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November 2019 Rapid River Magazine

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November Comics Ratchet and Spin By Jess and Russ Woods Ratchet and Spin © 2019 Corgi Tales By Phil Hawkins Best in Show By Phil Juliano 30 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 3 NOVEMBER 2019

HAPPENINGS An Asheville Vacation Rental Sends Guests Through Portals and Alternate Realities BY STAFF REPORTS • ASHEVILLE Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get inside the mind of an artist? Imagine entering a home that imbues intricate details created from those coveted neural pathways and delights the senses prolifically, altering states of consciousness even without a magic pill. Award-winning filmmaker, Kira Bursky, makes this possible at her upcoming installation: Considerations of Infinity. Asheville Stay has added an Artist Residency program, Vibe of Asheville, to its long-established vacation rentals, offering guests the experience of living in an immersive, interactive installation. Booking stays enables travelers to support the work of participating artists and to contribute to the art and culture that gives every city its unique vibe. Meeting artists through something as intimate as a living space brings a new tangible dimension of connectivity to that which is often out of reach. Public events begin November 18, as considerations of Infinity opens, and continue monthly through June of 2020. Vibe supports our resident artists in reaching their career goals. During Bursky’s yearlong residency, her installation is part of the creative process toward developing her first feature film. By hosting and engaging local, national, and international artists, Vibe initiates and fosters creative collaborations. Attendees of the Immersive Night will experience the creative process of other local commissioned talent: 6 visual artists, one musician, and one projection artist as they conceive original works in real-time. Bursky will capture and artistically recapitulate the artists’ work, producing a behind-thescenes documentary film capturing the making of Considerations of Infinity that will premier within the installation itself. The vibe of every city begins with its creators. By providing another platform from which art can be expressed and noticed, Vibe supports the uniqueness of the culture of Asheville: home to the founder, Celeste Gray, for 23 years. Artists, local communities, and travelers alike benefit in a symbiotic way that cultivates a collective alliance. IF YOU GO Kira Bursky In 2009 award-winning filmmaker Kira Bursky founded her production company All Around Artsy. Her 60+ films and music videos have screened at festivals around the world from Los Angeles to Berlin to Beijing. Her YouTube channel has over 32,000+ subscribers and 15 million+ views. She is currently developing the script for her first feature film. On the web: www. About Vibe of Asheville Celeste Gray, with a profoundly inherent spirit of hospitality and refined aesthete, began Asheville Stay in 2003 as a labor of love. Both, hosting and traveling, have been how creative solutions that advocate for people and the planet have been designed. Vibe of Asheville shares revenue from stays booked with Artists in Residence and supports their work in a myriad of ways. Vibe of London is in the works with a vision for many other cities worldwide in a global-meets-local-through-art initiative. www. (828) 275 5648 Asheville Raven & Crone is a feast for your senses! Get Ready for Fall with Asheville Raven & Crone It’s the favorite time of year for many people in the mountains of North Carolina. Asheville Raven & Crone not only provides items such as candles, teas, incense, and books! You will notice art all over the shop from local artists such as Nicole Scioscia and Emily Eagan. We also have greeting cards by Laura Tempest Zakroff and Florrie Funk, who creates beautiful collage cards of animals and goddesses. Local artist Justine Briggs provides stickers, altar cards, postcards, and enamel pins. The shop offers a beautiful space in which to display local art, whether in jewelry, prints, cards, pins, or stickers. Celebrate local women artists, buy local, enjoy community, and support local art, all while shopping for locally made products at Asheville Raven & Crone. Open seven days a week, 11-7 pm. Asheville Raven and Crone • 555 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, (828) 424-7868 VOL. 23, NO. 3 — NOVEMBER 2019 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 31