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February 2020 Issue

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Works of art defining the contemporary age in WNC. Cover: ‘Downtown,’ 24x24, by Mark Bettis


CREATIVITY: A METAPHOR FOR UNIVERSAL AWARENESS CREATIVITY WITH MARIJO MOORE Satire is the trickster of the creative realm. Ambiguous in nature, the trickster hopes to improve humanity by exposing what needs to be changed. The essay below, written by Zoey M. Jaynes - a senior at TC Roberson High School in Asheville, who will attend Brevard College to study English with a journalism concentration in the fall of 2020 - is an excellent showing of the satirical trickster in action. Her creation joltingly reminds us that we must listen to our youth. They are the designers of the future, of which some of us are dreaming. This is normal: a satirical exposure of modern society — by Zoey M. Jaynes In modern-day, our most significant issues usually stem from one greater source, the political divide. Upon hearing others opposing beliefs on things, we tend to get a nasty taste in our mouths. This is normalcy now. We have become accustomed to hating others for opinions taught to them for generations upon generations. Our media oversaturates us with false representations of the other side, vilifying them into horrible monsters that we must keep our children away from — pulling their arms in crowded places, pulling them apart, to keep them safe. We live divided, with grand prejudice against our own people. This is normal. And to celebrate our new-found identities, I have a grand proposal; we should separate ourselves into separate societies — What better way is there to live than that? — completely detached from those horrible monsters that lurk near your doorstep. For this grand step forward, we will again need to split our nation, but indeed a worthy price to pay for such needed peace. Loss of family homes, lifestyles, are only a small price to pay. We shall separate in a way similar to the civil war division but splitting the nation all the way and letting California decide upon joining one side or splitting in two. Oh, what glorious prosperity we shall soon obtain! We shall fly our flags, scream our thoughts, wear our armbands, build our walls never once hearing any opposition, no other opinion, no voice. This will be normal now. Oh, but of course, those monsters will be something we still can’t free ourselves from. Our children will never be safe. They might hear the old ideals of the other party and become swayed in their stances, their morality quivering. There could be spies lurking in the streets, spouting their nonsense. We must wipe them out of history books. Out of our history, to protect our children from the dangerous treachery residing in the places that we do not dare go. Our tensions, our disgust, our hatred shall not die. We will warn our children of that evil, disgusting monsters, ones of colors, nose rings, spray tans, what have you. Sitting there typing hypocrisies, blatant lies against everything we have ever known, what we have always stood for — ripping apart our beliefs because they feel so inclined to do so. But no more shall we stand for this tyranny, this abuse of free speech. We must rise against their evil and spare our future generations; we must wage a most glorious war that has been dying to break loose since the very dawn of our dear nation. But this war will have a victor, a champion to decide our fate. We must wipe out monsters, the oppressors, the villains, and start anew. Separate, sophisticated, but so much better than they were. Our grand battle will be one of the new age, a nuclear war. Bombs shall scream through the skies, and one after one, flag after flag, wall after wall, home after home the other ugly, disgusting, hateful side shall fall. All shall fall. It may take months or even years, thousands of lives lost in the snap of your fingers. It is a righteous war, one we’ve always known would come upon us. We will have two families chosen, families of honor or respect. They will fight to the death, and whichever has the most or at least one person remaining shall get to choose the destination of the first bomb. The face of the new nation, a better one. A normal one. When the bloodshed has finally ended, the smoke clearing, we shall have drones sweeping the land. However, many remaining from each side shall be called to the designated quarantine areas, safe from the nuclear waste, the decay, the ugly places we dare not look upon. And they shall fight to the death once more; the living side shall be named victorious, the heroes of the new pure nation. And as a prize shall be responsible for repopulation. We shall forge a new government, a whole one unseparated by beliefs or ideals. So will you sign for my Art copyright © by modest proposal? And join MariJo Moore the coalition to make the United States exactly as it should be, separate? MariJo Moore (Cherokee/Irish) is an author/ poet/anthologist/seer/medium. She has authored over 20 books, the most recent being Crow Quotes Revisited. Currently, she is working on an anthology titled Power of the Storm: Indigenous Voices, Visions, and Determination - Dedicated to John Trudell, which will be released in early 2020. She resides in Asheville. INFO 28 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020

‘Jonas’ continued from page 22 This is one of the most important aspects of abstract art. Once freedom to create form shows up, it is natural for the intuition or the soul to manifest another version of a similar type of composition. The soul has now developed its language, for now. That can easily change in the next painting because intuition says so. Transport yourself into a state of being and be open to allowing the art to flow through you without involving the ego, if possible. Be immersed in the process from moment to moment and feel the art becoming your reason for being This may sound easy, but it is not! It took me years to transition from representational art to the world of abstraction. So many doubts and fears show up. When we do this work, we begin to analyze why there is so much fear in making art. It is a lot easier not to go so deeply within and paint nicely-staying on the surface. Will the artist stay true to themself and create deeper, or will they continue trying to “look good” and stay on the surface? The true artist will have to face vulnerability, take bold risks, and the magic will happen. ‘Health’ continued from page 20 While we do not know how to protect our appendix from developing life-changing inflammation, we can choose health patterns that promote a healthy gut – avoiding pro-inflammatory substances (excess sugars and saturated fats, red meats, and highly processed meats) and adopting a gut-healthy lifestyle (maintaining a healthy weight and BMI, getting regular exercise, drinking adequate water intake, and eating a high fiber diet). And finally, consider the smallest actor of all – the fifth toe, the “pinky.” Of what possible use could it be? What if it were amputated, would that make any difference at all? The natural action of the foot during a normal stride is: the heel strikes the ground, followed by Trust yourself. Taking risks takes courage, even if it means painting over “a nice corner.” Fears will arise with feelings of uneasiness, impatience, and lack of trust. A combination of deep experimentation, being daring, and being courageous produces fresh, original, potent art. Interestingly enough, people are attracted to this art without having any idea why. Paintings done under these courageous moments are full of life, the colors, and composition are divinely inspired. The work bypasses the intellect and is uncontrollably targeted directly to the soul of the viewer. In my humble opinion, that’s what art is supposed to do. “Children have no judgment, so they are free to create from whatever comes through them. Their actions are pure and innocent, and innately divine..” IF YOU GO Jonas Gerard Fine Art 240 Clingman Ave, Asheville (828) 350-7711 CONTINUED Jonas Gerard At Riverview Station 191 Lyman St, Asheville • (828) 255-6300 the outside of the foot touching the ground down to the outside ball of the foot – the fifth toe, then rolling across the balls of the toes to the great toe for the push off for the next step. Throughout the normal stride, the fifth toe provides critical stabilization for the foot and ankle. Those who have had the fifth toe amputated report great difficulty in walking and a loss of stabilization in the normal step. Even your little toe deserves healthy choices of correct shoe styles, healthy foot habits, and caution when walking to protect this small, but essential body part. The Designer of our bodies understood that even small things could have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Our goal should be to protect and preserve as best we can even the least of these. 70 Main Street • Clyde, NC 28721 VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 29