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Rapid River Magazine June 2019

Animals in Art in WNC

ART RAD artists share

ART RAD artists share their inspiration and fondness of animals BY STAFF REPORTS • RIVER ARTS DISTRICT, ASHEVILLE Many artists love to create works with animals as their subject. You can see these artists and many more in the River Arts District of Asheville. Opened every day, there is something for everyone. Make a day of it. See lots of art of over 200 artists, enjoy fine and casual dining, breweries and more. Get a map at your first stop. On our Second Saturday, June 8th, you can even ride the free trolley in the district! Here are a few artworks featuring animals, by some of the district’s best artists! parks around the country I relive those wildlife interactions in the painting, then the viewer responds with their own animal stories I find these experiences valuable, and more so now that we’ve learned there are consequences to our actions in the environment.” Phil DeAngelo, “Hey,” acrylic Wedge Building, Ground Floor “I love painting animals, especially trying to “Becoming Human” by Tess Darling “Hey,” by Phil DeAngelo Tess Darling, “Becoming Human,” Acrylic Phil Mechanic Studios LLC, Suite M-A. “I like coexisting with animals. I take photos and do sketches in the wild, from local areas to capture their personalities. Living in Leicester, I am surrounded by farms and farm animals. Cows, goats, and sheep are some of the animals I see every day and love to paint. Animals seem 6 |RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | VOL. 22, NO. 10 JUNE 2019

to have a way of inviting the viewer into their world.” Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery, “In Sight,” oil Wedge Building, Ground Floor “I love doing animal paintings, at least once a year, I create a “In Sight” by Mark Bettis series based on animals. One of the series I created was ‘Spirit Animals,’ which I focused on the animal’s eyes, which I believe are the windows to the soul. Fleta Monaghan, “Long Ago and Far Away,” Fleta Monaghan, “Long Ago and Far Away” Encaustic 310 ART at Riverview Station, Ground Floor North end behind. Bird-Magic surrounds us with their miracle of flight.” Patricia Cotterill, “Cool Cows,” Oil Riverside Studios “I paint animals for the enjoyment it brings me and witnessing the joyful connection they bring to the viewer!” “Mr. Donkey” Bee Sieburg “Birds seem to carry strong significant symbolism. Often it is believed that love ones appear as birds after their death to comfort those left Bee Sieburg, “Mr. Donkey,” oil Wedge Studios, Second Floor I paint animals because I grew up loving them and wanted to be a veterinarian. “Elephant” by Stephanie Peterson Jones Stephanie Peterson Jones, “Elephant,” acrylic ART Victoria Pinney Gallery, Riverview Station, Suite 101 “I am a Children’s Book and Product Illustrator and love to incorporate surface design into my artwork. I work in both watercolor and acrylic. I love the inherent innocence and whimsy that animals have.” Anne Allen, Wings of Change, pastel 310 ART at Riverview Station Original pastel by “Wings of Change” Anne Allen. by Anne Allen “This small painting was inspired by a visit to Wild for Life of Asheville, a non-profit refuge and rehabilitation program for orphaned and injured wildlife.” Cason Rankin, “Wolf” Warehouse Studios “I love to paint Bears and Wolves.” “Cool Cows” by Patricia Cotterill Deborah Anderson: Ahdra Art, “Edwin” Eco Depot Marketplace, Digi photos “We all like to place human attributes on our pets, and other animals so why not make them appear somewhat like us. Also, I have a lot of fun putting animal heads on human bodies.” “Wolf ” by Cason Rankin “Edwin” by Deborah Anderson VOL. 22, NO. 10 — JUNE 2019 | RAPIDRIVERMAGAZINE.COM | RAPID RIVER’S ARTS & CULTURE | 7