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February 2020 Issue

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Works of art defining the contemporary age in WNC. Cover: ‘Downtown,’ 24x24, by Mark Bettis


RAD FINE ART The Crossing 12 x 12 oil and wax and gold on panel The Prodigal 48 x 48 inches Grace Carol Bomer of Soli Deo Gloria Studio in the River Arts District BY DENNIS RAY • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE Asheville artist, Grace Carol Bomer creates intimate images integrated with words and The Word. Her work has been called “A silent form of poetry.” As an English / Art Major, Bomer says, “My paintings are inspired by poetry, novels (Tolstoy, C S Lewis, Michael O’Brien, “Island of the World”), but most importantly by the Scriptures, the Word of God.” She read Augustine’s Confessions, translated from the original Greek after she received a copy from the publisher who asked her permission to use her painting of The Prodigal as its cover. It was required reading and published for the philosophy department at the University of South Florida. 8 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020

This cold wax and oil painting was inspired by a quote from St. Augustine’s Confessions.“The House of My Soul Is Too Small For You To Enter. Make it Spacious. It Is In Shambles. Restore It.” 18 x 24 inches oil and cold wax and gold on panel. The Hebrew word, damah, means a metaphor that transforms; an art form that starts with a commonly accepted way of looking at the world and adds a surprise or unexpected twist that results in a new perspective to inspire and transform the viewer. We’re surrounded by metaphors that point us to the unseen world, and the eternal narrative and The Word made flesh. Contemporary Art / Word and Image / Incarnation Words and images are interconnected for us humans, as Dorothy Sayers wrote: “…for man is so made that he has no way to think except in pictures.” I juxtapose images and text to create connections and metaphors that may not be predictable or seen immediately. The image interacts with the foundational text, allowing the viewer to consider a story transcendent and always relevant – pointing to the One who is both Word and Image. IF YOU GO Grace Carol Bomer OPEN STUDIO every 2nd Saturday of the month 140 D Roberts Street in the River District of Asheville. (828) 545-2451 RAD FINE ART VOL. 23, NO. 6 — FEBRUARY 2020 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 9