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February 2020 Issue

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Works of art defining the contemporary age in WNC. Cover: ‘Downtown,’ 24x24, by Mark Bettis

February Comics Ratchet and Spin By Jess and Russ Woods Ratchet and Spin © 2020 Corgi Tales By Phil Hawkins Best in Show By Phil Juliano 30 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020

WE LOVE LIVE THEATER The Magnetic Theatre offers comedy, Burlesque and more this February BY STAFF REPORTS • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE The Magnetic Theatre prides itself on offering a wide variety of original programming, ranging from comedy, burlesque, and horror to new plays about social change. In each case, we strive to support creativity in our community, particularly for emerging artists. This February, Magnetic is bringing Asheville fun-filled shows, workshops, and more. On February 7 at 8 pm, Deb au Nare presents Funny & Bare. A delicious mix of classic burlesque and comedy featuring headlining stars, May Hemmer and Evelyn Vinyl. Hosted by “The Glittering Guffaw,” Deb au Nare, bringing her signature mix of wit and sass to the mic as well as burlesque performances. Also featuring performances by Rebel Vitale, Sue Meringue and Snickersnee. Tickets are and can be purchased at Deb au Nare is a glamorous, goofy, and highly professional burlesque performer currently based in Asheville. She has been teasing her way across the country since 2007 and has won awards for her back-bending chair acts. She is the headmistress and founder of the Burlesque Academy of Asheville and produces several shows locally, including Risque Monday, Pineapple Peep Show, and Funny & Bare. With big hair and an even bigger personality, her signature style of glamorous classic burlesque costuming mixed with hilarious storylines always leaves the audience laughing and longing for more. Stand-up comic and storyteller Cameron Davis will present his delightfully satiric and playful one-person show Lying to Strangers, on February 8 at 7:30 pm. This year-in-review show features character-based stand-up sets, storytelling, and video sketches created by Davis. “When you meet someone for the first time, you are developing your character,” he says. “You have the potential to play with people’s expectations because we take everyone at face value when we first meet them. This has been a huge inspiration in developing my solo characters, that I, too, am another character who can wander into someone’s life. My truth, personality, demeanor, are a small sketch of myself that I imprint on someone as they drift away and continue with their lives.” Davis is a writer, producer, and comedian from Miami. He moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue comedy. Now, 29, he is considered old by millennial standards. It’s all good though because his favorite phrases were ‘Friends was pretty problematic looking back on it’ and ‘Which ska band did you watch at Warped Tour 2002?’ anyway. Davis’s journey has gone through the existential poetry phase, straight into the sloppy college sketch phase, then into the intellectual stand-up phase, on to the improv love-fest phase, and has recently moved into the silly, bare-boned world of a solo sketch. At his heart, he is a lover of performance and will write until the final, whimsical wisdom, deathbed phase of his career. IF YOU GO The Magnetic Theatre 375 Depot Street in the River Arts District. Patrons can call the Box Office at (828) 239-9250 or visiting For questions, please contact Artistic Director Katie Jones: or call (828) 239-9250. VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 31