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2020_Fall PeloNews

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Read the latest edition of PELONews with PELOAcademy some topics are serum-free and chemically defined Media for MSCs and a new Micoenvironment for MSCs, Dyes &Cell Imaging Reagents, Covid-19, 3D Cell Culture,


PELONEWS WITH FOCUS ON MSCS AND ECMS PELOBiotech Newsletter Fall 2020 "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.“ - Albert Einstein, German physicist_ Dear Scientist, Some are leaving, we are growing. So we like to say welcome on board our new Sales-Team members Dr. Ingrid Kautner and Dr. Gautier Arista. Just go to page 6 to learn more about them. Pic: Pixabay As we get more and more questions about how we will handlle the Brexit: We continue to deliver to the UK, no worries, stay happy. And as fast as we can in the same manner you are used from PELOBiotech. The exact delivery conditions will depend on the regulations as UK will no longer be part of the Europen Union. But we already have very good experiences delivering to e.g. Switzerland and other No- EU countries. So we do not expect any major challenges. You don´t know how long you will be able to work on the bench, lab&office? We know that COVID-19 has impacted upon your research, so we like to help you stay on track as fast as possible. We are ready to support you in any kind you need. If you would like to order your products now and hold delivery until you are sure you can go on, please let us know upon ordering. Please check with your facility whether there have been changes in your logistics routine due to new safety protocols: Are you still accepting and getting deliveries the same way? We will check in with you before we send out your delivery as we ask you politely to do the same. Thank you. To discuss this our logistics, customer success&support are here for any of your questions. Online resources are available to teams around the world, so you can schedule an Online-Meeting and Support anytime via phone or Go-to-meeting. We are just one click away. On behalf of the global PELOBiotechTeam, we’re here for you. Take very good care and stay safe! Christiane Büchsel Editor in Chief PELONews Content Products related to CO- VID-19 Research & Dyes PELOAcademy: Can Cell Culture be as good as in vivo today? Truly defined serum-free & chemically defined media for MSCs & Advanced Coatings New White Paper: How to Revolutionise the Use of 3D Cultures in HTS NEW Products Special ECM by Rokit Healthcare Mini Cell Strainer Our Portfolio: Fill out and see what we got


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