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February 2020 Issue

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Works of art defining the contemporary age in WNC. Cover: ‘Downtown,’ 24x24, by Mark Bettis

310 ART Gallery Being an

310 ART Gallery Being an artist does not always require a lot of space BY FLETA MONAGHAN • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE How can you declutter, downsize, and add art to your life? It can be done. This article is not about the insand-outs of decluttering; there are plenty of books and articles about that. But as you make your life more straightforward this year, and I bet you are doing that now, remember you can always create a space for art. It’s easy and will enhance your life. First, let me say that everyone has an artist inside. I hear over and over the comment, “I just do not have any talent.” Well, let me tell you that the concept of talent is a myth. Learning, practice (even if it is in short 15 minute segments), and a joyful, optimistic attitude is all that is required to make lovely art and have a fun and peaceful experience every day. Not sure how to start? Take some classes. But for now, let’s talk about creating space — your creative spot. First, choose a comfortable space in your home to be creative. You will use it if you pick a location you already use frequently. Find an art form that suits both you and Its easy to work on a small tabletop. A small folding table could be the solution. They are lightweight and easy to fold and slide into a closet when not in use. your space. Many mediums require little area to work and store. Some options are watercolor, pastels, colored pencils and drawing materials, oil pastels, small collage, and small printmaking. Even oils and acrylics in smaller container sizes are easy to set up and store. Explore different materials. Simply starting with a pencil and pen works wonders. Your dining room table might provide plenty of space to set up in one section. An end table can be covered and used for paints while you have them out. (Get rid of those knick-knacks). A small folding table could be the solution. They are lightweight and easy to fold and slide into a closet when not in use. Get a reusable plastic table cover that you can fold up and store in your toolbox. Be creative. Many artists work flat on a tabletop, so consider what you need. There are small tabletop easels for as little as . 10 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020

Shop, Learn, Explore. . . Everyday, All Year Round Classes at 310 ART Scratchboard takes up very little space. Artwork by Lorrel Bacon Some options for keeping your art supplies organized might be a suitcase on wheels or a rolling toolbox. You can move to a corner or closet when not in use and quickly roll out when needed. With these few items, you can set up a simple work area on a semi-permanent basis for a few days or a few weeks. For company, you can quickly pack up your small home studio and put supplies away in a designated space. This type of small space studio is suitable for working in a smaller format. Once your work is complete, you can put it into a box or portfolio and slide it under the bed. Better yet, give handmade gifts, make donations to your pet charity auctions, or even think about selling your work. IF YOU GO An artist, Nadine Charlsen, is working on a three-foot table (the Burrito is a mixed media artwork and not to eat.) 310 Art Come see the 2020 Artistic Vision show, an exhibition of student work. The gallery is opened every day, 12-4. The closing reception is Saturday, Feb 29, 2-4 pm. 191 Lyman St #310 ground floor. See for a complete class listing and gallery information. 310 ART AT RIVERVIEW STATION Marvelous Mondays with Lorelle, Denise, Susan, and Nadine Beginner and Up! Open art studios Mondays with instructor to guide you - start and continue year round in our Monday classes, 9:30-12:30pm and 1-4pm. Come the dates that work for you! See for schedule and sign up. Beginners welcomed! Coming Soon Super Sunday Afternoon Watercolor classes are resuming this fall.. see for dates, times and to sign up! Workshops are: Pastels - Photos to Paintings – Feb 1 Watercolor Beyond Tradition – Feb 15 Beginning Oils – Mar 15, 16 Print it Collage it! – Mar 14 Dont be Afraid of the Dark Watercolor - Mar 15 Linoleum Block Printing – Mar 27 Pastels, Flower Power! – April 4 Beginning Acrylics one day - Apr 24See 2020 listings at Classes for adults at 310 ART, 191 Lyman Street, #310, Asheville, NC 28801 (828)776-2716 Adult classes, beginner and up, most materials provided. Register online or at the studio. VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 11