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RallySport Magazine August 2016

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The August 2016 issue of RallySport Magazine is now available, and includes: Latest news: * Dowel backs rallycross to be bigger than V8 Supercars * Quinn’s Rally Australia WRC car bid falls short * New WRX STi could be Rally America bound * Up to 10 AP4 cars for 2017 NZRC * Skoda R5 for Mark Pedder at Rally Australia Feature stories: * Famous stages - New Zealand’s Motu * A close look at the Skoda Fabia AP4+ * Group B Mitsubishi Starion 4WD remembered * Budget rallying - Hyundai Excel * Where are they now - Wayne Bell * Hayden Paddon column * Vale: Steve Ashton Interviews: * Molly Taylor - Subaru factory driver * David Holder - NZ Rally Champion * Col Trinder - Chairman of ARCom * Emma Gilmour - NZ’s fastest lady Event reports: * Rally of Finland * APRC - China Rally * Catalans Coast Rally * NZ’s Northern Rallysprint Series * Walky 100 Rally, SARC


INTERVIEW: DAVID HOLDER HOLDER COMES OF AGE A protégé of Hayden Paddon, Tauranga’s David Holder and co-driver, Jason Farmer, secured their first New Zealand Rally Championship title with victory in the Gisborne Rally in June. In an incisive interview with RallySport Magazine, Holder talks about the impact Paddon has had on his career, the role his Christian faith plays in his rallying, and his plans for the future. Story: PETER WHITTEN Photos: GEOFF RIDDER RallySport Magazine: Congratulations on winning your first national championship. It’s obviously a lifetime goal reached, but is there also a sense of relief that you’ve done it? David Holder: Thanks! Yeah, relief is certainly one of the emotions, but to be honest the feeling is just plain weird! Some people overwhelm me with compliments for the accomplishment and I feel like they’re hyping it up to be more than it is, then other times I’ll be sitting there and I just have a wee moment where I smile on the inside a little bit about the fact my name will be on that trophy forever, beside some legends of motorsport! The main thing I feel most of the time, and something I make sure I remember, is the gratefulness towards everyone that’s helped. To sit here and claim the championship as my success would be naïve, to say the least. It’s been a huge team effort, including lots of sacrifice from my wife too! Your career so far has been an interesting one. You’ve shown great speed from the outset, but have had a few hiccups along the way. What have been the most challenging ones? Hiccups is a nice way to word them! It’s a journey that’s certainly been “It makes sense, but honestly, who actually goes to an event with a ‘win it or bin it’ approach?” filled with ups and downs and at times there’s been lot of emotion involved, but from the moment I got behind the wheel, I’ve just felt like this is my calling. Besides, I’m not really good at anything else, so it’s a no brainer to focus all my energy on this! Let’s not beat around the bush though, there’s no denying I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in a car, some much bigger than others. I guess the one definitive moment was crashing out of Rally Whangarei 2015 after leading for most of the rally. It was the first event of the national season, and more importantly, the first event of what I had publicly stated as my ‘professional career’. Basically my wife and I decided the time had come to commit wholeheartedly to chasing the dream. Essentially the plan was for me to quit my job as an engineer, enabling me to focus solely on finding sponsorship to run the car, alongside the other necessary steps to becoming the best. Meanwhile, in the background we would live off my wife’s income. It seemed like a brilliant plan. What could go wrong? A lot of people like the saying “to finish first, first you must finish’, but personally I hate it! I mean, yes, it makes sense, but honestly, who actually goes to an event with a ‘win it or bin it’ approach? I actually had a bit of a count up of my career to date and out of the 32 rallies I’ve competed in, eight have ended in tears and 24 on the podium - nothing in between! This year’s NZRC has been difficult for everyone, with all the contenders having issues in at least one event. What’s been the key to you winning the series with one round remaining? To say it’s been a year drama filled year would be an understatement! Looking at the entry list, on paper it’s certainly a star-studded affair. I mean you’ve got all the, dare I say it, ‘old’ names and then us ‘younger’ guys starting to come through, so it was always going to be full of excitement. Personally, I feel the key to winning this year was the team around me. We’ve got a fantastic team culture going 28 | RALLYSPORT MAGAZINE - AUGUST 2016

“He (Paddon) may be a WRC superstar, but sitting next to him I have zero faith we are going to stay on the road.” - David Holder AUGUST 2016 - RALLYSPORT MAGAZINE | 29

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