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February 2020 Issue

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Works of art defining the contemporary age in WNC. Cover: ‘Downtown,’ 24x24, by Mark Bettis


BEER AND MUSIC PONDER THIS . . . WITH MARK ABEL 555 Merrimon Ave • 828.424.7868 Herbal Apothecary • Tea & Reading Room Essential Oil Blending Bar • Bath & Body Events & Workshops • Local Artisans Books • Jewelry • Unique Gifts • Visit Us at Facebook: Asheville Raven & Crone • • It was Sunday afternoon, and the Vikings were engaging the Saints for a chance to continue their season in hopes of making it to the Super Bowl. I believe it’s called Wildcard Weekend; I’m not altogether sure as I was more focused on my surroundings, the bar at Four Peaks Brewery, loaded with jovial fans cheering their gladiators. Have you ever seen it? No, not football. The cascade of a nitro beer, in my case, it was the Oatmeal Stout. Elevated at half arm’s length, it churned in cascading waves of effervescent froth, overlapping and bursting forth in a crescendo of pulsating glory as it lifted to form a thick creamy cap. Drawing a sip, I savored the pungent yet silky-smooth libation. “Incredible.” Placing my cold pint on the coaster, it pricked my ears, and I realized my thumb and forefinger were rapping against my knee. The tune—Feel it Still—by Portugal and The Man. My head followed my body, slightly delayed, it rocked side to side as the music moved me. I was drifting as I recalled a trip to the beach from summer’s past. And a thought began to emerge. Music, it’s the universal language of all cultures and all times. There’s no denying it. Music has always been with us, whether it be villagers in the deepest of jungles, dancing to the flame of drums in the darkness. Or, Mozart with his fingers flying across the keys of a harpsichord. Think about it, jazz and country, rap and reggae, not to mention rock and disco, punk and what is it again, salsa, oh yes and don’t forget classical and big band. Music has always moved the minds of humans, mitigating the loads of life while bringing us together, even when we don’t understand the language. But when and where did it all begin? Was there ever a time without music? I thought of ancient art and stone carvings, all of which depict men and women with instruments in hand, be it drums or horns, harps, and flutes. And I thought of the oldest books of all and how Scripture describes heavenly creatures who forever praise The Almighty, singing. “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, and is to come.” And it struck me. If God exists and Scripture is true, it says He created us in His image, and the music was there also in the core of our being. Music has always been and will always be part of who we are and part of who He is. The cheer surged as I drew another sip, half the room erupting in ecstasy, and the other in agony as a Viking caught the winning touchdown pass. And I continued to ponder, His love for us must be quite incredible, certainly beyond my ability to even comprehend. After all, He gave us the gift of music to express our every emotion, whether it be to lift or drown our spirits while also bringing us together. I was smiling, again swaying to the rhythm, this time my fingers tapping to the tune — California Dreaming. And I noticed others swaying with me, some clad in purple and others in gold. Now, what does this say about humanity and who we are, and more importantly, what does this say about God’s character and who He is? Stroking my chin, I nodded and drew another sip. Mark Abel is an architect by trade who has dreamed of becoming an author over most of his life. He lives in Tempe, Arizona, with his wife, Cheri. They have three grown children and one grandchild. Ephesus: A Tale of Two Kingdoms represents Abel’s debut novel. His passion for writing Ephesus — and hopefully more books to follow—is summarized in his mission statement as an author: Exploring the Mysteries of God Through Story. INFO 4 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020

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