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October 2019 Rapid River Magazine

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RAD FINE ART Women artists of the River Arts District BY STAFF REPORTS • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE You can find diversity, fine artistry, and inspiration in the “District” in the studios along the French Broad River in Asheville. Every day of the week there are new things to see. On Oct 12, 10-5 pm for the Second Saturday event, you can even ride the free trolley around the district, enjoy refreshments, and see the work of many artists. These women will be there. that unmistakably links her to Titian, Vermeer, and Rembrandt. Through trained observation and creative vision, Mitchell fuses Impressionism and Realism into a unified language of the eye. “The Call,” by Michele Mitchell, 36x48, oil Anne Allen, 310 ART at Riverview Station, #310, Ground Floor North The language of flowers is like music. One of my earliest art experiences was drawing quiet wildflowers with black charcoal. Today, my goal is to start a conversation with my garden flowers using the color and lyrics “Into the Light,” by Elise Okrend, 20x18, pastel “Great Horned Owl” by Claudia Moore Field, Wire, Copper and wood of soft pastel. 6 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 23, NO. 2 OCTOBER 2019 Elise Okrend Contemporary Pastel Art, Wedge Studios The natural world inspires my work. I use color and texture to connect the viewer to a sense of healing and inner peace. Claudia Moore Field, Philip DeAngelo Studio, Wedge Building “When Flowers Waltz,” by Anne Allen, 7x5, pastel My work is God-inspired, and I use wire and metals to replicate the flora and fauna that are here in my backyard of WNC. I also love to replicate nostalgia making miniatures of the real deal. Michele Mitchell, Riverview Station, #267 Michele Mitchell’s artistic passion is color, and she commands her palette with a proficiency Grace Carol Bomer, Soli Deo Gloria Studio, Warehouse Studios #6 Artwork in oil and wax and gold leaf that is contemporary abstract and full of faith, Making Visible the Invisible. Andrea Kulish, Studio A, Pink Dog Creative, Suite 100 I create Ukrainian pysanky eggs, both traditional and modern. I love to keep the folk art process going and make new designs with traditional motifs, or make new abstract designs. I also love to draw using various mixed media– and similar to the eggs, with pops of color. Sahar Fakhoury, Sahar Fakhoury Fine Art, Trackside Studios My figurative paintings are an attempt to depict the expression of the human condition at that moment, and strike a pleasing balance between the classical and the contemporary, creating a work of art as “The Return of the Prodigal,” by Grace C Bomer, 48 x 48, oil and wax Ukrainian pysanky eggs by Andrea Kulish “A Moment to Reflect,” by Sahar Fakhoury, 24x24, oil on canvas equivalent as possible to the complexity of real life.

Cindy Lou Chenard, 362 Depot Street Studios I use paint on layers of wood to express the feeling that I have when I gaze out “Mountain Sunset Reflections,” by Cindy over the mountain ridges. Lou Chenard Mid-century modern artists 36x48, acrylic inspire simple, clean lines and bold colors. Portrait photography by Rene Treece Roberts René Treece Roberts, Luxe House Photographic, Cotton Mill, studio I have been photographing the people and natural beauty in North Carolina for over a decade. Every location and person I’ve photographed has a singular charm and presence. My passion in photography is to capture the unique magic of these moments in time for families to enjoy as heirlooms forever. Elizabeth Henderson, 310 ART at Riverview Station, #310, Ground Floor North I call myself Visionary because Visionary painting, by the paintings are continually Elizabeth Henderson, evolving visions.i also believe acrylic my work has a Surrealist cast. The images, borrowed from many sources, have evolved from picture to picture and become icons. “Maa & Paa,” by Patricia Cotterill, 20x20, oil Patricia Cotterill, Riverside Studios I aim to catch the likeness of my animal subjects when they are in a relaxed and spontaneous way. I have to work quickly to capture the life of the subject. Nadine Charlsen, 310 ART at Riverview Station, #310, Ground Floor North I paint watercolor in a bold, experimental, and “Abby The Spoon Lady,” by Nadine Charlsen, 26x20, watercolor RAD FINE ART dramatic style. Working from my photographs, I strive to capture the mood and atmosphere of the moment. I am a resident artist at 310 ART and teach watercolor classes as well as Marvelous Monday studio classes. Victoria Pinney, Riverview Station, Ground floor north end I am mainly a self-taught artist working with oil paint and wax to create brightly colored abstractions. My work has been shown in galleries from Delaware to Oregon and is in private collections across the country. Art Galleries and Artists of the South recently identified me as an “emerging artist.” Mars Luren., Foundation Studios, Studio No. 11 I create work that explores a multi-planar human experience. I seek to express the complexity of experiences that cross dimensions and time through symbolism grounded in a vibrant fantasy realm. Erin Keane, 310 ART at Riverview Station, #310, Ground Floor North My method of developing photography involves transferring the ink from my prints onto cradled panels and saturating with encaustic. The transfer process makes me feel connected to my artwork. My hands are on every “Five,” by Victoria Pinney, 12x12, oil and wax Mars Luren “Who are you & how do you know?” 16x20 ink on bristol “Canopy,” by Erin Keane, 24x24, encaustic print, smoothing and burnishing and revealing the final imagery. November Theme: RAD Studio Stroll. Deadline Oct. 10 VOL. 23, NO. 2 — OCTOBER 2019 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 7