffuseslight.I thought I would need to include its evolutionto highlight its work. Now the yarn, regeneratedby new materials and handwoven comes out intothe open and becomes a protagonist, coveringit with two or more layers and hiding it on the inside.When the lamp is turned on, something specialand magical happens. The weave close to the lightshines more brightly than the outer one, acquiringa dynamic, almost impalpable undefined shape.The shadowy lines created by the glow of Lucespread out to embrace surfaces and objects,which, when combined, are free to floatin the illuminated environment in a new attractiveand exciting dimension.14